Bones Wheel Review (Featuring Different Types & Styles of Bones)

Choosing the right wheels for your skateboard is very crucial. You will find a lot of wheel brands available, but Bones wheels are one of the best on the market. They come in 4 different categories in various sizes and durometers. And are good for different skating styles.

This write-up will show you the reviews of all 4 categories of Bones wheels and tell you which one type will be best wheel for your skateboard.

Let’s get into the review.

bones wheels review
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Bones STF Wheel (Street Tech Formula)

The famous Bones STF wheels are powered by Bones Street Tech Formula. These wheels are well known for their fast rolling, excellent grip and slide when needed, and no flat spotting. With STF, you can ride confidently, as you will have maximum control while skating.

Bones wheels are designed to wear off evenly, giving you excellent performance. They also last longer than other wheels because of it. With excellent control, soft landing, and fast roll, Bones STF wheels can outperform other brands.

bones stf wheels
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STF wheels are available in various sizes and durometers. We know that wheel sizes are measured by diameter, and durometer means wheel hardness. These two are essential factors that determine the quality and performance of skateboard wheels.

In terms of size, STF wheels start from 49 mm in height and 27 mm in width. The maximum height of these wheels is 56 mm, with a 36 mm maximum width. On the other hand, the 103A durometer offers a high rebound, more speed, and slides.

STF wheels have two hardness levels. Wheels with a 99A durometer offer high performance and a smoother ride with excellent control. On the other hand, wheels with 103A durometer offer faster speed.

1. STF V1

STF V1 wheels have a standard shape. They are best for all-rounding performance with higher speed and perfect balance ability.

This wheel is available in 5 sizes, where the ride patch varies between 14 and 15 mm. You will get these wheels in two durometers: 99A offering smoother rides and 103A offering higher speed.

2. STF V2

STF V2 wheels come in a lock shape with straight edges. They are designed to provide better lock-in control while riding. You will also get a tight profile with 4 different sizes. The wheels have three variants of ride patches: 13mm, 14mm, and 15mm.

3. STF V3

STF V3 wheels are slim with narrow width and lighter weight. As they are lighter than other wheels, you can get faster flicks while riding. These wheels have excellent slide ability and will allow you to perform different tricks. You will get three different sizes with 14mm, 15mm, and 16mm ride patches.

4. STF V4

These wheels have a wide shape with a wider contact patch. As a result, you will get absolute stability and landing performance from these wheels. They are available in 5 different sizes and 2 ride patches, including 14.5 mm and 17 mm. Plus, they have two hardness levels: 99A and 103A.

5. STF V5

STF V6 wheels come in a sidecut shape. This sidecut wall design provides more stability and less drag during rides. You will also get longer grinds from them. These wheels are available in 6 different shapes and 3 different ride patches. Plus, they have two hardness levels: 99A and 103A.

6. STF V6

STF V6 has a broader contact patch shape with sidecut walls. As a result, you will experience fewer drags while skateboarding. Plus, riding will feel controlled and comfortable with excellent stability and long grinds. These wheels come in 2 different sizes, ride patches, and hardness levels.  

Bones SPF (Street Park Formula)

Bones SPF wheels are made from high-quality urethane and are designed with Bones Skatepark Formula. That’s why they can prevent flat spots and provide faster rolls with higher rebounds.

SPF wheels are capable of providing a perfect balance of speed and grip while being resistant to abrasions. You can ride confidently on slick surfaces with faster rolls and quicker responses.

These wheels are available in 2 different durometers. 81B offers a smooth ride with more control and grip, and 84B offers higher speed with more slide ability and rebound. The height of the wheels ranges between 54mm and 60mm.

1. SPF P5

SPF P5 wheels have a sidecut design, offering high stability and fewer drags. You will also get long grinds from these wheels. P5 wheels are available in 4 different sizes and ride patches.

2. SPF P6

P6 wheels have wide-cut construction for a wider contact patch offering less drag, and the sidecut walls will also provide higher stability and longer grinds. You will get two sizes and two ride patches from this category.

Bones ATF (Overview)

Bones ATF skateboard wheels are made from a particular type of soft urethane using All Terrain Formula. The core of these wheels will provide a smooth and consistent roll with maximum control and grip.

These wheels are designed for rough terrains and have an 80A hardness level that offers smooth rides. They come in various sizes and two different shapes.

1. ATF Filmers

ATF Filmers wheels have narrower width and mechanical bond. Because of their lightweight design, controlling them seems pretty easy. These wheels are available in 4 different sizes and ride patches.

2. ATF Rough Riders

Rough Riders wheels are available in 2 different sizes and ride patches. These wheels have natural bonds and broad contact patches for higher stability and smooth riding on rough terrains.

Bones Original Formula

Bones original formula wheels are made of their proprietary MDI white urethane, an industry-standard quality. This anti-abrasive urethane formula makes these wheels excellent in quality.

These high-performing wheels are available in many sizes, from 51mm in height to 56mm. Plus, they feature a 100A hardness level which offers excellent stability.

1. V4 Wide

V4 wide-shaped wheels have wider contact patches, offering soling landing and increased stability. You will get these wheels in 5 different sizes and 2 ride patches.

2. V5 Sidecuts

V5 sidecut wheels are available in 6 sizes and 3 different ride patches. Their sidecut walls can provide more grinds, stability, and less drag.

Final Thoughts

Bones wheels have a reputation for superior quality, reliability, and excellent overall riding experience. All the Bones wheels are of high quality, but Bones STF wheels are superior for their wide range of sizes, shapes, durometers, and performance.

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