Welcome To Ridersknot

Thank you for visiting my site about page. I cordially welcome you to my site, ridersknot.com which is made keeping the beginner skateboarders and longboarders in mind.

I started this website in 5 march, 2021 and till then I am sharing my experiences and recommendations in this site. I personally am a great fan of skateboard and longboard. I try different skateboards and longboards, so it is easy for me to advise regarding sateboarding and longboarding.

About Jerry. S. Allen

I am Jerry, an enthusiast skateboarder. To tell about me there is nothing but I am Kinesiologist previously worked as a equipment operator in Adaptabiz Technologies. I Am currently a full time blogger at ridersknot and share tips and tricks of skateboarding and longboading. I am nearly 38 years old and still a perfect skateboader ha ha.

Jerry S. Allen
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What You Will Get

Ridersknot is made to provide you with information on micro-mobile transports like skateboard and longboard. We test the products and write an expert review that helps you buy the right one. We strongly believe that skateboarding and longboarding is future transportation sensation. Because of their cost efficiency and carbon-free nature, skateboarding and longboarding are becoming more and more popular among the young generation. It is easy to ride them and also easy to bear them anywhere.

Sustainable solutions to transportation problems especially commuting one can be solved by skateboarding or longboarding. We educate people with instructional, informational, and guideline-type content here. We provide valuable and crucial information needed to ride to boards in a safe manner and also inform the public of the great trend these ridable are introducing.

What I Do

In Ridersknot, we review different brands of skateboards and longboards and their accessories and provide important information and guides about riding them. We contact the brands and collect information about the product features, riding experience, safety issues, customer support, and product quality. We sometimes buy products of our own and test them manually and then review them. We keep connections with experts in the industry and collect their opinion about their experience and post them in form of an article here.

We know selecting a skateboard or longboard, from a ton of products on the market, is a difficult job. It becomes more difficult if you are a beginner or if you want to buy one to gift your child. Different products with different features, with different riding styles, confuses most beginners. So to ease your buying decision, we come up with articles that cover all information you need to buy the best product for you, your kids, or for a gift.

The content on Ridersknot is monetized with affiliate links and ads. If you make a quality purchase by following an external link on the site we may earn a slight commission over the total price of the products. Note: It doesn’t increase the price of the products by any means. That is what supports us to keep our blog running and meet the costs of expert content free for everyone- forever.

Contact us anytime if you need any information or have any questions. If you have any suggestions or queries, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I will reach you as soon as possible.


Contact Information

Email: allen@ridersknot.com

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