Can You Skate In Boots, Sandals & Running Shoe? (An Honest Answer)

Is IT Possible To Skate In Boots

Skateboarding has become a global sport over the last few decades. Though the skateboards remain the same, different outfits or shoes are popular in different skating hubs worldwide. There are different types of shoes, but can you skate in boots or sandals? Well, in today’s discussion, we will discuss whether this crazy idea is possible. … Read more

Are Independent Bearings Good (Independent Bearings Review)

are independent bearings good

Buying terrible skateboard bearings can be a real party pooper- it can crash your dreams of Skateboarding with your friends on the weekends. What’s more frustrating is if you’ve spent money on expensive bearings, but none made your skateboarding experience better. Now, independent bearings caught your attention, but you’re unsure if they would restore your … Read more