When To Replace Skateboard Wheels

When To Replace Skateboard Wheels

Wheels are crucial for a skateboard, but knowing when to change them can be tricky because it depends on many factors. Skateboard wheels need to change regularly depending on the type of wheels you use, the durometer, how often you skate, and the surface. Let’s see when you should replace your skateboard wheels. You should … Read more

Why Do Some Skateboard Wheels Have Grooves (Explained)

Why Do Some Skateboard Wheels Have Grooves

Have you closely inspected skateboard wheels? Why do some skateboard wheels have grooves? Skateboard wheels have small or large and deep grooves to create friction on the wheels when it rotates continuously. This gives riders a better grip and precise stability to control the skateboard properly, even on a tricky or slippery surface. What Are … Read more

How To Change Skateboard Wheels (Cautions & Steps)

How To Change Skateboard Wheel

Sluggish wheels can suck all the fun of skateboarding. Imagine, one day you go out with your board, and you notice the wheels got stopped and not responding. That’s a state every wheel comes to eventually. And a need to replace the wheels become crucial. Knowing how to change skateboard wheels is mandatory for every … Read more

How To Clean Skateboard Wheels (Step By Step Guide)

Clean Skateboard Wheel

No matter how careful you are about your bearings & wheels, they eventually get dirty. The wheels & bearings keep getting exposed to dirt from the surface. In the long run, this dirt buildup can affect your bearings’ health and performance and make your wheel less grippy. That’s why regular cleaning and routine maintenance is … Read more

Are Soft Wheels Good For Street Skating (Answer In Detail)

Are Soft Wheels Good For Street Skating

A skater must consider many aspects like diameter, durometer, material, core, width, bearing, and many other stuff of wheels to find the suitable one according to his style. However, the durometer or the hardness is a massive consideration that can drastically affect your riding experience. Soft wheels are now prevalent in the skateboarding industry. If … Read more

Longboard Wheels vs. Skateboard Wheels (Core Differences & Similarities)

skateboard vs longboard wheels

Many newbie in skateboarding often need clarification about whether they should to try regular skateboard or longboard. To pick the proper discipline, you need to understand the differences between these two types. While both skateboard and longboard are just two forms of the same thing, there are some differences, and one of the biggest ones … Read more

Can You Put Cruiser Wheels on a Skateboard

Can You Put Cruiser Wheel On Skateboard

I’ve seen many people who enjoy smoother skating instead of applying technical tricks. In this case, cruiser wheels stand out from the rest! But can you put cruiser wheels on a skateboard – this question probably has hit your head, right? Read on for further knowledge- First of all lets find out the Difference between … Read more