Spray paint skateboard (With 6 Simple Steps)

Spray painting your skateboard is one of the best ways to showcase your style.

If you are one of those skaters looking to give your skateboard a new look, my discussion below will help you with every piece of information about spray painting a skateboard, including a step-by-step guide.

So, let’s see how you can do that without wasting time.

Painting Skateboard
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What are spray paints

The name spray paint came from the method of using the paint. Unlike the regular paint you apply by brush, spray paints are stored in an aerosol can and applied by spraying on the surface.

There are two variants of spray paints, oil-based and water-based. The affordability, even coverage, and easy application make spray paints very popular for skateboards.

Can you spray paint the skateboard?

Various types of surfaces are suitable for spray painting, and maple wood and bamboo are a few of those suitable surfaces.

can you spray paint skateboard
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Most skateboard decks are made of two of these materials, so you can easily spray paint the deck. Spray paint allows you to customize your skateboard according to your style and you dint even need any particular expertise.

You can even use some brush strokes on the spray paint coating

and depict the design in your mind.

What type of spray paint is suitable for skateboards?

Choosing the suitable spray paint for your skateboard isn’t easy, considering the number of options on the market. This many options often confuses skaters easily.

So, you need to look for a certain quality in spray paint to determine whether it’s suitable for the skateboard.

First of all, you need to get spray paint that’s made of high-quality material. I mentioned earlier that spray paints are of two kinds one is oil-based, and the other is water-based.

Though oil base spray paints are more expensive than water-based ones, you should opt for oil-based spray paints because of their longevity.

On the other hand, if you are looking for quick drying time, less toxicity, and affordability, you can check out acrylic paint too.

Next, you need to decide on the color scheme. Not all the colors will go well with your full skating setup or riding style. You can go for bright or any subtle colors according to your choice.

Lastly, you need to figure out whether your spray paint is waterproof or not. If not weatherproof, the paint can wash away easily after it gets in touch with water a few times.

Benefits of using spray paint over acrylic paints on a skateboard

Acrylic paints are used for customizing various surfaces; however, skaters often prefer spray paint over acrylic paint when it comes to skateboard decks.

acrylic or spray paint
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Here are some benefits of spray paint that provide spray paint upper hand over acrylic paint.

  • Affordability

The spray paints on a skateboard are far more affordable than acrylic paint. So, spray paints can work as a savior for skaters who don’t want to invest big bucks.

Moreover, you’ll need a different type of brush and other accessories to paint with. But with spray paint, you can start painting right out of the can without any additions.

  • Ease of application

Applying acrylic paint is far more complex than spray paint. Most skaters have not experienced painters, and the ease of application matters a lot. You need to dip your paintbrush again and again into the paint and water to apply acrylic, which takes a long time.

But all you have to do with spray paint is a spray, and it’s much quicker.

  • Skillset

As I said, most skaters are not skilled painters.

So, even if the installation is complex, you wouldn’t want to use acrylic paint without a proper skillset. Evenly applying the coatings is a massive challenge. On the other hand, you can get right into painting with spray paint.

One of the most significant benefits of spray paint is that it’s evenly applied on its own.

What you will need

Spray painting might be easy, but you must make the necessary preparations and put effort into painting your skateboard perfectly. Before you start painting, here is the list of items you’ll need:

  • Spray paint: Get a high-quality oil-based spray paint to last longer.
  • Sandpaper: You need to get rid of the original coating of paint before you apply your design again. This way, the new painting will stick better.
  • Aerosol primer: Applying the primer onto the sanded surface will smoothen it. It’ll make the surface prepared for maximum adhesion and smooth paint.
  • Stencil of your design: The stencil will make sure your s=design is perfectly painted on the deck surface.
  • Tape: You need to wrap the wheel, trucks, or any other part of the skateboard so that you don’t apply paint on them accidentally.
  • Clear coat: Clear coating the skateboard is the finishing touch of spray paint. It enhances the look of the spray painting and safeguards it from damage.

Step by step, describe how to apply spray paint on a skateboard

After you have got all equipment ready, it’s time to spray paint your skateboard. The process might seem complex, but you can do it easily by following the steps I described below.

  • Step 1: First, you must disassemble your skateboard and remove the wheels and trucks. Store the screws and the parts in a secure place, so you don’t lose anything.
  • Step 2: Now that you have the deck only in your hand, sand your deck to remove the original paint coating. Sand in a circular motion with 300-400 grit, and clean the deck with soapy water when it’s done.
  • Step 3: Dry out the deck thoroughly after the sanding process is complete. Then apply tape to cover the screw holes and the side of the deck.
  • Step 4: You will most likely have an uneven surface after sanding. So, apply the aerosol primer evenly on the deck surface with a few layers. Make sure the previous layer is completely dry before applying a new layer.
  • Step 5: Primers often leave bubbles and blisters on the deck’s surface. In that case, you need to sand the deck with 150 grit sandpaper slightly.
  • Step 6: Now that the deck is fully prepared, apply the stencil and color as you would like. After a design is complete, cover it with tape before proceeding further. You’ll need to paint in layers and ensure the previous layer is dry before applying a new one.

Finishing with a clear coat

After you finish the spray paint, you’ll need to clear coat the painting. Clear coating is not just about the appearance; it also works as a protective layer from environment and UV damage. Without the clear coating, your spray painting will wear out quickly.

After the clear coating is complete, assemble the skateboard gain and finish your spray painting.

Can you spray paint skateboard trucks & wheels?

Spray painting your trucks and wheels can be a great way of synchronizing the overall aesthetic of the skateboard.

However, the layer of painting on the wheels can render them useless. The only thing you can spray paint aside from the deck is the trucks.

Should you spray paint the bottom of a skateboard?

The answer to this question is entirely subjective. Skaters don’t seem to worry much about the bottom as the design there can’t be seen while riding.

However, if you want any particular design in mind that involves painting both sides of the deck, you are welcome to do it.

Last words

That’s a wrap for today. I hope my discussion will help you to spray paint your deck and make your skateboard unique.

As you can see, spray painting your deck is pretty straightforward, and there are few investments. All you’ll need is to courage to commit, and you can easily portray the design you have in mind.

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