Are Independent Bearings Good (Independent Bearings Review)

Buying terrible skateboard bearings can be a real party pooper- it can crash your dreams of Skateboarding with your friends on the weekends.

What’s more frustrating is if you’ve spent money on expensive bearings, but none made your skateboarding experience better.

Now, independent bearings caught your attention, but you’re unsure if they would restore your Skateboard to its former glory since it sells at a low price. The question on your mind is, are independent bearings good?

are independent bearings good
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Let’s dive into the review to discover the truth about them.

Are They Ceramic Or Steel Bearings?

One of the factors to consider before selecting a bearing to solve your Skateboard’s speed and friction problem is the bearings’ material. There are tons of materials in the industry but ceramics and steel are the best bearing materials.

Although these two materials are at the top of the pyramid, they have their different selling points. For instance, steel bearings are the cheaper option. But cheaper doesn’t mean less functional.

Think of steel bearings as the budget-friendly shot as high-quality bearing. On the other hand, ceramics bearings are the expensive and functional option. They are also durable.

Now, independent bearings are stainless steel bearings. Little wonder why they’re so cheap, yet functional.

Independent bearings offer tons of benefits to skateboarders because of the stainless steel material. Here’s why; stainless steel aids durability- it protects the bearings from corrosion, which eliminates the chances of rust blurring out the quality and efficiency of the bearing. In essence, above all the good qualities of independent steel bearings, its durability is the most attractive because of its cost effectiveness.

What Is The Abec Value Of Independent Bearings?

The Abec rating system exists for people to make better choices on the Skateboard bearing that’s perfect for them. ABEC is acronym for Annular Bearing Engineering Committee, and it rates the tolerance of Skateboard bearings, so you know which bearing to buy  

The ABEC rating system deploys odd numbers- 1,3,5,7 and 9. 1 is the lowest and 9 the highest. Most skateboard bearing manufacturers adopt the Abec rating.

The goal is to help the end user identify skateboard bearing capacity based on how much control it has over friction and its ability to deliver smooth and fast skateboard rides. Most of Independent’s bearings are rated Abec 5 and 7.

An Independent bearing rated 5 delivers the best skateboard ride with reduced friction. However, a rated 7 bearing is more precise and allows you to cruise on a frictionless skateboard.

Features Of Independent Bearing

Speed Washers:

Every independent bearing comes with Speed washers for the longevity of the bearing and improved speed. Independent bearings always include speed washers in the pack.

You’ll find the number of speed washers in a pack equivalent to the number of bearings. For instance, a pack of 8 bearings has 8-speed washers to promote the life span of the bearings, improve speed and reduce friction.


Spacers are another part you’ll find in a pack of independent skateboard bearings. In a box of 8 independent bearings, there are at least 4 spacers.

They work to balance the weight on Skateboards when installed with the bearings. The spacers evenly distribute the weight throughout your Skateboard. The reward is a more stable weight which results in easy Skateboard navigation.

C-ring, Outer & Inner Ring:

Like most bearings in the market, the C-ring, outer and inner ring make up parts of the independent bearing. The C-ring locks the bearing’s shield in place.

The shield is responsible for greasing the inside of the bearing, but it needs the C-ring to stay in place, so it functions properly.

The Outer ring on independent bearings encases the other parts in the bearing. It’s made from high-quality metal.

The inner ring is another important part that ensures a smooth setup. It’s the part that fits into the axles when setting up your bearing.

Steel balls, Ball Retainer & Rubber Seal:

Steel balls are another part of independent bearings. They sit in the ball retainer in the bearing’s makeup. It won’t be easy to get your bearing rolling without the steel balls, as the casing rotates around the steel balls without them.

Another feature of independent bearings is the ball retainer. It performs two functions. First, it holds the steel balls in place. Second, it makes it easy for the casing to roll around the steel balls.

The rubber seal protects the interior design of the bearing. It prevents debris and dirt from penetrating the bearings’ interior, especially when installed and in use.

Independent Bearings Pros and Cons

Independent bearings have their pros and cons. Here are some of them.


  • They offer good quality at an affordable price.
  • The bearings are durable, thanks to the steel material.
  • It comes pre-lubricated, which is excellent for smooth skateboard rides.
  • They are heavy-duty bearings.
  • Bearing shields are dust-proof.
  • Corrosion and Oxidation resistance.
  • Water resistant.
  • Metal shields are easy to clean.
  • They have a near perfect roll.


  • Non-removable metal shield makes it difficult to service
  • They are a bit noisy.

Should You Buy It?

If you’re looking to invest in cheap but efficient bearings that deliver good speed and smooth rides, you should buy them. Functionally, independent bearings outshine the other bearings in their class.

They can also compete with some expensive bearings with a high Abec rating. The best part is that independent bearings are pre-lubricated and have impressive resistant features.

Last Word

Since you’re here, you already know the answer to “are independent bearings good?” is a resounding Yes. They are efficient and great for speed. The best part is that they are cheap.

So, it wouldn’t hurt to invest in independent bearings to see how they’ll hold up; they’ll hold up just fine. They’ll ensure you can finally go faster for cheaper.

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