White Fang Skateboard Review | Is It A Good Brand?

Before I got into the fantastic world of Skateboarding, I didn’t think it was a worthy sport till I experience it and fell in love.

I had a hard time learning it because the Skateboards I used were of professional grade. But I caught on eventually. As a newbie, you will have to experience the difficulty as I did to master it.

But if you have reliable information, things become easier. With a view to help you choosing a skateboard for better experience, I am going to introduce you with a great skateboard brand Whitefang today in this guide.

With WhiteFang, beginner skateboarders can easily enter the skateboarding world. Their skateboards makes the learning curve easier.

Check out all the features that make WhiteFang skateboard worth it in this review guide.

Whitefang Skateboard Review
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Whitefang Skateboards

Deck Width & Length: 7.8 Inches & 79 Centimeters
Deck Width & Length: 6 Inches & 22 Inches
Wheel Durometer: 95A
Wheel Durometer: 83A
Load Capacity: 330 Pounds
Load Capacity: 198 Pounds
Price not available
Best For Beginners
Deck Width & Length: 7.8 Inches & 79 Centimeters
Wheel Durometer: 95A
Load Capacity: 330 Pounds
Best For Kids
Deck Width & Length: 6 Inches & 22 Inches
Wheel Durometer: 83A
Load Capacity: 198 Pounds
Price not available

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Are WhiteFang Good Brand

Most skateboarders are familiar with The White Fang brand.

They are one of the best skateboard manufacturers in the field. Guess what? They make custom skateboards to suit the skating needs of their target audience. They create skateboards for both beginners and professional skaters.

WhiteFang pays attention to details, down to the material they use. They ensure that each skateboard is uniquely carved and reinforced with the strength required to give skateboarders a wonderful experience.

It’s no wonder why these skateboards are durable. Thanks to the quality performance of their skateboards, White Fang boards have been endorsed by Joe Rogan and Tony Hawk.

Trust me when I say White Fang is not your average Skateboard Company. They are the real deal. The best part is that riders can effortlessly perform different skateboard tricks.

Overall White fang is one of the best skateboards available in the market.

Key Features Of White Fang Skateboards For Beginners

Judging by the brief history of White Fang, it’s impossible not to fall in love with them. They create only high-quality products that’ll make Skateboarding a lot more enjoyable for skateboarders.

I’ll explore two White Fang skateboards- one for beginners and one for kids. Let’s start with the skateboard for beginners, so you’ll know what to expect from it.

Ready, set, read!

White Fang Skateboards for Beginners

WhiteFang Skateboards for Beginners
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1. PU Wheels

One feature that makes riding a skateboard a blissful endeavor is the PU wheels.

Lucky for beginners, White Fangs created this beginner skateboard with PU wheels.

whitefang wheels
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That way, the board won’t give off an irritating noise when in action. The PU wheels are also responsible for the lightness and the speed of the board.

2. 7-Layer Wooden Plank

The core build of this skateboard is specifically 7-layer Canadian wooden maple wood- it is tough.

whitefang deck
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So, regardless of what you bump into while skateboarding, it won’t break. The wooden plank also makes it durable.

3. Weight & Dimension

White Fang specifies that their products come in standard sizes. Hence, this Skateboard for beginners won’t be too big or small for anyone who attempts to use it.

Whitefang deck size
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It’s well-balanced and easy to maneuver with a dimension of ‎31.75 x 7.88 x 3.9 inches, the ability to accommodate 330 pounds weight, and weight reduction features.

4. Breakthrough Technology

This feature plays a vital role in the speed the board delivers. The breakthrough technology ensures you can ride the skateboard at a fast pace without worrying about the board heating up.

5. Non-slip And Waterproof Deck Surface

The surface is non-slip and has an incredible grip. As a result, it makes it easier to try out tricks. In the long run, it boosts the board’s maneuverability.

6. Deck Size Of WhiteFang

The deck size of the White Fang for beginners is approximately 31 inches, with the ability to handle up to 330lbs.

whitefang deck length
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Conjured from Canadian maple, the deck is tough and adequately balanced.

7. Wheels & Bearings

Although the board is for beginners, the wheels aren’t poorly built. It was made with 52mm, 95A PU wheels. These wheels function quietly and smoothly across any floor texture- smooth to rough.

White Fang Skateboard wheels & bearings
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With regards to the bearing, this board uses ABEC-9 precision bearings. According to some end-users, the bearing is not the best, but it’s fair.

8. Trucks

WhiteFang equipped this skateboard with 5′′ magnesium alloy trucks. This trucks makes it an excellent skateboard for greenhorns and professional skaters.

Fun fact: the trucks are loose, so you’d have to tighten them to prevent wheel bites.

WhiteFang Skateboards for Beginners, Complete Skateboard 31 x 7.88, 7 Layer...
  • Solid&Durable : 7 layers Canadian maple deck,31.75"*7.88", offers perfect balance between toughness and weight. Maximum load weight up to 220 pounds, equipped with 5 inch magnesium alloy trucks. Reliable for beginner and skilled
  • Smooth&Speedy : Super smooth (52mm,95A)High rebound PU wheels with ABEC-9 precision bearings and 95A High rebound PU bushing; Our wheel can give you quick response from the ground,suitable for commuting, skate parks, ramps, pools and other smooth surfaces or even rough ground
  • Master New Tricks : ️Design for beginners and skilled, double kick dissymmetric concave combines with customized emery sand paper give your feet enough locked feeling ,help you learn new tricks quickly
  • Graphic Design: Minimalist Black&White graphic design , printed with thermal transfer printing process allows greater print durability. The pattern lasts much longer

Best Part

  • Canadian maple wood equips the deck with balance.
  • Every skateboard has a unique graphic design options
  • It doesn’t need to be assembled.
  • An excellent choice for novice and expert skaters.


  • The bearing is not impressive.
  • Trucks come loose.

What Customers Are Saying?

  • “Perfect for tricks.”

The size isn’t too big or too small. It’s just right, with a superb balance that makes it easy for beginners to try some tricks.

  • “Value for Money”

Thanks to its durable and strong construction, newbies would enjoy riding with this. It also makes their journey into skateboarding pleasant.

  • “Sturdy”

The board has taken several hits but sustained no cracks- it hasn’t broken either.

  • “Perfect choice for beginners”

An amazon reviewer gushed about how this skateboard is perfect for beginners. He talked about how he got it for his 11 year old nephew that’s a stranger to skateboarding.

According to him, his nephew fell in love with it. The reviewer also loves its looks and sturdiness.

Buy WhiteFang Skateboard At Amazon

White Fang Kids Skateboard For Beginners

Whitefang company has come up with special type of skateboard putting importance on kids. They developed the skateboard in such a way, that is suitable, comfortable and moreover safe for kids of any age.

WhiteFang Skateboards for kids
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Key Features Of White Fang Kids Skateboard

1. PU Wheels

The PU wheels on this WhiteFang for kids is not the regular wheel size that you’ll see on a 22″ board. It’s slightly bigger.

But as they say, bigger is better. The wheels come in handy for rough roads.

2. Polymer Skateboard Deck

Since it’s for kids, White Fang designed this skateboard with flexible and strong polymer. The board has the right amount of flexibility for kids to enjoy skating in their early years.

The flexibility makes it perfect enough for daily use.  

3. Weight & dimension

With the ability to accommodate 198 Pounds weight, your kids would feel comfortable riding this board, thanks to its sturdiness. Don’t worry; the board is lightweight with a size that can accommodate kids.

WhiteFang carved the board with ‎17.5 x 6.25 x 0.9 inches dimension for a smooth ride.

4. Non-slip matte material

The board was designed with a sandpaper type of firmness. WhiteFang easily achieved this feature with the high-quality matte material deployed in creating it.

The goal is to reduce accidents and put your kids in control of the board as they take it out for a spin. The matte material makes the board waterproof to prolong its durability.

5. Deck size of WhiteFang

With a deck size of 22 inches mixed with a high-strength polymer, the skateboard is flexible and strong enough to carry your kid’s weight.

Your kids can enjoy non-stop skating to school, with friends, down the street, etc.

6. Wheels & bearings

The PU wheels are soft enough to handle minor road imperfections as your kid enjoys gliding on this board. In size, the wheels are larger than the deck. But that’s not a bad thing.

White Fang kids Skateboard wheel
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The wheels contribute to how easily the skateboard can trample on minor bumps on the road without leading to accidents. Specifically, the board uses 59mm, 83A softness PU wheels.

The bearings on the board are Stainless Steel ABEC-9 bearings that are fair. They’re an excellent match for the boards as they encourage smooth rides on most roads.

7. Trucks

The truck on the board is a 356-cast aluminum. It is sturdy and would serve your kids well because of its durability. The trucks are also safe for your kids.

WhiteFang Skateboards 22 inches Kids Skateboard with Colorful PU Wheels,...
  • Need a Ride? The skateboards comes fully assembled,length 22 inch width 6.0 inch, make this board to ride with plenty of room.The deck start off with a high strength Polymer that has enough Flexibility but not too much to so it will handle the daily use. The truck 3.25 inch made by the the strongest 356 cast aluminum.The bushings have a Durometer reading of 87a.That is a perfect amount of stiffness for those long fast downhill straightaways and yet soft enough to make some nice wave like turns.
  • Looking for Smooth Glide?The wheels are polyurethane that are slightly larger than typical 22" board so you can get over those small imperfections in the road,Size-59mm Softness-83A.The bearings are the heartbeat of the board.Having bad bearings is like putting bad gas in your car... it just doesn't run as good,We take these ABEC 9 bearings better than ABEC-7,for not only a smooth ride,but will last through those dusty roads or even when you leave it on the lawn and the sprinklers hit it.
  • Wanna be more close with your kids? When you are acompany your kids to learn the skateboard,they will be more brave and safe,will thank you and love you more.Since 2020,we all have suffered a rough time,but we still can have fun with skateboard in your backyard and indoor.It is also a great transportation ride to campus.
  • Excellent non-slip matte material. In order to provide customers with a better experience, we do not hesitate to use the best and highest quality matte materials at present to make and develop this product at a high cost. The excellent material makes the skateboard more waterproof and non-slip. It has better safety performance and is more suitable for teenagers.

Best Part

  • Solid wheels that are great for smooth glides.
  • Boards come in impressive kids’ designs.
  • It comes assembled.
  • High-quality non-slip materials that facilitate its waterproof feature.

Down Sides

  • Weight capacity is a bit selective.
  • It might be small for your kid, depending on their size.

What Customers are saying?

# “Sturdy, Solid Wheels”

The skateboard is sturdy with impressive strength. The wheels can also withstand any hit or bump.

#“Solid Grip”

It has that sandpaper grip that allows kids to enjoy the stability built into the board.

#“Perfect cruiser”

Kids can easily cruise on it as the build encourages smooth rides.

# “Cool Cruiser”

One amazon user talked about how his son had fun riding on this skateboard. He had smooth rides on the board and the aesthetics is beautiful.

# “Wheels light up”

Kids love fancy things. Aside from the smooth rides they’ll enjoy on this skateboard, many amazon users complimented how the wheels light up. They talked about how it made their kids excited.

Buy WhiteFang Kid Skateboard At Amazon

FAQs (Frequently Asked Question)

1. Is White Fang Skateboard best for beginners?

Yes, it is best for beginners. Everything about WhiteFang Skateboard was designed to give beginners the perfect first-time skating experience.

2. Do WhiteFang Skateboards come Assembled?

Yes, they come assembled.

3. What are White Fang Skateboard’s trucks made of?

WhiteFang designs its trucks with metal for the sake of durability.

4. Are White Fang Skateboards safe for tricks?

WhiteFang boards help end-users perform tricks to spice up their skating experience.


If, after going through this White Fang Skateboard review, you’re not sure if you should buy it, here’s a straight answer.

You should buy any WhiteFang skateboard suitable for you, especially if you’re a beginner. Buying this skateboard for beginners is a great way to make them fall in love with skating.

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