When To Replace Skateboard Wheels

Wheels are crucial for a skateboard, but knowing when to change them can be tricky because it depends on many factors. Skateboard wheels need to change regularly depending on the type of wheels you use, the durometer, how often you skate, and the surface.

Let’s see when you should replace your skateboard wheels.

You should replace your skateboard wheels every two to three months if you skate regularly. Skateboard wheels wear down and get flat spots with regular use. That’s why you have to check them regularly and replace them when necessary.

When To Replace Skateboard Wheels
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How Long Does A Skateboard Wheel Last?

Even an expert skater can’t tell how long exactly a skateboard wheel will last. The lifespan of skateboard wheels depends on many factors, including the quality of the wheels, their durometer, how frequently you skate, what type of surface you skate on, the hardness level, and the skills of the skater.

Generally, you can expect your skateboard wheels will last around three months if you use them regularly and take good care of them. The quality of wheels is a crucial element in determining their lifespan. It’s obvious that higher-quality wheels will last longer than substandard ones.

Hardness level is another important factor here. We know that durometers measure hardness levels. So, wheels with high durometers are harder and tend to last longer.

However, harder wheels wear down fast on rough terrains than softer ones. On the contrary, softer wheels will last longer on smooth surfaces.

Skilled skaters generally ride hard and fast. That’s why their wheels get wear and tear faster. Beginner riders generally do not have the skill set to ride so fast, so their wheels last longer. Rougher surfaces will also reduce your wheels’ lifespan.

Asphalt and concrete surfaces are considered rougher than wooden and plastic surfaces. Skating on the former will reduce the lifespan of your wheels. So, as you can see, the lifespan of wheels depends on various factors. But 3 months is an acceptable estimation.

Why Do Skateboard Wheels Tear Or Wear Off?

Tearing and wearing off is a natural phenomenon for skateboard wheels. If you use the wheels, they will wear off eventually, and you can’t prevent it. But you must know the other reasons that make the process even faster.

As you know, skateboard wheels are made of urethane, and it has some unique characteristics. Rebound strength, compression set, hardness, and wear strength are all important and determine the longevity of urethane and wheels. When you ride your skateboard, the wheel rotation causes the urethane to compress and expand.

As a result, the wheels consume energy and create friction. This friction will eventually wear off your wheel. Friction also depends on many factors, like wheel type, surface, tricks you are performing, and speed.

This is a natural formula that you can’t stop. However, some other reasons are responsible for the tear-off. Sometimes when your skateboard wheels hit the ground or any other object, the impact can cause the wheels to chip or crack.

Unwanted impacts can also bend your skateboard’s axles, creating uneven pressure on the wheels. Substandard wheels predominantly suffer from this problem. It wears off the wheels. Poor bushing and bearings also force wheels to wear off pretty fast.

You might be surprised, but your weight and weather condition are also responsible for wearing or tearing off your skateboard wheels. The poor quality and making of wheels will also wear off fast.

When You Must Replace Them?

You already know that skateboard wheels should be replaced every three months based on their condition. But how can you be sure when you must replace them? Well, several signs will tell you it’s time for a new set of wheels.

Irregular Shapes

When you see irregular, uneven shapes in your skateboard wheels, you will know it’s time to replace them with new ones. Uneven or irregular shapes will make your ride extremely uncomfortable. You will feel it while riding.

So, if you see irregular shapes, try to change your wheels as soon as possible.

Flat Spot

A flat spot indicates that you need to change your skateboard wheels. You should replace your wheels if flat spots or areas appear. Flat spots will also make your riding difficult. Most importantly, they might cause an accident.

Reduced Diameter

You can regularly check the diameters of your wheels. You know you have to replace them when they decrease from their original size. Reduced diameter can make your wheels uneven. So, you won’t be able to ride properly or do any tricks.

Bumpy Riding

Bumpy riding will tell you it’s time to change your skateboard wheels. Having bumps while skateboarding is extremely disturbing. So, as soon as you start having bumps on even surfaces, make sure you replace the wheels.

How To Extend Lifetime Of Skateboard Wheels

You cannot prevent the aging of your skateboard wheels; you can extend their lifetime. Here’s how you can prolong the useable lifetime of your skateboard wheels:

  • Purchase good quality skateboard wheels if you expect them to use longer. Substandard wheels will wear off fast.
  • Make sure you clean your wheels regularly, as dirt and mud can damage them. Use a soft cloth and mild soapy water to clean the wheels.
  • Apply high-quality lubricants on the bearings. Lubricant will reduce friction and let the wheels roll smoothly.
  • Try swapping your wheels and switching their positions. For example: swap the right front wheel to the rear left and the left front to the right rear. Doing so will protect your wheels from becoming uneven while doing tricks and cornering.
  • Keep your skateboard wheels in a safe, dry place and a cool area. It will protect your wheels from damage and ensure an extended lifetime.

Wrapping Things Up

After reading this article, understanding when to replace your skateboard wheels won’t be an issue for you. Skateboard wheels greatly determine how comfortable and fast your ride will be.

That’s why it’s vital to use good quality wheels in your skateboard and replace them with new ones when necessary.

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