Why Are Longboard Trucks Backward

As funs as it is to ride a longboard, gathering the right parts for a complete longboard setup is pretty challenging. Especially when it comes to the trucks, things often get confusing for beginner longboards out there.

Today, I will discuss one of the most common truck types in longboard, reverse kingpin trucks, and how they can benefit a longboard.

why are longboard trucks backward
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Why longboard trucks are reversed (mention the reasons)

Backward trucks have been around since the invention of longboarding. Though regular trucks are standard, too, experience skaters advise using reverse kingpin trucks.

Here is some reason why you should use reverse kingpin trucks too.

  • Responsiveness

The trucks of your longboard drastically affect how they respond to turns. So, longboarders often choose different kingpin types depending on their preferred response.

Now, if you are looking for a smoother response instead of sharp and precise ones, you should opt for a reverse kingpin truck.

This responsiveness is crucial for carving and downhill longboarding. Any miscommunication or late response between you and your board can lead to catastrophic accidents in longboarding.

Backward trucks make sure that doesn’t happen with a smoother response.

  • Stability

Longboards are considerably more extensive than regular skateboards. For that reason, smaller skaters and beginners often find it hard to balance and maintain stability.

If you are one of those guys having a hard time controlling longboard, reverse kingpin trucks are for you. These backward trucks sit way lower than conventional trucks.

As a result, there is much more stability to try and practice new skating tricks.

  • Smoothness

Last but not least, lest talk about the smoothness of backward trucks.

This is another crucial reason why different disciplines of longboarding adore reverse kingpin trucks. Backward trucks are installed under the deck, with the kingpin facing outside.

Just this direction change of the kingpin makes a massive difference for the trucks in terms of smoothness.

As the kingpin faces away, it allows the trucks to turn more smoothly compared to regular trucks.

What are the benefits of backward longboard trucks?

To know the benefits of backward trucks, we must dig deeper and see how longboarding works. If you are into longboarding, you should know longboards are manufactured for specific disciplines like transportation, freestyle, and downhill longboarding.

The more extended deck, flexible and lower trucks, and softer wheels make longboards the perfect choice for this discipline.

However, propel often forgets to mention the backward trucks and how good they are for carving. Transpiration, freestyle, and downhill all these disciplines have carvings in common. Carving allows the longboard to build a primary momentum by going in a surfing-lie motion.

This momentum is crucial to keep the longboard going as long as you want without ever pushing the board with your feet. This ability to carve flawlessly is the most significant benefit of having backward longboard trucks.

No matter what deck type you have, drop-through or mount decks, reverse kingpins are compatible with everything. This broad compatibility is another benefit of making backward trucks popular.

The last benefit of a backward truck is the thick hanger. Every critical part of the truck, for example, the baseplate and the pivot cup, is based on this hanger.

The thickness of the hanger allows for extensive grinding and tricks practice without worrying about durability.

Do skateboards and cruiser board trucks are also backward?

You have already seen how many benefits reverse kingpin trucks bring to the table. It can make you wonder whether regular skateboards or cruiser boards have these backward trucks.

Unfortunately, skateboard and cruiser boards don’t usually come with reverse kingpin trucks because they are already low and stable. In theory, you can use backward trucks, but that’s not the standard practice.

Last words

That’s a wrap for today. I hope my article was helpful enough to understand why longboards often have trucks backward. As you can see, there are certain benefits of reverse kingpin trucks.

Especially if you are into freestyle or downhill longboarding, you’ll love to ride a longboard with reverse kingpin trucks.

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