How To Paint A Skateboard Deck (For Better & Customized Looking)

Skateboarding is not only a sport; it has become a part of the lifestyle for many skaters. There are skating clothes, different brands shoes, and matching helmets that integrate a skater into skateboarding.

However, if you want a more personal touch on your skateboard, you can paint it to showcase your style. So, I have prepared this article to discuss the ins and outs of skateboard painting with an in-depth guide.

So, without further ado, let’s see how to paint a skateboard deck.

Can you paint your skateboard deck?

Painting Skateboard Decks
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Yes, you can paint your skateboard deck and give it a more personalized look. However, there are some preconditions for doing it.

First, there are special paints for skateboard painting; you cannot just paint it with any color you find near you. Next, you must prepare the desk for painting so the paint stick to the deck and don’t flash away.

I’ll be discussing the preparation in detail in the next part.

Tools you need for painting your deck?

Painting your deck can be very easy and enjoyable if you follow the right steps and have the right equipment. Before you proceed, here is the list of stuff you’ll require to paint your skateboard deck.

  • Sandpaper/sander
  • Primer
  • Tape
  • Spray paint
  • Skate tool

Steps To Paint Skateboard Deck

Once you have gathered the necessary equipment, you should start the painting process. Follow the steps mentioned below to paint your skateboard deck in no time.

#1. Preparation

Before you get to painting, you should prepare a bit beforehand. For starters, you should wear something to stay away from getting dirty.

Next up, you’ll need a pair of safety glasses to protect your eyes from paint particles and sanding dust.

protect eyes and hands while sanding
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After you have taken these precautions, take the skate tool and disassemble the skateboard to separate wheels, trucks & grip tapes (if you have any) from the deck.

#2. Sanding The Deck

After you separate the deck, it’s time to sand it properly. Sanding helps the deck to stick paint better. If you have previously painted deck, sanding is mandatory to remove the old layer of paint.

sanding skateboard deck
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Because on old painted deck, new paint won’t work as properly and color would not satisfy your eyes.

You can either use hand sandpaper and rub the deck with hands or you may use an orbital sander to do the job automatically with less effort. Typically a medium grit should be enough for sanding.

#3. Apply The Primer

After sanding, you need to apply primer on the deck. But before using it, you need to apply tape on areas where you don’t want to apply the primer or paint. Once taped, start applying the primer slowly and evenly.

painting primer
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After you have used a light coating, let it dry for about half an hour. Once it’s dried, proceed to apply the next layer. Don’t forget to keep the protective glass on while you are at it.

#4. Ready The Design

Typically, skaters use painting cans for skateboard painting. So, before you use a can, shake the can appropriately so the paint inside mixes together. If you are aiming for a design instead of solid color, there are stickers on the armlet you can use.

So ready the design you want on your deck; let it be any cartoons characters or any image of animals, human or other graphics.

#5. Paint The Deck

Once you have sanded and applied the primer, you must prepare the final paint properly and apply it with even layers. You need to choose the base color according to the color of your stencil.

You can use black to make your design stand out among the rest. Make sure you apply multiple even coatings and dry them properly.

#6. Final Touch

Once you are done with painting, you need to remove the tape or stickers applied before. At this point, you should see the complete design. Don’t hurry the drying process, as wet paint can ruin the design.

You can use a blower to fasten the drying process through. Don’t immediately dry the skateboard in sun and also keep the painted skateboard deck out of the reach of water.

#7. Use Coating

When the paint is completely dry, the last step of the process is to apply the clear coating. This coating has two purposes.

First, it protects the color in the long run. Secondly, this clear coat makes the design shine and helps it stand out.

Do’s & Don’ts

Now that you know the process of painting a deck, here are some bonus do’s and don’ts that you should follow to make your painting process even easier.


  • Always set your deck on a flat surface before you start painting. If you can hang that in rope and paint that would be more comfortable
  • Try to use high-quality paint for longevity and shine.
  • Start slow with sanding with a finer grit.
  • Repair any visible crack or damage on the deck before painting.
  • Clear the dust before applying primer.


  • Don’t apply uneven pressure when sanding to avoid painting uniformity.
  • Don’t use an aerosol primer without shaking the can.
  • Don’t proceed with a design without a blueprint.
  • Don’t paint on the top of your deck to maintain the abrasive surface.

The Best Type Of Paint For A Deck

Before you paint your skateboard deck, you must know which type of paint will be more suitable.

Paints are typically acrylic or water-based. Acrylic ones are the ones you should aim for acrylic as its water soluble, affordable, flexible, and easy to remove.

Here are some acrylic paint options you can check out.

1. Krylon Crystal Clear Acrylic Coating Aerosol Spray

Hands down one of the best acrylic paint you’ll find on the market. It doesn’t get yellow and resists moisture to protect the paint’s integrity. The application is easy, too, thanks to the aerosol can.

Krylon K01303007 spray paint
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2. ARTEZA Acrylic Paint Set

If you prefer manual panting with a brush than sprayers, you should check out this acrylic set from ARTEZA. This set comes with 24 tubes of different colors. Moreover, it’s ACMI-certified s, non-toxic, and safe.

ARTEZA Acrylic Paint
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3. S. Art Supply 6 Color Fluorescent Acrylic Neon Colors

This last option contains a great color collection of 6 ready to spray out of the bottle. These colors are meant for years of use and come at an affordable price.

U.S. Art Supply paints
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Bottom line

That’s a wrap for today. I hope my article on how to paint a skateboard deck will help you present yourself at the skate park with a new design. Skateboard’s design can build your separate identity and style.

Painting your deck might seem tricky, but now that you know the simple steps, you can easily do it yourself. All left to do now is get the paint color you want, gather all the necessary equipment, and get to painting.  

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