Are Skateboard Wheels Universal (Lets Find The Truth)

Age is just a number when it comes down to skating. From children to mid-age people, everyone enjoys it a lot!

But the majority of them want to spend on a single-wheel type and often ask, “Are skateboard wheels universal?”

Let’s find out the real truth of it!

Types of Skateboard Wheels

There are several types and shapes of skateboard wheels available around the shops.

Let’s find out some of them:

1. Standard Wheels

Also known as “normal wheels,” standard wheels come in a slim area with a combination of bent beveled corners. The majority of wheel brands tend to offer this particular style.

2. Core Wheels

Such wheels generally incorporate plastic as a primary material and a “core” feature. Compared to other types, you may find them more lightweight.

The smoother durometer wheels it comes with won’t compromise the overall stability of bearings’.

3. Conical Wheels

Unlike the standard one, the contact area of conical wheels is relatively wider. This way, it is pretty much efficient for ramp skating. And guess what?

These wheels enable the skateboard to lock into coping with ease.

4. Radial Wheels

Slightly opposed to the conical wheels, radial is highly known for its greater area and a smoother ride.

Most importantly, it offers more space between the surfaces and wheels so that you can enjoy your ride, even on rough surfaces.

5. Cruiser Wheels

Such wheels aren’t that noticeable on skateboards. Instead, manufacturers mostly utilize cruiser wheels on longboards, school setups, and vinyl cruisers.

They include a lower durometer compared to others, making them ideal for rough floors.

Are Skateboard Wheels Universal?

Are Skateboard Wheels Universal
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After looking at a variety of different styles and types, you may ask, “are skateboard wheels universal?”

Well, the answer is “No.” Although they come in almost the same build quality, many differences can still be noticeable in their shapes, hardness, and overall sizes.

Consequently, every wheel won’t make the right match for your desired skateboard.

What Size Wheel Is Best for Skateboard

Are you confused about what size to select for your skateboard?

Find out the best match for you by looking at their characteristics –

  1. Small Wheels (48 to 51mm)

Small wheels will be ideal for those who tend to skate around the flat ground. But they may get stuck in rocks or cracks.

  1. Medium Wheels (52 to 54mm)

So, are you looking for wheels that suit transition or street skateboarding? If so, then I’d strongly suggest giving the medium wheels a try!

In fact, this is considered to be the “best size wheel for skateboarding” among the majority of skateboard experts!

If you aren’t a seasoned person, choose the 52mm wheels for the first time. After that, go with the 54mm once you get used to it.

  1. Large Wheels (55 to 60mm)

The advantage of having large wheels is that they offer a bigger surface area, offering a stable setup for skaters. Furthermore, they ensure optimal contact with the floor surface or ground to let you maintain excellent balance and speed while skating.

And yes, larger wheels won’t easily get stuck in small objects or cracks.

  1. Extra Large Wheels (61mm +)

Generally, cruiser and longboard wheels are known to be extra-large wheels. Due to their low durometer, users can find them smooth enough, even on rough surfaces as well.

That said, they shouldn’t be perfect for performing the skating that requires tricks, keep in mind!

How Do You Determine Wheel Size for Best Skateboarding Experience?

For the best skateboard experience, determining the wheel size is the key. Take a look at the following points to get the right ideas –

  • First, you need to know your purpose for riding a skateboard. If it is for random street skateboarding, medium-sized wheels will be more than enough for you. Avoid cruiser wheels for skating that involve tricks.
  • After that, get familiar with the level of experience you have. If you’re just a hobbyist, avoid getting heavier wheels as they won’t let you control the skateboard with ease.
  • The last and most important point is to measure the diameter of skateboard wheels. For this, make sure to take the wheels’ widest points. After getting it correctly, do a multiplication between the number 3.14 to get the perfect circumference.

Last Words

Through the short yet informative post “are skateboard wheels universal,” I clarified how size matters for the best skateboard experience.

Don’t worry, even if they aren’t universal. You can rely on the mid-sized wheels to perform several riding styles at once.

Happy skating!

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