Top 5 Soft Wheels For Skateboard | All You Need To Know

Get in here if you’re all about skating for recreational purposes alone. We’ve got something for you. You won’t enjoy your recreational cruise without the best soft wheels attached to your skateboard.

But it’s your lucky day because we’ve come up with a list of some best soft wheels for the skateboard to unite you with the one for you. There are dozens of soft wheels on the market. The last thing you want is to make a wrong pick. Let’s help you make the right choice.

What Soft Wheels Actually Is?

There are two types of wheels for skateboards. There’s the hard wheel and the soft wheels. Since soft wheels are the center of attention, let’s dig into the details of what it is.

You’re mistaken if you think soft wheels got their names because they are soft. You can’t exactly tell if a wheel is a soft wheel or a hard one by merely touching it or looking at it.

That’s not what makes them what they are. So, what are soft wheels? Soft wheels are skateboard wheels with durometers ranging from 77A to 87A. So, you might want to check the durometer reading on the wheels you’re shopping for before you invest in them.

soft wheels benefits
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People who opt for soft wheels don’t want to go into hardcore skateboarding. Not every one of them wants to perform tricks. But they don’t want to stay away from the sports either.

These types of wheels are not entirely carved for tricks. You’ll have to get hard wheels if that’s the goal. Instead, soft wheels are for cruising and rolling down the road in summer noon just to catch your breath.

If you want to transport yourself around town or within the school premises on a skateboard, you need a set of the best soft wheels you can lay your hands on. The thing about soft wheels is that they glide perfectly on rough surfaces.

That alone makes them the ideal choice for recreational skating. But some versatile soft wheels could also perform tricks, but basic ones.

Suggested Best Soft Wheels For Skateboard And Longboard (Review In Details)

Now let me introduce you with some market leading soft wheels that are good for skateboard as well as longboard. The wheels mentioned here are selected after hours and days of research.

We have used customer review who actually used the wheels and also we have interviewed some customers to get the review. We have reached the producers through mail and verified the features of the wheels.

Soft skateboard Wheels
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#1. Orangatang Stimulus 70 mm Freeride Skateboard wheels

The first soft wheel on our list is the Orangatang stimulus 70mm soft wheel. It gives the ultimate response when it’s on your skateboard. Here’s what I mean.

Orangatang Stimulus 70 mm Freeride Longboard Skateboard Wheels
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With this soft wheel attached to your skateboard, you’ll do more than cruise around. The reason is that these wheels are great for freeriding.

It holds the floor tightly in a firm grip to facilitate smooth and predictable slides. It is also perfect for dancing. So, if you’ve ever wanted to dance on skateboards, consider getting these soft wheels from Orangatang.


  • Great for cruising and dancing
  • Offers predictable slides.
  • The ride is smooth.
  • It is grippy, which puts you in control.


  • You might not enjoy the maneuverability.

Why one should you buy this one

One of the reasons you should buy these soft wheels from Orangatang is the smooth, butter-like glides.

You’ll feel like you’re riding on butter with these wheels attached to your skateboard. As a result, they make your cruising and riding fun and easy.

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#2. Bones Wheels ATF Rough Riders Skateboard Wheels

The first impressive feature of this wheel is that it was designed for rougher terrains. That’s why it was named ATF, which means “all-terrain formula.” In essence, you’ll enjoy running this wheel on any road condition.

Bones Wheels ATF Skateboard Wheels
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So, if you have to run over roads with cracks, this wheel is perfect for you. You’ll enjoy smooth rides over rough terrains. The best part is that you can skateboard in winter with these wheels.

The tire is from high-quality material. That’s part of why it is flagspot resistant. That’s not surprising since the tire rolls effortlessly on rough terrain.

In addition, this 4 set wheel is the perfect choice to convert your skateboard into a hybrid board. You will execute some tricks with this board and still enjoy a comfortable cruise down the road.


  • Carved from high-quality urethane that makes it good for any kind of terrain.
  • It turns your skateboard into a hybrid board; you can cruise and do tricks with it.
  • It was created with flagspot resistance.
  • The wheel is wide, making it stable.
  • Quiet on soft surfaces.


  • It is a little heavy.

Why one should buy this one

If you’re looking to cruise or skateboard in winter, you should invest in this wheel. It was reinforced with an all-terrain formula perfect for harsh surfaces.

The wheel is wide, contributing to the stability you’ll enjoy riding on your skateboard.

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#3. Cloud Ride Wheels Cruiser Longboard Wheels Set

Although the cloud ride wheels were primarily created for cruising and carving, you can also enjoy freeriding on them. In essence, beginner skaters looking to try out freeriding can gain entrance into it with this wheel.

Cloud Ride Wheels
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In addition, it was carved from high-quality urethane material to ensure beginners and skaters have fun riding on any terrain. The wheels are also resilient; they can survive in challenging contexts.

For instance, you can ride these wheels conveniently on rocks, cracks, and other rough surfaces.

Guess what? This skateboard gives you maximum control. That’s why you can casually cruise down a hill way with these wheels attached to your board.


  • Has a perfect grip.
  • Great for carving, freeriding, and cruising.
  • It puts you in maximum control while riding.
  • It gives your board enough speed to enjoy a cruise or freeriding.


  • Tight wheelbase.

Why one should buy this one

This wheel is your best bet if you’re looking for soft wheels that facilitate speed. They are also smooth, making them perfect for the roughest terrain.

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#4. Bigfoot Longboard Wheels

This longboard soft wheel was created with Super High Rebound (SHR) hardness. The SHR contributes to the grip of this wheel and boosts board stability.

Bigfoot Longboard Wheels
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If you’re looking for a wheelset that’ll be your reliable companion when you skate downhill, this wheel will grant you that wish and so much more. But if you’re a newbie, you should consider going slow with this wheel installed.

The reason is that you could lose control of your board when you go too fast. Nevertheless, the wheels are soft and comfortable. The grip on these wheels is tight.

So, it rolls well on both rough and smooth. However, you might want to be careful when skating on smooth surfaces.


  • Works perfectly on both smooth and rough surfaces.
  • Speeds down the hill.
  • Has an excellent grip.
  • High rebound hardness.


  • Bearing installation is tough.

Why one should buy this one

The speed is impressive. Intermediate skaters who want to cruise and do minor tricks will enjoy using this wheel. Beginners can also enjoy their time on these skate wheels.

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#5. Ricta Clouds Skateboard Wheels

These wheels are great for you if you’re in the filming space. Next time you make a move to film your friends while they’re doing unique skateboarding tricks, look at this ricta clouds wheel for help.

Ricta Clouds 78A Skateboard Wheels
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They come in handy for skaters who take pride in filming. The best part is that they’ll give you enough control over the board so you can get a better view of all the skating action.

These set of Ricta cloud wheels have a 78a durometer reading which grants your skateboard a smooth passage over rough terrains. The best part is that they are perfect for longboarding.

You’d enjoy cruising on it without worrying about the wheel bites. The only downside to this wheel is that it’s not entirely great at speed. They are great for daily commuting and cruising.


  • Excellent choice for daily commute and cruising.
  • It helps you capture all the moments when you film on it.
  • You can pull off some tricks on this wheel.


  • Not great for speeds.

Why one should buy this one

If you’re burdened with the task of filming skaters for a private diary collection or something bigger, this board is a great choice. The larger contact and durometer reading makes it great for rough terrain.

Buy Ricta Clouds At Amazon

What Soft Wheels Are Good For?

Soft wheels are good for beginner skaters, and here’s why. They make skating feel easy and comfortable, which is how beginner skaters should feel. Also, it puts beginners in control of the skateboard.

As they glide on the board, the soft wheels make it easy for them to balance on it. That way, they won’t feel scared as it propels them forward. More so, beginners can try to power slide on soft wheel skateboards. It comes easy and with more control.

Soft wheels are also suitable for achieving smooth rides on rough terrains. You’ll enjoy cruising on rough terrains with soft wheels compared to hard wheels. They’re also the best choice for maintaining speed.  

So, if your goal is to have a laid-back and comfortable skateboarding experience, soft wheels are right for you.

In addition, soft wheels are your go for running errands across towns or on campus. You’ll probably enjoy skating more than taking the bus if you know your way around.

Generally, if you’re looking for wheels to help you pull off cool stunts and tricks, you have no business with soft wheels. They are good for cruising around campus or for comfortable rides.

What are the benefits of soft wheels in skateboarding?

So, you just got yourself a set of soft wheels, and you’re wondering what benefits they offer. I’ll satisfy that curiosity. Below are some of the benefits of soft wheels.

  • Cruising and Comfort: If you’ve ever seen people who stand on their skateboard, relaxing while the board carries them down the road, you’ve witnessed soft wheels in action.

Soft wheels make it easy for anyone to ride on their skateboard effortlessly for long. It’s all thanks to its compatibility with rough floors. It glides smoothly on the road, resulting in smooth and comfortable rides.  

  • Filming: Because of how soft wheels cruise and roll smoothly, they make it easy for camerapersons to film skaters doing their technical tricks. These wheels put you in control of the skateboard’s speed.

So, when you start at any speed, you can maintain it. That’s all the control you need as a cameraman to successfully film skaters in action.

The best part is that since they put you in control, you can take perfect, steady shots on your soft wheels skateboard.

  • Transportation: Another benefit of attaching soft wheels to your skateboard is that it can serve as your mini form of transportation on campus or on rough terrain.

As long as you’re not gliding on a busy road, you can ditch the walking for a skateboard with soft wheels. Thanks to how smoothly it runs on rough roads, you can comfortably get around.

The best part is that you won’t need too much effort to put your skateboard in motion.

  • Quiet: One of the best parts about soft wheels on skateboards or longboards is that they function quietly.

So, when you glide on it, they won’t give off weird noises, especially when you’re rolling on them on rough terrains.

  • Balance: When it comes to soft wheels, they are usually large, and for a good reason. Since they’re for cruising, the large size helps with balance.

It distributes the weight on the board equally so you can enjoy balance. That takes off the pressure on the wheels.

Are Soft Wheels Good for Street Skating?

It depends on what the soft wheels were carved for. Some soft wheels are not suitable for street skating, and here’s why. For starters, street skating involves performing tricks on skateboards. That’s something hard wheels were built for.

But some soft wheels only function at a much calmer level. That is, they are best used for cruising and taking a ride.

However, some soft wheels are versatile. These types are a good option for basic street skating.

What To Consider Buying Soft Wheels

There are many skateboard wheels on the market. But not everything would give you a fantastic experience. It’s so easy to opt for a terrible skateboarding wheel, mainly because they’re sometimes disguised as the real deal.

Let’s check out the features to consider when shopping for a soft heel.

1. Common Diameter Requirements For Soft Wheels

The first thing you should look out for when shopping for a soft wheel set is the diameter. That’s the first step to identifying a soft wheel.

Generally, there are three different diameter types. There’s the small, medium, and large. For soft wheels, larger is better because large wheels grant your skateboard easy passage on rough terrains.

That’s a plus for soft wheels since they are wired for rough terrain. But that’s not all, as you need a balance between the soft wheel and the board. The board should be designed to use soft wheels.

That’s the only way you’ll genuinely enjoy cruising on your skateboard. So, it would help if you looked for soft wheels of 60-75mm diameter.

2. The Common Durometer Of Soft Wheels

Durometer readings are the figure representation of the hardness or softness of a wheel. In essence, this feature reveals if a wheelset is soft or hard.

There are benefits to soft and hard wheels. For starters, soft wheels mean they have a better grip than hard wheels. There are two durometer scales, and they’re called durometers A and B.

Although the B scale reading presents more accurate information on the wheels, the scale A reading is more popular. The scale A reading measures your wheels‘ hardness or softness based on 0-100A.

The closer the number is to 100A, the harder the wheel is. Generally, soft wheel readings based on scale A range from 88A to 95A.

3. The Contact Patch Of Soft Wheel

Contact patch is another crucial feature you should look out for when shopping for a soft wheel. What is the contact patch? It refers to the part of the wheel that makes contact with the floor you skate on.

For soft wheels, the contact patch must be large. It distributes the weight evenly, so no part of the board or wheels feels too much pressure. It also makes cruising easier and smoother.

Another reason the contact patch of a soft wheel should be larger is the grip. It contributes to the firm grip on soft wheels.

4. Wheel Profile For Soft Wheel

The wheel profile for soft wheels depends on two crucial factors. They are the wheel shape and the texture.

Generally, the wheel profile dictates the wheel’s performance when it comes to the weight and grip of the wheel. Let’s check out the ideal profile of the soft wheel.

a) Wheel Shape

There is two ideal wheel shape for soft wheels, depending on the possibilities you want to explore with them. Generally, soft wheels usually have wide shapes.

That’s why they have large contact patches and are well-balanced. If you’d like to try out Street skating while commuting on your soft wheel skateboard, you can try conically shaped soft wheels. They not only have a wider patch but balance the weight well.

b) Wheel Texture

The wheel texture is another feature that determines the wheel profile. You can opt for threaded wheels or sticky wheels for soft wheels’ texture.

They both have their strengths and weaknesses. For instance, sticky wheels have better grip and facilitate smooth rides, which is excellent for cruising. But they’re not responsive.

On the other hand, threaded wheels are also suitable for soft wheels because they make riding on rough terrain a breeze.

5. Bearings Requirements For Soft Wheel

Choosing the bearing for soft wheels can be tricky, especially if you’re a newbie. So, it would help if you opted for bearings with an 8mm inner race diameter. That’s the standard bearing size for any wheel.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Question)

1. What tricks can one do with soft wheels?

You can only do basic tricks with some soft wheels. The reason is that not many soft wheels were carved for tricks. Soft wheels can be challenging for starters, as they’re not entirely responsive.
Aside from that, they are sticky and bouncy on the floor and with a large contact patch. As a result, they’re not ideal for tricks- unless they are designed to be versatile.

2. Are soft wheels good for a ramp?

Although soft wheels give you a firm grip and that ability to carve at rugged ramp handles, you won’t enjoy using them for ramps.
The reason is that they are sticky and large. Also, they are not readily responsive. Notably, the stickiness of the wheels would make it difficult for the board to glide on ramps.

3. Are Soft Wheels Good For Tricks?

No, soft wheels aren’t good for tricks. The wheel profile makes it suitable for cruising and minor transportation duties. While some might work for tricks, you can’t do rigorous tricks on them.

Last Words

Now that we’ve exposed you to the world of the soft wheels for skateboards, you can bid farewell to cruise problems.

Getting any of the soft wheels on our list ensures you’ll effortlessly enjoy your time cruising around town on your skateboard.

You’ll never have to worry about the nature of the floor you skate on because these soft wheels can handle rough terrains. Have fun.  


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