Skateboard Wheel Stoppers (What Are These & Why To Use)

New tricks, styles, and gimmicks are getting introduced in skateboarding daily. While skateboarding is super fun and exciting, the learning curve can be very steep specially for kids beginners skateboarder.

No matter how hard you try, falling from the board is inevitable while you learn skateboarding.

So, today I’ll introduce you to these useful tool ‘wheel stoppers’ and describe what is it, and how does it help?

Let’s go find out.

What are skateboard wheel stoppers?

wheel stoppers for skateboard wheel
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A Skateboard wheel stopper, also known as a skateboard trainer, is a tool used in skateboarding as a helping tool for learning tricks. As the name suggests, this tool stops the wheel from sliding, helping you train for the tricks.

This way, even if you mess up the landing, you won’t have to worry about the board sliding under your feet and losing balance.

Stoppers usually have a cage-like shape, and skaters put these on the wheels to resist the rotation of the wheels.

Why and when to use them

Falling from the board is very common in skateboarding. You need to accept that. At the same time, it’s entirely okay as a newcomer if you are afraid of falling.

So, if you are trying to get the rhythm safely, you should use wheel stoppers. This toll is exclusive for beginners only looking to get the flipping and landing part of the trick right.

Just put this one whenever you are practicing basic tricks.

Is it beneficial to use?

By initially assisting you, you might think wheel stoppers will make the learning curve steeper later. However, that’s not the case, and it’s recommended by pro skaters worldwide as a very useful tool for learning tricks.

Here are some benefits that should convince you.

1. Build confidence

Confidence is the key to making yourself ready for skating tricks. If you are always afraid of falling, you’ll never be able to start and get comfortable.

Instead, you can eliminate the chance of the board slipping under your feet and getting injured. With this newfound confidence, you can always try again if you can’t perform a trick at first.

2. Strengthen balancing ability

Balancing the skateboard after you perform a trick is one of the hardest parts of the whole process. However, this is the only art that differentiates between a successful and failed attempt trick.

With the wheel stoppers installed, you can easily master the balance in a stationary position.

3. It helps to learn tricks.

Most skateboarding tricks these days involve jumping off the board and flipping it. While jumping off the board is easy, landing on the board perfectly is equally challenging.

As the stoppers stop the wheel from rotating, the board stays stationary after landing. This way, you can try the tricks as much as you want until you master it.

How to install them in wheels

Installing the trainers on your wheel is super easy. But if you have difficulty figuring out the installation, you can follow these easy steps.

  • Step 1

Get your skateboard and place it on your lap with the wheels facing up.

  • Step 2

Next, grab the stopper and stretch the trainers. You don’t have to stretch if the wheels are smaller.

  • Step 3

When it’s stretched, just put the stoppers on like a cover

Best Wheel Stoppers or Skate Trainers 

Lets find some wheel stoppers here

1. Skater Trainers (Best For Ollies & Kickflips Practice)

Regarding skate trainers, I don’t think the dedicated SKATETRAINER store has any completion. They have been known for making the best wheel stoppers in the business.

Skater Trainers - Get Skateboard Tricks Faster with These Skateboard...
  • GET SKATEBOARD TRICKS FASTER: With Skater Trainers, you will learn ollies, kickflips, and more in no time! Our Skate trainer accessories simply stretch over your wheels and stop them from rolling so you can focus on the steps of the trick without worrying about rolling or falling. You can practice more, FALL LESS, get your CONFIDENCE UP, and develop some MUSCLE MEMORY. Once you have it, take the SkaterTrainers off and get the tricks for real, rolling on the pavement in your element.
  • THE PERFECT SKATEBOARD GIFT: Stocking Stuffers for Teen Boys, Kids Ages 8-12, Tweens, Teens, Men, Adults, Girls, or Anyone. A great CHRISTMAS GIFT to go with Skateboards for Kids ages 6-12 and Teenagers. Impress your friends with new tricks. Be the next Tony Hawk Pro Skater or reclaim your previous glory faster and safer. As important as Helmets, knee pads, elbow pads, or wrist guards - Skater Trainers are skateboard accessories perfect for anyone's tool kit. Cruz with Santa with confidence.
  • IT's FUN and THEY REALLY WORK: "Where was this when I was a kid" Recommended by top Skateboard Instructors, PARENTS, and SKATERS just like you. Check out our awesome reviews! We have quickly become THE WORLDS TOP SKATEBOARD ACESSORIES. Many teenagers are SKEPTICAL at first because this is new patented equipment, but once they get their order, they are excited to see fast progress. Skateboarding is all about confidence, which you can build with Skater Trainers. The coolest stocking stuffers.
  • FITS ALMOST ANY SKATEBOARD WHEELS: Skater Trainers are durable, easy-to-use, and work on standard trick skateboards, penny, cruiser boards, old school decks, and even most longboards. Fits 48mm-70mm wheel diameter, with 52mm, 53mm, 54mm being the most common trick wheels. They stretch over your wheels EASY and are also very TOUGH. By using quality materials, our trick trainers are one-of-a-kind and the best gifts for any skater. Sold with in a SET OF 4 parts. Stocking Stuffers.

The product I will talk about is one of this manufacturer’s highest-selling products.

So, let’s talk about the build quality first. Rubber is the most common and practical material for wheel stoppers, and SKATETRAINER used it for these premium quality stoppers.

So, how does it translate into performance? Just as flawlessly as you would expect.

These stoppers are super durable, and you can practice them on any surface without worrying about their durability.

In addition, with these stoppers, you don’t have to worry about losing balance or sliding the wheels from under your feet.

One of the key challenges of learning skateboarding is overcoming the fear of falling from the board. While falling off the board is common and usual, a skater might be unable to withstand it for various reasons.

If you are one of those skaters, this wheel trainer set will be perfect for mastering skateboard tricks.

skate trainer stopper for tricks
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Another thing I love about this set of stoppers because they are super easy to install. This means anyone can put these on within a minute without worrying about the wheel size. Any 48mm to 70mm wheel will comfortably fit into these stoppers.

So, if you are looking for a small, effective, cost-efficient way to master skateboarding tricks, these skateboard stoppers are an easy recommendation.

Good Sides

  • Made of high-quality rubber
  • Excellent grip making it usable on any surface
  • Wide range of wheel size compatibility.
  • Perfect investment to overcome the fear of skateboarding
  • Anyone can install them


  • It’s a bit challenging to put these on larger wheels
  • Using these can sometimes mess with your weight distribution
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2. SKATERTRAINER Gift Package (Best For Origami Stand & Free Skate)

Here I have another useful set of wheel stoppers from the same manufacturer as the previous one. But this time, it brings a lot to the table alongside the stoppers if you are willing to add some extra money.

Skateboard Gift Package Skate Tool Accessories with Skater Trainers,...
  • GREAT BEGINNER GIFT: This is the perfect skateboard accessories kit or present for any new or old skater. This skateboard set comes with a set of Skatertrainers to help you learn tricks faster, a skateboard stand to hold you street or trick deck both horizontally or vertically, and includes a free skate tool to help you adjust and work on your board.
  • FREE SKATE TOOL: This gift comes with a free tool, the perfect must accessory for all skaters. The all in one skate tools has everything you need to tighten up or repair your skateboard. This T tool is universal and is used for repairing, tightening, or reassembling with all types of the skateboards, penny board, long boards, and more!
  • THE SKATERTRAINER: Skater Trainers are guaranteed to help you learn tricks faster and safer. These skateboard accessories simply stretches over your wheels and stops them from rolling so you can focus on the steps of the trick without worrying about falling. You can practice more, FALL LESS, get your CONFIDENCE UP, and develop some MUSCLE MEMORY. Once you have it down, take the Skater Trainers off and get your trick for real, rolling on the pavement in your element.
  • FITS ANY SKATEBOARD WHEELS, DURABLE, and EASY TO USE. They work on standard trick skateboards, penny boards, cruiser boards, old school decks, and even most longboards. 48mm-70mm wheel diameter, with 52mn, 53mm, 54mm being the most common trick wheels. They stretch over your wheels EASY and are also very TOUGH lasting as long as you need them. With our improved materials, new Zero process they are better than ever. Sold with in a SET OF 4 parts, one for each of the skateboard wheels.

Again, let’s start with the build quality of these wheel stoppers. Premium quality rubber is used to manufacture these stoppers so that they can serve you for months even with extensive trick practice sessions.

So, if you are looking for a helping hand to help you learn tricks, investing in these stoppers is an excellent idea.

Now, let’s talk about the best part of this stopper set. Alongside the stoppers, this package comes with an origami stand and a skate tool.

So basically, by spending a very small amount, you are getting an excellent deal to tune your skateboard and store the board on the stand.

These extra items make this package an excellently balanced gift for newbie skaters. Let me tell you how. So, skate wheel stoppers are mostly used by beginners.

But, alongside the stoppers, a beginner will also learn how to repair, maintain, adjust and store a skateboard in the right way from the very beginning of his skateboard journey.

These skate wheel stoppers always fit any wheel size between 48mm to 70 mm. So no matter your wheel size, you’ll be comfortable and confident while trying a trick with these skate trainers.

So whether it’s building muscle memory, gaining confidence, or gifting to a fellow beginner skater, this skate trainer set is worth every penny.

Good Sides

  • A useful tool to build confidence and muscle memory
  • Easy to install stoppers that fit firmly
  • Allows skaters to train safely
  • Excellent bang for the buck
  • The skate tool is useful for adjusting and assembling a skateboard
  • Includes high-quality origami stand to store and display skateboard
  • It easily fits on any wheel size


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3. AiMarg Skateboard Trick Trainer (Best For Skate Training)

The final product on this list is from AiMarg. This manufacturer is a bit unknown compared to other options on this list.

However, it has earned a spot on this list with excellent quality and unique shape.

AiMarg Skateboard Trick Trainer Practice - Springboard Assist Skill...
  • ★This dolphin jump wheel rubber sleeve is used on standard size skateboards
  • ★These wheels cover stop your wheels from rolling, great for beginners or unfamiliar, so you can safely exercise tricks, Jump and keep balance
  • ★Skateboard assister is great for kids of all ages to learn skateboard tricks faster
  • ★Gifts: The perfect gift for beginners who want to master tricks faster

Starting with the material, this wheel stopper is made with high-quality rubber. So, the durability pat gets covered. This wheel stopper is interesting because it’s a single-piece instead of the conventional four-piece set.

A single piece of rubber attaches the four wheels’ stoppers and covers the whole wheel. As a result, we see a unique yet very effective skate trainer.

Moreover, conventional wheel stoppers are known for damaging the wheels by resisting normal rotation. As this stopper covers the wheel, you don’t have to worry about the partial rotation damaging your skate wheels.

This wheel stopper can be the perfect companion to help you learn any jump tricks you can name.

So if you are looking for the perfect balance of stability, safety, and cost-effectiveness, you should check out this skateboard trainer.

Good Sides

  • The unique design is very effective at preventing sliding
  • Cover the wheel entirely to prevent damage
  • Great stability and safety for the safest trick practice
  • Excellent bang for the buck
  • Easy to install by anyone


  • The joining section in the middle can make the whole trainer ineffective if it gets damaged.
  • Not a good option if the wheel and trainer size doesn’t match
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Check out the video on the wheel trainer-

Final Words

That’s a wrap for today.

However, I hope my article was helpful enough to give you a brief idea of wheel stoppers and how they can drastically ease your learning curve. There are several ways wheel stoppers can help you learn skateboarding tricks safely.

So, if you are one of those beginners afraid of falling or even starting, get a set of stoppers from the list above, and you should be good to go.

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