Best Camera For Skateboarding Photography In 2021 (Detailed Review)

Are You Fascinated With Taking Incredible Skate Photos?

Skateboard players love to skate on the pavements, sidewalks, skateparks, downhill even on rails. Skaters love doing tricks on skateboards and most of them want to capture the memories of their maneuvers.

Whether 14years old kids skateboarders or adults skateboarding in 30s, everyone wants to capture special moments in snapshot. With advances in technology, you can capture your skateboarding memories and movements by taking incredible shots and videos.

To get it right, you need a high-quality best camera for skateboarding photography, which will capture those moments and bring out vivid images in real-time.

Unfortunately, there are hundreds of options out there. By reading this review, you will benefit by knowing the right camera to document your skateboarding activities.

Best Camera For Skateboard photography
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Let’s jump straight into the discussion

Our Top Picks For Skateboarding Photography Camera

CameraShooting ModesScreen SizeFocus TypeOptical Sensor ResolutionVideo Capture ResolutionPhoto Sensor Size

Canon EOS-Rebel T6 Digital Camera
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Canon EOS-Rebel T6 Digital Camera
Creative Auto, Automatic3 InchesManual and Auto1850 megapixels1080pAPS-C
Nikon D700 Camera
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Nikon D700 Camera
LiveView shooting: Handheld mode, Tripod mode3 InchesAutomatic with Manual12.1 megapixels1080pFull Frame (35mm)
Comparison Table

Detailed Reviews On Best Skateboarding Camera

Best Camera For Skate Photo
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1. Canon EOS-Rebel T6 Digital Camera

The Canon EOS digital camera has basic features for an incredible skate camera. It delivers the best quality for a memorable skateboarding experience. 

best camera for photgraphy
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Best Camera For Skate Photography

There are several reasons we chose the Canon EOS Camera kit. For starters, it comes packed with the amazing 18.0-megapixel image sensor and 4+ image processor.

Therefore, it’s capable of delivering precise photos and videos regardless of the lighting condition. It doesn’t matter if you are hiking the valleys in broad daylight or taking incredible shots under the moon.

We love the fact that the camera is easy to use and lets you share and print your superb shots with your loved ones. It is Wi-Fi as well as NFC enabled, and therefore, you can connect to social media channels and share photos. 

In addition, this camera is user-friendly and lets you adjust the settings thanks to the scene-intelligent mode. 

Canon EOS Rebel T6 Digital SLR Camera
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Canon EOS Camera

Another reason we choose this device is the outstanding quality of the videos and photos. With the 18.0-megapixel sensor, it delivers a high resolution for enlargements and crops.

Thus, you can print the images without altering the quality.

Also, it’s quite innovative and maximizes the pixels for a beautiful and vibrant photo.

The DIGIG 4+ image processor is a top feature that caught our attention. This function allows for a quick and progressive performance so that your shots are smooth and alive. Likewise, it enhances the photo quality, including delivering fine gradations in very low light.

Overall, you can benefit from enhanced image and video quality that will bring your skateboarding to a whole new level.


  • It’s expensive
  • Some people complains about used product delivery
  • Sometimes defective lens comes with the camera

Benefits and Overcoming Cons

  • Though it is expensive, the build quality is an outstanding and it’s no doubt that this camera will deliver an outstanding performance for many years.
  • Read product description before placing order and keep close attention to click on new product not used
  • If defective lens comes by chance, contact the seller. They will deliver the genuine one or refund you.

2. Nikon D700 Skate Photography Camera

The arrival of the Nikon D700 on the market came hot on the heels of the predecessors D300 and D3. This innovative device comes with all the tweaks and improvements of a high-end camera, and the device has clearly edged out most models.

Nikon D700 12.1MP FX-Format CMOS Digital SLR Camera
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Nikkon Skate Camera

Undoubtedly, it’s now playing in the league of big boys. Some specs are the best on the market, and the overall package is competitive at the price.

The D700 model is more advanced than the previous models and comes in a compact design. Even though it’s a bit on the pricey side, it’s worth every penny you spend and a king of modern cameras.

This Nixon model has surprisingly clear images at incredibly low light or high ISO capability. Therefore, this enables you to use ISO 6400 as Auto-ISO setting upper range.

We are impressed with the imaging, which is made possible by the 12.01MP full-frame sensor. Therefore, you can easily manage small files on your computer. Further, it comes with a 3.0 inch and 920,000 dot VGA color monitor that offers a 170 degrees angle viewing.

Also, it has tempered glass that protects it from external elements.

nikkon photography camera for skateboarding
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Best for Filming

You’ll enjoy using this camera for skateboarding photography. The picture quality is remarkable for some of the finest shots because of a variety of features such as the built-in flash, 51 point autofocus system, and self-cleaning sensor.  

The build quality of the Nixon D700 is excellent and comprises a magnesium frame. It’s a tough product that will last long. Whether you’re skating in harsh weather, this camera can withstand long-term use.

The best part is that it’s weather-resistant which is good news when you are skateboarding outdoors.


This camera is easy to use and has an LCD panel with all the buttons in the right place. It’s not heavy, and hence it’s portable for outdoor adventures.


One shortcoming of the D700 model is that it doesn’t record videos. Probably future models will have more advanced features.

However, if you are an ardent photographer, this shouldn’t get deter you from choosing this model.

How Do Photographers Shoot Skate Photos?

Shoot of skate photos
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A skater uses a camera to take action shots, and this requires a quick shutter speed. Therefore, your camera should adjust depending on the shutter speeds.

Sometimes skaters may want to capture a blurred image or slow motion, and in this case, you can set a slow shutter speed.

Beginners Guide To Buying Best Camera For Skateboarding Photography

Buying Guide for skateboarding camera
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A flash illuminates a low-light scene and captures moving things quickly. When shopping for a skateboarding camera, the flash is an important aspect. Some options have a high ISO performance that enables you to capture images in dim light.

The flash duration is relatively shorter than shutter speeds, and for some cameras, the shutter button can trigger a flash burst that strikes back via the lens. To use the flash properly, you can use the flash meter function on the object and background.

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External flashes such as the cobra flashes are not integrated into a camera’s internal system. The advantage is, you can take a single flash depending on the lighting circumstances and then disconnect from the camera.

For skateboarding, you’ll need high-speed sync, which enables the camera to capture images on a bright background. It’s especially the case if you want a wider image view.

A flash head combo camera would be an excellent choice since it automatically illuminates dark scenes. Some cameras with built-in flash have more than one pre-flash, which can cause finicky flashes in bright light.

Shutter For Skateboard Photograph

When shopping, you’ll also need to consider the shutter speed of the camera. A lower duration means the camera can shoot without freezing and blur.

Shutter lag is the time taken when you press the button and record an image. When the camera fails to autofocus, the shutter lag will be slow.

camera Shutter
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Shutter priority is a feature that enables you to adjust the shutter speed depending on how the camera sets the aperture for proper capture.

For better performance, a shutter by radio enables you to capture images wirelessly without touching the build-in shutter button.


Camera Lights
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Light reflects a different part of a scene to capture an image. The speed lights generate a faster flash than an ordinary camera flash. Also, there can never be an image without light.


A lens is a feature that sends light to a focal point or film strip. For a digital camera, the light is directed to a sensor. You can choose different types of lenses depending on your needs.

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Fisheye lenses offer produces powerful distortions by creating an ultra-wide image. On the other hand, prime lenses restrict the light from reaching the sensor. Telephoto lenses allow you to take a clear shot of a far object by magnifying it.


Camera shots
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A shot is that moment when the camera rolls before stopping. The camera should enable you to adjust to a continuous or single shot. An action shot captures the subject’s reaction to the precise shot whereas; a perfect shot seizes the subject’s attention at that moment.

Normally, the best image starts before pressing the shutter.

Fisheye shots allow for some exaggeration on the image to create a unique shot. For skate shots, you’ll want to make your tricks more impressive and exaggerate the background. Therefore, wide-angle lenses are a superb choice when you want to capture bigger things.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. How do you take pictures of skateboarders?

When taking pictures of skateboarders, it’s important to capture the motion. The perfect shot goes hand in hand with motion as well as speed. Apply unique angles and allow creativity to take shape.

How much do skateboard photographers make?

Professional skateboarders can make up to $10000 every month. However, some pro-skaters can make more money through endorsements by brands

What cameras are used for skate video?

The best cameras for skateboarders are those fitted with fisheye lenses since they help in capturing unique shots and tricks. In addition, the image quality should be clear and vibrant.

How do photographers shoot skates?

A skater uses a camera to take action shots, and this requires a quick shutter speed. Therefore, your camera should adjust depending on the shutter speeds. Sometimes skaters may want to capture a blurred image or slow motion, and in this case, you can set a slow shutter speed.


As you can see, when shopping for a skateboarding camera, you need to note down its specs. Several aspects such as shutter speed, flashes, types of lens, and light determines the outcome of your skateboarding shots. A high-resolution camera will deliver impressive results, and an ISO feature lets you take shots in dim light.

If you are an extreme skater, a skateboarding camera helps you get creative and take shots to exaggerate your tricks. As a professional, you can find the best camera for skateboarding photography that suits your need.

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