Learning To Skateboard At 30 (6 Tips For Beginners At 30)

Whether you are in your 20s or 40s, skateboarding is one such physically demanding sport, which knows no age limit. Moreover, unlike other popular sports, here you do not need professional coaching to learn.

Above all, you do not have to prove anything to anyone. Hence, even if you are in 30s and excited to learn skateboarding, you can begin the journey.

Skateboarding At 30 Years Old
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Let’s dig into it!!

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Am I Too Old To Learn Skateboarding?

You can never be too old to learn skateboarding. Considering the health grounds and your reasonable physical shape, you can always learn skateboarding. Moreover, there are no such age limits to master the skills.

Learning skating
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Whether you are in your thirties or forties, you can always decide to learn the wonders of skateboarding. Although you might feel embarrassed in the beginning, it is all in your head. Once you start finding your balance, you can have loads of fun.

You have to invest time throughout the week for practicing during the initial days. Depending on your personal goals, you must practice skateboarding at least twice every week.

Prerequisite For Learning To Skateboard At 30

If you are learning skateboarding during your 30s, then it is necessary to keep a few tips in your mind. While fitness is the primary aspect that is important to consider, there are other aspects as well.

In the 30s, it is obvious that you will have office works. Therefore, you must find out whether you can invest few hours throughout the week.

Prerequisites For Skating
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Nevertheless, here are a few prerequisites important if you want to learn skateboarding at 30:

1. How Fit You Are

Skateboarding involves major flips and pops. Hence, if you have excessive muscle or fat percentage, then you might fail to learn the skills. That means you need to be thin to learn skateboarding skills well. Moreover, once you start reaching your 30s, your body starts losing flexibility.

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So, fitness is a crucial prerequisite when it comes to learning skateboarding in your 30s. You have to make sure that your hamstrings, glutes, and lower back is flexible. These things help in maintaining flexibility when you are skateboarding.

2. How Much Time Can You Spend Skateboarding?

With growing age, it is obvious that you will have responsibilities. Above all, you will be bound by deadlines. Therefore, it might become difficult for you to give time to skateboarding.

Whether you are learning skateboard for profession or hobby, make sure that you have time for it. Chalk out a plan for yourself so that time management becomes easy.

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Learning the flips and even the basic tricks take time. Thus, once you figure out how much time you can give to skateboarding, things will become easy.

3. Previous Boarding Experience

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Previous boarding experience is yet another one of the necessary prerequisites for skateboarding. Although it is not compulsory if you have previous boarding experience, then it can help you to quickly learn the skills.

Often people do skateboarding as their hobby. If you walked on the same road earlier, it might be helpful. Therefore, a previous skateboarding experience is considered useful.

4. Balancing Ability

Balancing Ability
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As already mentioned, skateboarding is all about striking flips. Therefore, it is necessary to have good balancing abilities. Not having enough balancing skills might make it difficult for you to not only learn the skills but also master them.

Moreover, with growing age, it becomes difficult to maintain balance, especially if you are overweight. Hence, if you want to learn skateboarding in your thirties, then make sure to focus on your balancing skills.

It becomes more difficult when you try to skateboard in rain or slippery road. Don’t skate in dangerous condition at 30.

Tips For Learning Skateboarding At 30

When learning skateboarding, it is necessary to follow a few tips and tricks, which are essential to make you a pro.

skateboarding tips
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Here are a few tips that you must keep in mind when learning skateboarding in the 30s:

1. Choose Wider Board And Decent Truck & Wheels

When learning skateboarding in your 30s, make sure to choose the right skateboard for yourself. For example, you can take the help of the local skate shop. You can take advice from them as they can help you to find out the perfect board for you.

Different age skateboarders require different size skateboards. What is suitable skateboard size for a teenager skateboarder, does not fit for adult 30 years old guy.

As a beginner adult skateboarding learner, opt for a wider board as well as a decent truck. Either you can customize the board or opt for a ready-made one. Wider boards are useful for balancing and as a beginner, undoubtedly it is the best choice.

Try to choose hard wheels in the beginning. As hard wheels will restrain you from sliding and slipping on the road. If you choose softer skateboard powerslide wheels at the beginning, it will cause you slide very easily. If you lose the balance you may fall off the board.

After mastering the balancing and basic skills required for learning skateboard, you may choose 87a soft wheels to ride your board at 30’s.

2. Use Protective Gears

Protective gears are essential since they keep you safe from injuries. Being a beginner, injuries are inevitable, especially when you are learning.

Opt for good quality and durable helmet, knee pads, and handguards. If you are struggling with balancing and learning to skate on flat surfaces, wear a helmet.

Apart from safety, it will give you enough confidence. Also, try to clean the bearings with solvents regularly. If bearings gets jammed it will deter the wheels from turning and may stop the board in mid way causing sudden friction and you may fall of the board.

3. Start At Grass Or Carpet

When starting as a beginner, avoid practicing on hard surfaces, especially roadside or downhill. Begin on soft and delicate surfaces like grass or carpet. The best part is, even if you fall, it won’t hurt you.

Therefore, make sure to learn balance on soft surfaces.

4. Warm-up Yourself

Be it exercising or skateboarding, it is necessary to warm up before you begin with skateboarding. Not only it helps in loosening your muscles but also gives you the enthusiasm to start with skateboarding.

Hence, make sure to practice a few lightweight workouts before you step on your board.

5. Don’t Be Embarrassed

Everything has a beginning stage, irrespective of your age. Therefore, even if you are a beginner in your 30s, never feel embarrassed. Instead, be free and enthusiastic to learn. Skateboarding itself is a fun and exciting sport.

Once you get into it, you will automatically feel confident, which is necessary, if you want to be a pro in skateboarding.

6. Find A Community Learning Skateboard At Your Age

You will come across various skateboarding communities where members offer training on skateboarding. Enrolling in these communities will undoubtedly help you to find out and learn popular skills.

Besides, the communities can guide you in the right way, which is impossible if you try to learn on your own.

1. How long does it take the average person to learn how do you skateboard?

It depends on the time you are investing in learning skateboarding and the goals you want to achieve. On average, it takes about a minimum of two weeks to learn basic skating.

2. Is 40 too old to start skateboarding?

Skateboarding is a physically demanding sport. Moreover, if you want to learn skateboarding, you can definitely learn it when you are in your 40s.

3. How many hours a day should I practice skateboarding?

Ideally, it is best if you invest at least six to seven hours in learning skateboarding. With time, you can increase or decrease the time depending on your progress.

4. What tricks should I learn first on a skateboard?

When learning skateboarding, it is best to learn Ollie, as it is the fundamental skateboarding trick. Also, it is vital to master the basic techniques first.

Wrapping Up

Therefore, these are few things that you must keep in mind if you are in your 30s and planning to learn skateboarding. Last word is it is not impossible to learn skateboarding at any age.

Though age matters in term of balancing efficiently and for maneuver comfortably on skateboard, still you can do some easy tricks on skateboard at 30. So, if you are 30 now and enthusiastic about skateboarding, don’t think much and begin to ride the board.

If you are trying to learn with your kids together and searching for best skateboard for your kid, read our blog on best skateboard for 5 years old skater.

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