Top 5 Best Skateboards for Flip Tricks In 2023

Flip tricks are considered to be the stepping stone into more advanced and competitive skate tricks.

So, if you are planning to master flip tricks, what you’ll need first is a good skateboard compatible to flip tricks that suits your size and skill.

Unfortunately, it’s not an easy job to find one these days due to the increased number of options.

So, to make the purchase decision easier, I have put together this list of some best skateboards for flip tricks. Additionally, the buying guide will give you an idea about the important factors to look for in a skateboard for flipping.

So without wasting any more time, let’s get the show on the road.

Best Flip Tricks Skateboard
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What kind of skateboard should I get for doing tricks?

There is no specific answer to this question because no matter what board you have, you can do tricks with it up to a certain degree. But in general, a shortboard is a more preferred choice than a beginner longboard or cruiser board when we are talking about dedicated tricks.

Starting from shape to weight, everything goes in favor of shortboards for doing tricks.

What Size Board Is Best For Flip Tricks?

As I have already mentioned, shortboards are the best choice for doing tricks. But shortboards also come in different sizes, and not all of them are suitable for dong tricks.

Usually, for flip tricks, a width between 7.75″ to 8.25″ is the optimal choice as it gives you ample space to stick your landing and lock your feet. However, if you got bigger feet, you can go for a bigger size.

Detailed Review For Flip Tricks Skateboard

KPC Complete Skateboard (Best For Beginners)

Starting off the list with this complete skateboard from KPC, which checks almost all the boxes to become a perfect skateboard for flip tricks.

KPC Skateboard review
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There are quite a few thig that KPC has done right with this board. For starters, melts talk about the board deck. The deck is made of Canadian maple wood to provide the necessary durability and flex for the tricks.

Then comes the dimension of 32×8 inch, which is another appreciative side of the deck. Although this might not be as big as a longboard, it’ll still provide you with all the necessary space to stick your landing.

Enough about the deck, now let’s see what KPC has done underneath the board. Let me tell you, KPC has impressed us equally in this sector with a heavy-duty aluminium truck and 52mm 99A PU wheels.

These small, hard wheels are the perfect chief for flip tricks due to their fast nature and optimal grip on the ground. Furthermore, all wheels come with ABEC 7 bearings pre-attached, so you won’t have the scope to complain about the speed and smoothness either.

Lastly, the addition of 80 grit black grip tape made this skateboard a compelling choice for flip tricks. You don’t have to worry about slipping out anymore when landing. 

For the price, KPEC complete skateboard is really hard to beat at its respective price segment. KPEC literally left no scope for complaint here. If you got the money, you should opt for this skateboard with your eyes closed.

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WhiteFang Skateboards (Best Concave Skateboard For Tricks)

If you are looking for a high-quality skateboard that’ll easily withstand the abuse of all the tricks you do on the board, you should definitely check out this skateboard from Whitefang.

Whether you are a beginner or veteran skater, this board has got it all to meet your skating needs.

WhiteFang Skateboards review
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Out of many great qualities of the board, let’s start with the deck first. Like the previous KPEC skateboard, this one too has a similar 7-ply Canadian maple wood deck with a dimension of 32×8 inches.

Additionally, the deck is also rated to carry a massive 330 lbs. so I don’t think the durability will ever be an issue for this skateboard. Finally, the deck has kicktails at both ends to offer better popping capability for the rider.

If the deck graphics is a concern for you, Whitefang has got that covered, too, with eight different attractive colour options.

Like the deck, the wheels and trucks specifications too are pretty similar to the KPEC skateboard. However, this time, the trucks are made of magnesium alloy with 52mm 95A wheels to provide you with the smoothest skate experience possible. Besides, the wheels now have even better ABEC 9 rated wheels.

Overall, this Whitefang complete skateboard packs all the necessary features for flip tricks but at a more reasonable price. So if you are running a bit low on budget, this board can be a great option for you.

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Sangde Complete Skateboards (Best Teenagers Skateboard)

On my lookout for the best flip trick boards, not many boards have caught my eye with their price to performance ratio. But if I had to pick one board that really exceeded my expectations and impressed me was Sangde’s complete skateboard.

Sangde Complete Skateboards review
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By now, you have probably realized all the flip trick boards have a similar design, and this one is no different either. With this skateboard, you’ll again get the standard 7-ply maple wood deck with a dimension of 31×8 inches.

The weight rating is somewhat lower, though, with 220 lbs. Still, it should be enough to carry everyone except the heaviest of riders.

The deck features a double kicktail design again, this time combined with a waterproof emery non-slip grip tape. This offers you a firm lock onto the deck and prevents any chance of slipping out.

Another thing I believe most of you like is the vibrant deck design option of this complete skateboard. Instead of subtle designs, Sandage went for these colorful designs that blend well with the board’s overall aesthetics

The trucks of this skateboard s made of alloy metal, a great option to withstand high-intensity trick sessions. As for the wheels, 53mm, 95A wheels will provide you with just the perfect amount of grip and speed you’ll need for flip tricks.

To be honest, apart from the brand name, only major thing that separates this complete board from others is this more aggressive and colorful deck design. So if that’s something that you are looking for, Sangde has the perfect skateboard for you.

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Minority Complete Skateboard (Best For Aesthetics)

I don’t think Minority requires any introduction in the skating industry because of how good and popular their skateboards are. So, when I came across this Minority skateboard, I knew I had to introduce this to you guys.

Minority Complete Skateboard review
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Minority has always been famous for providing quality decks for its complete skateboard segment, and this one is no different. You get a high-quality 7-ply maple wood deck with a weight capacity of 220lbs. As long as you are under that weight threshold, both young kids and adults should be able to ride this board effortlessly.

Additionally, the deck has a double kicktail design allowing the rider to flip from both ends of the skateboard. There are nine different deck graphics you can choose from, and as always, Minority has done a great job with all the graphic designs.

The wheels are an area that many manufacturers decide to cut a corner on, but it’s good to see that Minority didn’t do that and provided ABEC 9 rated bearing with the 52mm PU wheels. The heels have a hardness of 102A, which can be a little tough to handle as beginners because of the minimum grip. But once you get used to it, you’ll feel great riding on them.

Minority have always dominated different skateboard segments with their complete boards, and this complete board proves how they are doing that. If you are looking for a complete trick experience backed up by Minority’s reputation, then this skateboard is an easy recommendation for you.

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Beleev Complete Skateboard (Best Skateboard For kids & Teens)

Wrapping up the list with another familiar name in the industry, Beleev . Beleev was always famous for manufacturing some of the most popular complete skateboards, and it seems like they have delivered it again.

Beleev Skateboards for Beginners
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Let’s talk about the deck first. Just like the other options on my list, this board’s deck is made of 7-ply Canadian maple wood and has a weight capacity of 220 lbs. So, in terms of durability, there is nothing you should be worried about.

Next up, this skateboard has a dimension of 32×8 inch which should leave you enough space to lock your feet on the deck and make easy landing after flip tricks. Also, the double kicktail design is present here again to allow you to flip from both ends.

Beleev’s complete skateboard has the most versatile deck graphics with ten different options to select from.

Beleev Skateboards for flip tricks
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The trucks of this board are made of aluminum alloy, so no matter where or how intense you skate, you don’t have to worry about the durability. The wheels have a diameter of 55mm, which is a little bigger compared to other options on the list.

As far as the hardness goes, 95A should be a perfect fit for flip tricks.

From the discussion above, it’s pretty clear why this skateboard has made its way into the list. If you want all the right specifications for flip tricks inside a single package, you should probably invest in this complete skateboard.

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How To Choose Skateboard For Tricks (Buying Guide)

In a skateboard, not all the characteristics are important for doing tricks. To get the best for your money, you need to know exactly what factors you should look for in a skateboard for flip tricks.

Keep reading as this buying guide will tell you about the features that actually plays a role when performing tricks.

Deck Type and Construction

The first thing you need to consider while buying a skateboard for flip tricks is the deck type and the construction, as it’ll drastically affect your experience in the future.

Wooden decks are an ideal choice as it has the perfect flex and durability required for tricks. Another choice you have to make is between responsiveness and stability.

Typically narrower decks are better for responsiveness, while wider decks provide better stability. Depending on what you need, you should make your choice.

Lastly, try to pick a board that has a kicktail design at least at one end of the board so that you can pop the boar easily while tricks. If you can manage double kicktail design will be an even better choice.

Wheels And Trucks

After the deck, wheels are the second most important thing as the whole bad rides on them. PU wheels are usually the ideal choice, but the thing that most people argue about is the diameter. As smaller wheels have more responsiveness, they are usually the better choice for flip tricks boards.

As far as the truck goes, any material like aluminium or magnesium alloy should provide you with enough durability. For the truck height, it again comes down to responsiveness. As lower trucks are more responsive, they are better for tricks.

Rider Type

Which skateboard you should choose, and its different characteristics also vary from rider to rider. Obviously, not all riders have the same expertise, and you have to choose a board that suits you.

For example, beginners should not opt for narrow boards to get the responsiveness it offers. Because, as a beginner, it’s more important to learn balancing rather than responsiveness.

The same goes for the wheels hardness. Harder wheels might provide more speed which will feel good, but you also need to know how you’ll manage the lack of grip there. These are the things you should decide beforehand, depending on your riding skill.


The last thing you should keep in mind is versatility. Though our main concern here is flip tricks, we don’t want a board that can’t do other types of skating. So, when deciding about different parts, pick a board that can cover various tricks other than just flip tricks.

Additionally, the opportunity for causal cursing won’t be a bad idea either. 

Want To Learn How To Do Flip Tricks

Check the video bellow.

Wrapping Up

Though considered an entry-level trick, flip trick can be quite challenging to master, especially for beginners. But choosing the wrong board for flip tricks can make this even more difficult.

In that regard, I hope my list of best skateboards for flip tricks will help you get the right board. Once you get the right skateboard, just keep practicing, don’t give up, and hopefully, you’ll master flip tricks in no time.

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