Best Skateboard For 5, 6, 7 & 8 Years Old Beginner Kids In 2022 (A Definitive Guide)

Every great thing in the world starts from small beginnings, and this saying can’t be more accurate when it comes to skateboarding. Like any other sports, the earlier a kid starts skateboarding, the easier it’ll get for him/her to master it.

Both doctors and skateboarding experts recommend that the age of 5 to 8 is the perfect age for a kids to get his/her feet up on a skateboard.

However, if you want your kids to unleash their potential at a very young age, a suitable skateboard is important to consider as they are new and small.

So, to help you out in your quest to find the best skateboard for your kids aging 5, 6, 7 and 8 years old, we bring this article with a detailed buying guide, FAQ section, and a review section.

So, let’s get to it. 

best skateboard for children
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Our Top Picks Of Best Skateboard For 5 Year Old Beginner Kids

SkateboardsMaterialDeck Length & widthDurometer HardnessLoad Capacity
Meketec Skateboard
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Meketec Skateboard
Polypropylene, Aluminum, Plastic22 & 6 Inches78A200 Pounds
KO-ON Skateboard
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KO-ON Skateboard
Wood22 & 6 Inches85A275 Pounds
Rude Boyz Skateboard
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Rude Boyz Complete Kid Skateboard
Wood17 & 5 Inches77A121 Pounds
Merkapa skateboard
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Merkapa Skateboard
Polypropylene, Aluminum, Plastic22 & 6 Inches78A180 Pounds
magneto 5 year old kids skateboard
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Magneto Kid Skateboard

Aluminum, Maple
27.5 & 7.75 Inches95A200 Pounds
Comparison Table For 5 Years old Kids

Detailed Review On Best Skateboard For 5 Years Old kids

Best Skateboard For 5 Years old
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1. Meketec Skateboards (Best First Skateboard For 5 Year Old)

Meketec skateboard is another cruiser category skateboard manufactured explicitly for kids as little as five years old. This is just a scaled-down version of a cruiser board but features everything a stand cruiser board does.

So, your kid will adapt to it in no time.

Firstly, the deck size of 22 inches is just the perfect starting point for any kid. Meketec decided to go with a plastic deck with this skateboard.

Skateboards Complete 22 Inch Mini Cruiser Retro
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I usually discourage plastic decks, but after seeing the weight capacity of 200 lbs and testing this board before my eyes, I was pretty convinced about the deck’s durability. Besides, thousands of good reviews from its users seem to agree with me too.

Meketec Skateboard review
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For wheels and bearings, Meketec provides translucent urethane wheels with ABEC 7 rated bearings, which complements the overall look of the board.

You’ll also like how lightweight and compact this board is, weighing only 3.8 lbs. I am sure your five-year-old kid won’t have any issue carrying it around.

Reasons to buy

This mini cruiser features everything a skateboarder could wish for in his child’s skateboard. As it’s not a longboard and comes complete in the package, you kid can ride it right out of the box and adapt to it in no time.

What I Liked

  • I like skateboards with CE certification. Because that ensures utmost safety for kids. I am glad that Meketec have the certification, which increased my trust over the skateboard.
  • Quality urethane wheels is key to any skateboard let alone for 5 years old or bigger riders. Meketec comes with big wheels and ABEC 7 rated bearings. That’s why it is worth buying.
  • Look is another feature that impact skateboard buying decision. A 5 years old child wishes and deserve to have a good looking skateboard as their first skateboard. Meketec has super attractive appearance that amuses any child.
  • It’s lightweight with a perfect size for a five-year-old kid

All the above qualities made me list Meketec as desirable skateboard for 5 years old child. But it has slight drawback also and that is-

What I Didn’t Like

  • You might need to tighten the wheel as it rolls too fast initially. It comes ready made like this. You need to tighten the wheel before give it to your child to play. But keep in mind, don’t tighten too much that it stops spinning. One or two swirl is enough with skate tool.
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2. KO-ON Skateboard (Starter Skateboard For 5 Year Old)

On top of our list, this mini cruiser from Ko-on is an excellent mini-board for kids with all the right qualities your kid and you as a parent might want.

The standard 22.05×6 inch 6 ply Canadian maple wood deck with a weight capacity rating of 275 lbs. will provide your five-year kid enough durability to use it for years to come.

The deck also has an emery paper layer on it, so it’s waterproof, and your kid will have the best grip possible on it as a beginner.

Next up, the skateboard also features 90A PU wheels with the highest ABEC 9 rated bearings. Then, the wheels are then attached to a 3.25″ durable magnesium alloy truck.

Overall, the components under this skateboard’s deck are some of the best I have ever seen in any kid’s skateboard.

KO-ON Skateboard review
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Another great feature that I am sure your kid will find attractive is that the wheels have led lights, which light up when the wheels rotate.

Reasons to buy

At an affordable price, also tagged as a kid’s skateboard, this is an awe-inspiring product tagged as a kid’s skateboard. If you are looking for a skateboard that has the best of both worlds, this is the skateboard you should buy.

What I Liked

  • Super lightweight weighing only 1.6 Kg. So kids feel easy to lift the board and ride the board.
  • Attractive graphics make it eye soothing. Along with that the board comes with lightning wheels that dazzles the kids eyes .
  • Highest ABEC rated bearings that is 9abec. It makes the bearings more durable so that kids can spin the wheel any way they want.
  • The weight capacity and build make it futureproof

What I Didn’t Like

Because of the bearing, it’s a little tough to adapt at the beginning. 9 Abec rated bearing is too much for beginner kids aging 5 years old. You may use low abec bearing to cope with the need. Then this skateboard will be faultless.

Available At Amazon

3. Rude Boyz Complete Kid Skateboard (Best Skateboard For A 5 Years Old Girl)

In my attempt to add as much variety as possible, whether its design or size, I introduce you to this complete skateboard from Rude Boyz.

A decent mini-cruiser with all the basic stuff and one of the coolest designs under the deck, this kid’s skateboard will sure make a few heads turn.

Starting with the build, this skateboard has a durable wooden deck with Rude Boyz trademark grip tape specially designed for kids. Another noticeable thing here is the size of the deck; it’s only 17 inches long. Because of that, it’s super easy to balance and maneuver.

If you are still worried about safety or because your kid’s short, this skateboard should ease up your mind. Despite being a shorter deck, it still has a weight capacity of 121 lbs.

Rude Boyz skateboard review
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The wheels and the bearings are pretty decent, too, for the price. The PU wheels are 54 mm wide, which is the perfect size for beginners, and the ABEC rating of the bearings might not be the highest, still provides an excellent stable riding experience.

Reasons to buy

Unlike other kid’s skateboards, this one takes a lot less space for storage. If your kid is having a hard time on longer boards like a 22-inch one, you can definitely try this skateboard out. I’m pretty sure you won’t be disappointed.

What I Liked

  • Head-turning graphics design on the deck make it attractive to kids
  • Rude boys skateboard maintained its quality to excellent level. For the price this skateboard is just awesome
  • Normally 5 year old Kids height is 3’4’’ or less. For this height shorter deck do the best. For stability and control over board Rude Boyz is a great choice for 5 years old kids

What I Didn’t Like

  • Some parents complained about the wheel grip on tiles and hardwood. You may change the wheels and assemble good grip soft wheels for better grip on tiles.
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4. Merkapa Skateboard (Best Skateboard For 5 Years Old Girls)

This one here is one of a kind skateboard. I wasn’t sure I should add this to the list at first, then I thought, why not add something that makes a bold statement?

Just after the first glance, you’ll realize that this is a kid’s skateboard with its colorful, vibrant design and lighting wheels.

This is the second and the last time I am suggesting a plastic deck board in my list only because I personally got to test it. The high-quality polypropylene deck is 22 inches long, 6 inches wide, and most importantly, resistant to shock and damage.

Underneath the deck, this board has 78A PU wheels attached to the ABEC bearing, which is a nice touch for a kid’s skateboard. Combining these with 3.2″ durable aluminum trucks, your id will have the most stable and smoothest ride possible.

Merkapa skateboard review
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I was saving up the highlight of this skateboard for the end, which is the lighting wheels. For kids, making them interested is more important sometimes than functionality. That’s what Merkapa has done perfectly with the wheels.

Lastly, you get to choose from nine different colors, so surely you’ll find something that goes with your kid’s choice.

Reasons to buy

I couldn’t think of any particular turn-off that might prevent a parent from buying this skateboard except the price.

However, once you see your kid loving the board and interested in skateboarding, I am sure those extra bucks will be worth it.

What I Liked

  • High-quality shock and damage-resistant deck
  • It comes with ABEC bearings for smoother rides
  • Attractive design with led wheels. Wheels are colorful that makes it popular specially within girls under 5years old. It is Available in nine colors

What I Didn’t Like

  • It seems a bit pricey compared to its competitors in this list.
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5. Magneto Kids Skateboard (Kids Beginner Skateboard)

This high-quality skateboard comprises seven plies of hard maple with double kicktails. This makes the unit highly durable and impact resistant.

Moreover, its material makes the product more flexible and gives it a perfect shape.

magneto skateboard for 5 year old kid
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Additionally, the manufacturer added a shallow concave. Your little one will feel more comfortable while skating. The skateboard’s deck has a good quality grip tape to provide additional traction.

Unlike traditional skateboards, this unit comes with a 27.5-inch extended deck. Its deck is 7.75 inches wide, ideal for kids and advanced skaters.

Plus, it features super-soft polyurethane wheels to provide increased traction. Your youngster can ride smoothly with added stability.

Reason to Buy This One

This beginner-friendly skateboard can be a perfect choice to use for several years. It comes with a unique shape, design, and size to learn skateboarding more effortlessly.

What I Liked

  • Magneto Kids Skateboard comes with a multi-layered wood deck with high-quality grip tape. Both beginners and regular skaters will love this unit for its excellent versatility and support.
  • Its Trucks, bushings, bearings, and wheels are made from standard-grade materials to ensure long-lasting durability. You can expect it to perform consistently while keeping your kid safe.

What I Didn’t Like

The kicktails on the board are a little too flat. Kids would get more maneuverability if these kicktails were slightly vented like other top skateboards.

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Buying Guide For Best Skateboard For 5 Years Old

Buying Guide
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With the ever-growing popularity of skateboarding in the US, parents and their kids are getting more excited about this sport every day, creating a massive market for kids’ skateboards.

Now, choosing a skateboard is always a confusing task if you don’t get your priorities straight, and for kids, it’s even more challenging.

So, in this buying guide for a 5-year-old kid’s skateboard, I pointed out the key factors you should consider for your kid’s skateboard, factors that actually affect the skateboarding experience.

Let’s dive in.

Deck Material

The deck is the biggest and the most significant part of skateboard construction. So if you want your kid’s skateboard to last for years to come, you must consider the deck size and material with care.

Deck Material
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Usually, there are four types of materials used for both kids and adults skateboard. They are wood, bamboo, fiberglass, and, lastly, plastic. The majority of the skateboards on the market these days are wooden ones, especially maple woods, so wood is an excellent choice for a fair price.

Next up, you can go with both fiberglass and bamboo decks, too; they are pretty durable and lightweight. The only material you should avoid is plastic, as most of the plastic decks out there tend to break very easily under slight pressure.

But plastic materials are ideal for kids and toddlers. Especially penny board skateboards are a very good choice to learn skateboarding for children and they are too flexible and strong to break.

Deck Size

Deck size is an important issue while choosing skateboard for 5 years old kids. Normally a 5 years old kid is 3’4’’ tall. For this height ideal deck should be between 6.5″ and 7.00″. If your kid is taller, then deck size may be 7.25″ but not more than that.

AgeHeightDeck WidthDeck Length
years old
or less
3’4’’ or taller6.5’’-7.25’’22’’-28’’

Types Of Boards

If you are a parent not familiar with skateboarding, it’s normal to think that all skateboards are the same. Yes, how they work is quite the same for different types of boards, but there are few categories like skateboards, cruisers, mini cruisers, and longboards.

Depending on what you and your kid want to do with the skateboard, you can get him either a longboard or a cruiser board. Longboards are usually used for long distance riding, which you five-year-old kid is not very likely to try initially.

Types Of Boards
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On the other hand, the cruiser boards are for cruising around in the yard or the neighborhood. Now that I informed you about the primary two types, the decision is yours.

Any skateboard wheels are measured in mm, and the smaller size means less speed and more stability. So, for a 5-year-old kid’s skateboard, 50-53mm sounds like the ideal wheel size here.

Lastly, look for a higher ABEC rating for a faster spin and a durable stainless steel truck for better balance and a long lifespan for trucks and bearings.

Best Skateboard For 6 Year Old (Beginners)

Before starting and suggesting skateboard for your 6 years old kid, first lets understand why different skateboards for different ages.

We all know that by age, children grow up and exposes to quest of learning new things. With age children’s brain develops and learn to adapt with new circumstances.

In case of skateboarding children master in balancing, pushing board and turning techniques.

Skateboard For 6 Years Old Beginners
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That’s why they look for learning and practicing more advance skateboarding techniques. So, they need new skateboard with advanced feature to start advanced tricks.

Skateboard for 6 Year Old Beginner (Guide)

There is not too much difference in skateboards for 5 years and 6 years old children. Some extra features in skateboards maybe added.

For example, skateboard consisting deck with nose and tail, hard wheels and loose aluminum trucks to practice tricks like ollie, Manuals or kick turns.


Deck should be proportionate to the height of children. A 6 years old kid normally grows to 3’5″ to 3’6″. So they need 7.0′ skateboard deck for riding easily.

Some say that children should practice skateboard larger than their height. I don’t prove the statement false but for a beginner kids of 6 years old, larger skateboard is difficult to control.

If this age kid ride on larger skateboard, they will have to bend their leg and place their knee on deck rather than foot while another foot pushing the board against ground. Children will have a hard time to adjust their stance in this case.

On the other hand, smaller deck let the children learn skateboarding more easily and rapidly.

Wheels and Bearings

For 6 years old medium hard polyurethane wheels is good. Hardness ranging from 83a -90a is ideal. Bearings with Abec-3 rating is ok for 6 years old.

Other rated bearings like Abec-5 and Abec-7 can be used as well but keep them clean always. Lubricate them after skateboarding once a week at least


Trucks are an important element in skateboard. Any decent brand truck is suffice for 6 year old kid. The trucks should be strong. Aluminum trucks are good in this case. You may loosen the trucks a little bit for practicing quick turn.

A large wheel base is required for kids of this age. Because large wheel base helps to balance the board while riding with speed. Baseplate should be risen up using riser pads. It will eliminate the possibility of wheel bait during tricks.


safety equipments for 6 years old kids
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Kids should be adorned with knee pads, elbow pads, a strong helmet, high top protective shoes and skate gloves to protect them from any unfavorable accidents.

Falling down is normal in skateboarding for beginners. As a parent you should take necessary precautions for your children.

Also try to take children to skate park if possible. Because there they will learn skateboarding more quickly than home.

Top Best Skateboards For 6 Years Old Beginner Kids (In Details)

Let’s look at the features, good things, bad things and overall details on the skateboards suitable for 6 years old kids. Hope you will find them helpful.

1. Play Wheels Ultimate Skateboard (Best For Cartoon Lover Kid)

Is your little one a fan of Spider-Man?

This skateboard comes with a beautiful Spider-Man print to grab attention promptly. Its deck is made from 9-ply maple wood. This unique construction makes the unit durable and strong. It is not prone to decay easily.

PlayWheels Ultimate Spider-Man Skateboard
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Also, you will appreciate the exceptional finish and highly smooth surface. This Spider-Man board has a double kicktail design. Youngsters can implement various techniques. Skaters don’t have to worry about instant braking since it gives them more control.

Besides, the unit has 608ZB bearings that do not rust and requires no maintenance. The manufacturer used PVC-injected wheels for this unit. This ensures a long service life period and unsurpassed smooth functioning.

Also, it can support higher weight, up to 110 lbs.

Reason to Buy This One

Youngsters who love Spider-Man and want to explore different skateboarding tricks will surely take this option as a unique option for others. It can offer a smooth and safe ride even for new children.

What I Liked

Though the skateboard is made from high-quality materials, it is incredibly lightweight. This gives children more maneuverability to explore various techniques of skateboarding.

Its Spider-Man design makes it an attractive choice for kids familiar with this character.

What I Didn’t Like

Though the Spider-Man design looks fantastic, the print is not highly durable. It is likely to peel off within a few months. This is a central concerning point for this unit.

Available At Amazon

2. White Fang Skateboards (Best For Money)

Are you planning to buy a skateboard for kids and adults?

This super sturdy roller skate can take up to 330 lbs. The unit comes with 95A PU wheels that are ideal for rough surfaces and street skating. They grip well even on these challenging surfaces.

WhiteFang Skateboards Beginner Kid
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Additionally, the skateboard has 95A High rebound PU bushing and ABEC9 bearings. They can help you go steadily and quickly, even for downhill luge-style skating. The unit absorbs shocks effectively to provide beginners with a convenient skateboard experience.

What’s more, the roller skate is made of 7 layers of hard Canadian maple deck. This makes the unit highly strong. Its double kick concave design ensures simple braking. More energy can be transformed from heels to toes.

So, it is perfect for lightweight performance.

Reason to Buy This One

If you are looking for a kid-friendly and beginner-friendly (adults) skateboard, the White Fang appears reliable. It is available in dozens of cool designs.

What I Liked

This beginner-friendly skateboard comes with high-quality wheels, bushing, and bearings for convenient skateboarding. Your little one can learn new tricks. It comes fully preassembled.

So, you don’t have to waste time joining the parts together.

What I Didn’t Like

The finish of the graphics could be better. Many people complained that they noticed scratches and shallow gouges within a few months of use.

Available At Amazon

3. Punisher Girls Skateboard (Best For 6 Years Old Girls)

Does your baby girl is a fan of creative arts?

This Punisher Girls Skateboard comes with many beautiful girly designs, such as Butterfly Jive, Cherry Blossom, Elephantasm, etc. The unit is made from maple wood to ensure extreme durability and flexibility.

Punisher Girls Skateboard
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It is equipped with a mild concave deck. This allows you to cruise or transition skating. Youngsters can ride, turn, and explore different techniques of skateboarding. Its Polyurethane wheels can support higher load capacity.

What’s more, the unit is equipped with ABEC-7 high-speed wheel bearings. They are known as highly durable and precise bearings. If your children have already become pro skaters, it appears a perfect choice. But all experience levels of skaters can use these bearings.

Reason to Buy This One

Youngsters who have already learned the skateboarding technique and are exploring more techniques will love this Punisher Skateboards. It can perform consistently in different road conditions.

What I Liked

This beautiful skateboard is specially made for small girls. It is available in several design choices. The unit comes with decent-quality bearings, PE riser pads, and polyurethane wheels to provide a convenient skateboard experience.

What I Didn’t Like

The bushing doesn’t provide as much flexibility as you expect. It often restricts your turning. This flaw is more common in children with higher weights.

Available At Amazon

4. Powell Golden Dragon Skateboards

This Powell Golden skateboard is a great entry-level option for kids and adults alike. The unit comes with harder hand-cast polyurethane wheels, making it trick-friendly and roll faster.

If confused about choosing the right one, its wheel size appears perfect as a good starting point.

Powell Golden Dragon Skateboards
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Trucks of this skateboard appear a little flimsy. However, they hold up well and allow you finely tune them. Additionally, its deck has a standard size. It has a decent amount of stiffness. The bottom area of the deck comes with an eye-catchy colorful screen-print.

Kids can skate on various rough pavements and sidewalks aside from smooth concretes. Learners will love this skateboard more due to the extra support it provides.

Though the board is not the most lightweight unit, it is one of the top choices for beginners.

Reason to Buy This One

If your kid has just started playing skateboarding, this beginner-friendly option can be a perfect choice before moving to expert-level skateboarding. Its attractive dragon design will grab any youngster’s attention quickly.

What I Liked

One of the top things we like about this unit is its high-rebound, hand-cast polyurethane wheels. They can roll consistently and smoothly. The product has high-quality trucks and bearings to allow wheels to spin.

It enables you efficiently translate your movements into the skateboard’s movements.

What I Didn’t Like

According to many users, the wheels are a little too hard. They lack the smoothness of the ride. That’s why many riders replaced them for a better skateboard experience.

Available At Amazon

5. Magneto Kids Skateboard

This attractive skateboard can grab your attention quickly with its ink painting. Your kid will surely love this vivid and bright Astronaut drawing.

It is available in various design choices. Customizing the skateboard is also possible since the manufacturer offers a few cool stickers.

Magneto Checkered Skateboard
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What’s more, the board comes with a unique carrying case. Hence, restoring and carrying the roller skate is easygoing. The skateboard is made from super sturdy Canadian maple. This rigid material adds extra stability and safety. You can expect it to last for a long time.

Moreover, the unit features high-quality trucks and wheels. Your kids can ride smoothly even on challenging terrains. Worry about slippery issues?

Magneto Skateboard for 6 year old
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Its deck has no-slip sandpaper to ensure no slipping incidents. Plus, the Aluminum Alloy trucks make the unit more balanced and rigid.

Reason to Buy This One

If your kid is a fan of cool-looking sports equipment and recently started his skateboarding journey, this option appears a good choice. Apart from its vivid appearance, the unit comes with sturdy construction to ensure long-lasting durability. 

What I Liked

This high-quality skateboard comes with several cartoon-type paint options to match kids’ personalities. Its high rebound Pu wheels and Aluminum Alloy trucks will make the skateboard smooth, safe, and stable.

Kids can enjoy safe and speed glides, even on challenging surfaces.

What I Didn’t Like

Some customers complained that one of the wheels of this unit came slightly loose. They had to tighten and adjust it appropriately.

Available At Amazon

Best Skateboard for 7 & 8 Years Old Kids

Now let’s check out skateboards good for 7 & 8 years old kids.

1. Cal 7 Complete Standard Skateboard

If you are looking for a solid skateboard at an affordable pricing option, you can’t go wrong with this unit. It is made from premium-grade maple wood to ensure a reliable, consistent, and smooth ride.

Cal 7 Complete Standard Skateboard
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Its deck is 8-inch wide, so kids can keep their feet more securely.

Your kids can play with the sports equipment in the park and street. After all, it has a classic, symmetrical Popsicle shape. Its medium concave deck provides ample stability even for flip tricks.

The board features ABEC-7 stainless steel bearings. This makes the overall construction lightweight.

The unit is equipped with solid 99A durometer wheels. Whether smooth or slightly rougher terrain, kids can enjoy smooth-skating without compromising maneuverability.

Plus, its 95A bushings are not prone to wheel bite. You can carve the skateboard effortlessly.

cal7 skateboard for 8 years old
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Reason to Buy This One

Cal 7 Complete Standard Skateboard is an inexpensive and solid board to learn skateboarding. Its bearings spin freely and smoothly to give kids comfortable skating for a long time.

What I Liked

This high-quality skateboard comes with 3-millimeter riser pads. Your little ones can go for tight turns effortlessly. Additionally, its 95A bushings are made from softer materials.

It can absorb a significant number of shocks and give a comfortable feel throughout the riding journey.

What I Didn’t Like

A lot of parents complained about its poor grip tape application. It is not ideally put on. This causes lifting issues within a few days of usage. 

Available At Amazon

2. PHOEROS Skateboards

Does your little one already familiar with skateboarding?

PHOEROS Skateboards
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Instead of a basic model, you may want to gift him an advanced one to learn many new skating tricks. This PHOEROS Skateboard comes with a double warped design to precisely turn, slide, and pivot.

Furthermore, the unit is equipped with a thick aluminum alloy truck. Your child will feel more balanced and stable. Also, it features a high rebound Pu damping system to provide extra safety and comfort while skating.

Moreover, the PHOEROS skateboard has 95A 53mm High Rebound Pu Wheels. These wheels can go smoothly on various types of roads. They merely make any noise.

The top area of the deck has no-slip and waterproof emery sandpaper. Playing new tricks is safer too.

PHOEROS Skateboards for boys and girls
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Reason to Buy This One

Does your kiddo want to be a professional skater? This top-rated board is a perfect choice to uplift his skating skills. It can ease the way to becoming an advanced skater.

What I Liked

Both youngsters and adults can use this skateboard. It is safe and durable. The unit comes with a sophisticated design to learn different skating tricks quickly. Its heavy-duty parts ensure a comfortable riding experience.

All components are preassembled to save your time.

What I Didn’t Like

All wheels of the skateboard are slightly smaller than standard wheels. Their spinning capability is somewhat compromised because of this. Generally, the front wheels spin faster.

Available At Amazon

3. Beleev Skateboards

This Beleev Skateboard comprises seven layers of Canadian maple wood to ensure rigid construction. It can handle up to 220 pounds. Plus, the manufacturer uses 5-inch heavy-duty aluminum alloy trucks to provide extra safety and reliability.

Beleev Skateboards for Beginners
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Both new and advanced skaters can conveniently use the board with minimal issues. They can utilize the unit for riding, commuting, cruising, and doing various skating tricks. It has a double kick symmetric concave design for instant braking. You will feel more energy on your toes.

What’s more, the roller skate features good quality wheels and bearings to go for a smooth ride on different road surfaces. Not to mention, its attractive color and design combination makes it a superb choice to stand out from other typical skateboards.

It is easily noticeable from distances.

Beleev Skateboards for 7-8 years old beginners
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Reason to Buy This One

This kid-friendly skateboard is a perfect option to support newly learned skaters. It comes with a compact and lightweight construction for simple and easy carrying. Moreover, the roller skate appears simple to control and safe to ride.

What I Liked

Beleev Skateboard features Riser pads to ensure sufficient space between the deck and truck.

Hence, your child can raise the board smoothly without experiencing wheel bite issues. This will ensure long-lasting service life.

Its high-density emery non-slip grip tape will keep feet in the best position. Performing different tricks and stunts will be easy with better control. 

What I Didn’t Like

Many children complained the skateboard squeaks and creeks and makes some unusual sounds. Compared to other skateboards, it is pretty disturbing and loud.

Available At Amazon

4. METROLLER Skateboards

Is your kid a fan of cool designs?

This METROLLER Skateboard is available in 17 different designs. Each one has a unique appearance. This makes it stand out. You don’t have to worry about the durability of these cool patterns.

METROLLER Skateboards for Beginners
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A special heat transfer process is used to make them.

What’s more, the skateboard has shock-resistant wheels and wear-resistant bushings. Your kid can ride the roller skate on all types of smooth surfaces and slightly rough ground.

These supportive bushings ensure excellent stability. They can enjoy an outstanding skate experience.

Besides, the METROLLER features a classic double kick concave design to provide added safety. Newbies will have more control while learning different skating tricks.

Also, the top of the deck comes with waterproof and high-grade sandpaper. It is slip-resistant and provides friction.

METROLLER Skateboards for -8 years old
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Reason to Buy This One

If your youngster gives the attractive graphics style as important as the functionality of a skateboard, this option appears to be one of the best choices from our list.

Different printed patterns make it an enticing choice.

What I Liked

Apart from impressive design, the unit has PU car line wheels and carbon steel ABEC-9 bearings. New skaters will feel safe riding this skateboard due to its excellent stability and powerful grip.

Kids can keep their feet in a secure position without unwanted movements.

What I Didn’t Like

This unit does not have much “pop compared to other skateboards.” Plus, children won’t enjoy the board the same way for cruising after a few months of usage.

Available At Amazon

5. Gonex Standard

Did your kiddo already learn the basic steps of skating? Now, you want him to uplift his skateboarding skills, right?

Gonex Standard Skateboard for Kids
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This Gonex Standard is one of the best options. It features impact-resistant trucks and abrasive-resistant steel bearings. Also, they can take a lot of loads.

Unlike other skateboards, the unit is made from 9 layer maple skateboard. This makes the roller skate super strong and highly durable. It can take up to 220lbs weight. Even regular usage will cause minimal damage to the entire deck.

Also, It has outstanding shock absorption capabilities.

The skateboard is available in 9 fabulous color choices with attractive patterns, such as Classic Diamond, Unique Watercolor, Progressive Skull, Green Zombie, etc. Plus, it comes with a double-kick concave structure.

Hence, kids can effortlessly brake the board.

Reason to Buy This One

If your kids plan to become pros in skateboarding, this option is an excellent choice. It can help them to do various types of stunts and tricks.

It is highly versatile for several purposes, such as commuting, streets, ramps, skating rinks, ice-covered lakes, etc.

What I Liked

Compared to other skateboards, this unit is made from solid maple wood. This makes the entire unit highly strong. It can take a considerable load and withstand everyday mess easily.

So, you will notice minimal weary issues. Another nice point is its eye-catching and distinctive design.

What I Didn’t Like

Some users complained it is a little bit tricky to turn it on, especially on driveways and sidewalks. It would be better if the unit were more flexible for smooth stunting.

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A five-year-old, six, seven and eight year old kid might be small, but they can learn skateboarding faster than anyone with proper equipment and instruction.

Also, as a sport and fun activity, skateboarding helps build your kid’s confidence and develop other physical qualities like strength, balance, and body coordination.

Apart from these benefits, skateboard with your kid can build up the perfect parent-children relationship you are looking for.

Above, we pointed out multiple times how important it is to choose the best skateboard for your kids. Do not compromise the skateboard quality for safety of your child as kids are very sensitive.

Now that you have read my article, I hope you better understand kids’ skateboarding, safety concerns, or other issues regarding kids’ skateboarding.

Whether you choose from my review is totally up to you, but now that you know the qualities you should look for in your kid’s skateboard, I wish you and your kid the best time possible learning and skating together.

We have covered skateboards for 5-8 years old in this post. If you want to know what skateboards sho

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