Spitfire vs Bones Wheels For Skateboarding (The Ultimate Comparison)

Wheels are the most crucial part of a skateboard and market is abundant to a bunch of wheel manufacturers. So, when it comes to choosing wheels for skateboard, it comes down to a handful of brands worth mentioning.

Spitfire & bones are top of those. Both are next level wheels brands and cover all types of wheels necessary for different riding style. Which one is the best?  

Let’s settle down the dispute by discussing both brands similarities, dissimilarities, features, specialty and their available products.

spitfire vs bones wheels
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Spitfire Wheel Brand

Spitfire was founded ten years after Bones in 1987. After a journey of almost three decades, Spitfire Brands Wheels now represents sheer quality and performance in the skateboard wheel industry.

Many people might argue which brand is better, and the debate will rage on, but Spitfire is the best brand for many skaters worldwide.

spitfire brand
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There are some reasons though. This brand has less versatility under its name, but the wheels are made with the highest quality polyurethane to serve you a lifetime. Even with the shorter lineup, Spitfire offers bearings for every skateboard discipline.

This brand emphasizes speed and control strongly and as a made in the USA company, it maintains the highest manufacturing quality.

Spitfires Wheel’s Categories & Features

Spitfire wheels are categorized into different lineups, and I will discuss the main four lineups. Each of them has other characteristics, making them suitable for various disciplines.

Let’s have a look at them.


The classic lineup is the master of all trades from Spitfire. Whether you are planning street or park skateboarding, the 99A/101A hardness and durable polyurethane build got you covered. This is the lineup to go for if you want the perfect balance of speed, grip and stability.


Spitfire’s conical wheels are the best option for bowl skating. As the name suggests, all the wheels under this lineup have a conical shape with a wide contact patch.

Conical wheels are available in three hardness, 97A, 99A and 101A. If you are into technical skating, Conical wheels are worth a look.

Conical Full

Conical full is the right set for you if you are looking for the broadest contact patch possible. Because of their stability and responsiveness, they can be an excellent asset for technical skating.


The lock-in wheels form spit fire allowing skaters to kill two birds with one stone. On one side, these wheels have a flat cut, while on the other, there is a conical cut. These wheels are available in 99A and 101A hardness and are perfect for a stable lock on rails, stairs and copings.

Bones Wheels

Bones is one of the oldest skateboard wheel industry players, founded in 1977. Since its foundation, this brand has become synonymous with reliability from skateboard lovers worldwide. The name Bones derives from its bone-like color.

bones brand
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You’ll find a match at Bones no matter what type of sating you are into. It’s the first brand to bring polyurethane wheels on the armlet, and with time, we have seen other innovations that reminded skaters about the quality of this brand.

It could be a more cost-efficient wheel brand, costing around $30 to $50. But they are worth every penny with excellent quality and long lifespan.

Bones wheel’s Categories & Features

Bones wheels are sold in 4 different categories. Each category has wheels made with a unique formula that sets them apart from the rest. Let’s take a better look.

1. Easy street

Easy street is the “Classic” of Bones, a balanced lineup for street and park skating. These Easy Street wheels come in 99A hardness only and are available in standard, comical, broad wheel profiles. You get a consistent spin, long grind and balance skating experience.

2. STF (Street Tech Formula)

Bones’ STF lineup is all about the hardness. These wheels come in a hardness of 103A, making them the best choice for skateboard tricks. As a result, these wheels have a longer lifespan and go very fast without any resistance.

These wheels are available in five shapes: standard, side cut, lock-in, slim and wide.  

3. SPF (Skate park formula)

The name itself is enough to describe these wheels. These wheels are the hardest on the market, with a hardness between 81B to 84B. So, you get crazy sliding on board and speed for any tricks on the skatepark.

These wheels come in two shapes, side cuts and wide.

4. ATF (All-terrain formula)

ATF lineup is the basic lineup for beginners looking to cover everything with one set of wheels. These wheels are the softest, with a hardness of 80A.

These all-terrain wheels can be a great option if you plan to cruise on any surface. ATF wheels come in two sizes, 56mm and 59mm.

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Similarities Between Spitfire & Bones

Spitfire and Bones are fiercely competitive to become the best skateboard wheel manufacturers. Despite their differences, there are some similarities too you should consider while choosing a brand.

1. Size (Diameter)

The size or diameter is another crucial aspect of skateboard wheels. In this regard, both brands have some standard wheel sizes. Both brands offer wheels diameter between 50 to 60 mm, 54 mm being the most popular size.

2. Hardness (Durometer)

The hardness or durometer decides the rolling speed of the wheels. Spitfire wheels have a hardness of 80A, 99A and 101A available. On the other hand, Bones wheels are available in similar 80A, 81b, 84b, 99A and 103A hardness.

3. Contact Patch

The contact patch of various wheel models is the same for Spitfire and Bones. The contact patch refers to the width of the wheel. Based on different lineups from Bones and Spitfire, you’ll find contact patches up to 29.5 mm to 35.5 mm.

4. Shape

Skateboard wheels come in different shapes too. In that regard, both Bone and Spitfire share some of the industry’s most classic and advanced shapes. You’ll find a conical shape, lock-in shape, profile shape and both slim and wide profiles under Spitfire and Bones.

Which One Is Best (Conclusion)

Both are best quality skateboard wheels available in the market. As you can see, both Bones and Spitfire have several lineups for a different skateboard forms. However, if you are specifically interested in technical skating, power sliding with skateboard and doing different tricks, Spitfire is the brand you should look into.

On the other hand, Bones is a balanced choice that offers excellent wheels for freestyle skating and day-to-day cruising. The all-terrain wheels are the perfect example of Bones‘ balance.

Other than that, both brands offer superior quality, performance and longevity, putting them above other brands on the market. Choose one according to your style of skating and taste.

From my point of view one should have experience both wheels if he/she is very much obsessed with skateboarding like me.

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