Why Do Some Skateboard Wheels Have Grooves (Explained)

Have you closely inspected skateboard wheels? Why do some skateboard wheels have grooves?

Skateboard wheels have small or large and deep grooves to create friction on the wheels when it rotates continuously. This gives riders a better grip and precise stability to control the skateboard properly, even on a tricky or slippery surface.

Why Do Some Skateboard Wheels Have Grooves
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What Are Grooves In Skateboard Wheels?

Grooves in skateboard wheels are elevated synthetic rubber over the main wheel. They usually wear away over time. Some skateboard wheels have a small amount of grooves, less than one millimeter wide and deep.

They usually don’t last too long. Most become smooth within one or two years.

Smaller grooves are better for new but enthusiastic players. Initially, they learned various stunts. Once they become pros, smooth wheels don’t affect their performance.

But some skateboard wheels have larger grooves. They don’t wear away fast. Their ridges can easily last several years, even after regular heavy usage.

Skateboard wheels with larger grooves are a better choice to receive more cornering grip. People who always want to stay in the safe zone prefer this option.

Why Do Some Skateboard Wheels Have Grooves?

Some skateboard wheels have grooves to minimize friction. The main advantage of ridges in skateboard wheels is the expelling of water beneath the tire.

You can use the skateboard effortlessly, even on wet roads when the surface is slippery. You will likely slip on the skateboard if the wheels are too smooth.

But skateboard wheels with grooves create a bit of frictional resistance between the ground and the tire.

When the wheels directly touch the slippery surface, the ridges will give you stability and grip to have better control.

What Are The Advantages Of Grooves In Skateboard Wheels?

Grooves in skateboard wheels provide several benefits for players.

01. Perfect For Extremely Smooth Surface

Some playgrounds might be too smooth. New skaters may fall and face severe injuries if not careful. But beginners have less control over their bodies. Grooved skateboard wheels are a better choice for an extremely smooth surface.

02. Safer Landing

Landing on a watery hard surface without grooves is highly risky unless you are a pro at skateboarding. But, the elevated rubber pattern provides a grip to safely land on the slippery surface.

03. Keeps The Wheels Dry

Grooves are usually an elevated ridge over the main skateboard wheel. It ensures a minimal amount of water touches the wheels. This keeps them dry.

04. More Stunts

You may get injuries while trying risky stunts. But skateboard wheels with grooves create resistance and give you extra grip. So, you can explore various stunts and become a pro, as the grooves are here to protect you.

05. Limits Speed

Some players don’t have good control over their bodies. Skateboard wheels without grooves make the wheel surface pretty smooth. Players may go too fast, which leads to injury due to curiosity. But skateboard wheels with larger grooves will limit a player’s skating speed.

What Are The Disadvantages Of Grooves In Skateboard Wheels?

Apart from advantages, grooves in skateboard wheels have disadvantages too.

01. More Efforts

Some skateboard wheels have too large and deep grooves. It creates unwanted friction. As a result, the overall performance will be slower. Players will have to put more effort into turning the skateboards.

02. Not Perfect For Rough Terrains

Using any skateboard with deep grooves on rough terrains or uneven surfaces will be extremely tiresome. The wheels will move smoothly. You need to push hard. Getting over the bumps, rocks, and potholes will not be a piece of cake.

03. Low Speed

Players love to go to a competition—one of the main reasons pro skateboarders prefer not to use skateboards with grooves due to limited speed. They can’t use them for contesting as they are not as fast as other options without grooves.

04. Limits Potentiality

You can’t be the best unless you push yourself out of your comfort zone. Playing with grooved skateboard wheels doesn’t allow you to recognize your actual capabilities. You need to always stay in a safer zone.

Final Words

Skateboarding wheels with grooves are new skateboarders who have just started their skating journey. Kids and teenagers should use them to avoid injury on tricky surfaces.

Once they have become pros, they can use any skateboard without grooves. But they still come in handy on extremely smooth and slippery surfaces.

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