Can You Dance on A Pintail Longboard (Straight Forward Answer)

If you own a pintail longboard, the chances are that you’ve always wanted to try out different tricks with it. After all, what’s the fun on a longboard if you can have some fun with it, right?

But have you ever wondered whether you could dance on a pintail longboard?

The answer is ‘Yes’, you can. Although longboard is predominantly for skating or cruising along pavements or highways, you can dance on them.

Before getting deeper into how to dance on a pintail longboard, let’s define longboard dancing first.

Can you dance on pintail longboard
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What Is Longboard Dancing

Longboard dancing means dancing on a longboard. Of course, it won’t be like the dual dance styles people do on their feet.

Instead, this is the skillful movement on a board while doing several tricks to a specific tune or no tune at all. You will need to find a perfect rhythm, skill, and aesthetics to dance on a skateboard. For that, you can view it as a performing art like ice skating in front of an audience.

Longboard dancing, like the usual dancing, doesn’t discriminate on age. Anyone of any age can practice it. All you need is the longboard and some space on concrete, and you will be ready to craft new rhythmic motions courtesy of your board.

The longboard! You may now ask

What Longboard Size Is Good for Dancing

While it is possible to dance on a longboard, it is best to understand that not every longboard is ideal for dancing. Just like with shoes, there are specific longboards that are ideal for dancing.

However, for dancing, the perfect longboard should have an ideal size. So, what then is the best size for a longboard you can use to dance?

It is essential to view the best size for a dancing longboard in two facets: sizes suitable for children and sizes ideal for adults. In that respect, the best sizes for kids are between 40 to 46 inches.

The same applies to adults as well. That might appear quite a long longboard, but there’s a reason for that. Long longboards are ideal for dancing because:

  • They offer the user more room for their feet; hence, they are less likely to fall off
  • Long longboards are more stable than shorter longboards
  • With a bit of flex, they become pretty comfortable
  • They are heavier and thus less likely to topple off

Trucks, Wheels, and Deck Requirement for Dancing

One of the most important features of a longboard is the wheels and the trucks. The perfect wheels enable you can maneuver several turns without the board giving way. The trucks make the longboard more stable.

What then are the truck, wheel, and deck requirements for a dancing longboard? Let’s start with the trucks.


The trucks are vital for using a longboard and determine the type of carves you can get from the board.

Therefore, selecting a longboard for dancing, go for trucks that are pretty long. Specifically, do with those of a length between 178 and 180mm. The trucks should have an angle of 509 degrees to enable you to make sharper turns when dancing.

Besides the measurements, you will want to choose a reputable brand of trucks.


There are several things to consider for the wheels: the size, wheel hardness, and the lips. Depending on your style, if you want to dance with your board, you’ll need it to have pretty long wheels.

Long wheels won’t need you to control them all the time as you dance and will move me freely than smaller wheels. Still, it is best to settle on a compromise of 65mm sizes since it offers the best of both worlds.

The hardness will depend on the rating on the durometer scale. A rating of 80-86A is perfect for dancing wheels. Remember, soft wheels will roll faster and thus make it harder for you to dance well.

Finally, the wheels need to have rounded lips to enable you to try different dancing techniques.  Straight-edged wheels will be harder for you to spin and turn with the board.

Bearings are an important element of wheels. Try to buy bearings that fit the particular wheel and also buy good brands bearing for dancing on street.

The Deck

The deck size will follow the size of the whole board. It should be long and wide enough to give you an easier time controlling the board. So, the deck needs to be long enough to accommodate your feet and enable

Dancing on A Pintail Longboard?

 While you can dance on virtually any board, the pintail is especially adept at enabling you to do exactly that. The pintail board is in the shape of a surfboard and will therefore offer you enough deck space for your feet and room for tricks.

What you need

  • a good complete Pintail longboard
  • Safety equipment’s like skateboard helmet, knee & elbow braces, hand gloves
  • Good branded and durable skateboard shoe
  • A free of traffic road

For dancing on pintail longboard

  • First, stand firmly on the longboard putting the body pressure on both of the legs
  • Then, start by pushing the board with one feet against the ground and another gripping the board firmly
  • When the board got some traction, lean the body to either right or left side while holding the board under feet strongly and keep going balancing the body well. Remember for dancing most important task is to successfully balance the body against the board.
  • Hold the board with one leg and swirl if you want round dance
  • keep going and enjoy the dance

Can Pintail Longboards Do Tricks?

The ultimate desire of any longboard ride is to do the tricks they want to do with any board. However, the type of tricks someone can try will often depend on the board they are using.

Most people think that pintails are easy to try tricks with. That, however, isn’t true. The Pintail longboards don’t make doing tricks easier, but they have several tricks you can try with them. Pintail is adept at doing the below tricks:

  • cruising
  • carving
  • and surfing.

Therefore, your tricks have to involve any of the above moves especially cruising and carving.

The only issue with pintails is that you can’t do the tricks at high speed. You have to keep the pace slower than 25mph. You also need to be using them on a suitable surface to get the best results. Such surfaces are flat heads and small hills.

Should I Get a Pintail Longboard or Drop Through for Dancing?

When buying a dancing skateboard, you might wonder which is better for dancing between the pintail and a drop-through longboard.

If you want a dancing skateboard, then the pintail is your best bet. Pintails are best for when you are moving at low speeds, which makes them ideal for dancing. Dancing won’t often involve moving at supersonic speeds.

Pain tails enable you to make sharper turns which is a crucial component of longboard dancing. That’s what makes the better option compared to the drop-through. On the other hand, if you are cruising down hills and climbing valleys, the drop-through is your best bet.

Its low centers of gravity give it better stability and make it ideal for speed cruising. What it doesn’t do is make it suitable for dancing.


It is obvious that you can dance on pintail longboard. But keep safety issue in mind while dancing on longboard and do not ride too fast. There maybe speed wobble in wheels while dancing. So check the wheels and the bearings well if necessary clean and lubricate the bearing so that it can spin smoothly.

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