Ace Trucks Review- Should You Buy That Stuff !

ACE Trucks are still considered one of the best skateboard trucks for about 10 years of age. But there are so many varieties that you can get a little confused as to which one you should buy.

However, the Ace Trucks have come up with the newer improved version of their past old designs and structure. 

We have compiled a list of ace trucks and their different models that differ based on size and can be used in a variety of areas. Let us read everything about the Ace Skateboard trucks.


ace trucks review
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ACE Truck was founded by Joey Tershay in 2007 in collaboration with Steve “Shrewgy” Ruge, his business partner. Shrewgy was responsible for teaching everything about the design and production of skateboard trucks to Joey.

The Independent stage III truck was popular as the basic standard skateboard trucks and was known for its maneuverability.

Their mission statement is “Quality without compromise.”

ACE trucks have been getting popular these days because of not only the variety of models they give but because of the shocking qualities they present. Let us read further to see if Ace is good for the streets or not.

Ace Skateboard Trucks

Ace AF1 Trucks Review

On 16th April 2021, the ACE trucks came up with the latest Ace AF1 truck in collaboration with the reputed companies and test pilots

Ace Skateboard Trucks AF1 review
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  • Made with AA 356.2 alloy with the help of the proprietary and basic casting method.
  • Re threaded axle nuts for which the patent is pending.
  • True T6 heat–treated hangers and base plates.
  • Oversized steel alloy axles are made to eliminate the bearings from speed wobbling.
  • The bushings are refined, and cup washers are shaped in such a way to get a cleaner turn.
  • The hangers are made machine-faced so that the bearings come in precise contact.


  • AXLES – Some axles are made with a steel alloy that enables non-slipping behaviour and non-tripping behaviour. 
  • MATERIAL UPGRADE – high-grade aluminum is used with true T6 heat treatment.
  • BASEPLATE – It is a newly refined base plate with improved strength.
  • SUSPENSION – the busher shapes and refined bushing are refined.


  • Recently gotten an upgrade on sizes i.e. 8.25” or 8.5” truck.
  • Newer version of rethreading axle nuts is there.


  • There isn’t any disadvantage to using this as they have already corrected all the complaints they received before.

ACE AF1 Trucks Size Chart

Model Axle Width
22 7.75 inch
33 8.0 inch
44 8.25 inch
55 8.5 inch
66 9.0 inch
77 9.5 inch

Why Should You Buy That

ACE AF1 trucks come in the best and renewed sizes and give the largest size of axles that provides improved strength and resilience to the skateboard.

What The Truck Is Best For?

It has game-changing performance without actually changing the original model. Since the truck uses aluminum as its base structure, it makes it the strongest truck.

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Ace 33 (low) Trucks Reviews

ACE 33 trucks are old models, but not when it comes to their designs and structure. The ACE 33 trucks are known for their precision turns and faster grinds at a very reasonable price. It is also ideal trucks for tricks.

Ace Classic Skateboard Trucks review
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  • BASE PLATE – the baseplate style is standard.
  • Quantity – there are two sets of trucks that you will buy.
  • The hanger shape is renewed – the hangers are not defective at all and do not bend that easily. However, the bend that is available on the images is only the curving of the hanger construction that lets you easily lock into grinds.
  • No compatible risers – the baseplates of the truck are compatible with some branded skateboards such as diamond girl, etc.


Its upgraded axles are 8′ wide, with the hanger’s 5.3″ wide. The truck is polished, and its steel axles are also heat treated. This makes for a strong and resilient skateboard truck.


  • Have a sharp turning radius.
  • Provides faster grinds than any other.


  • Axels bend a lot.
  • Risers are not compatible with all branded skateboard trucks.

Why should you buy that?

These uses oversized axles, and bevelled hanger ends that give a better performance of the bearing and are strong because they use pure aluminum too.

What the truck is best for?

ACE 33 are the classic trucks that can perform in the clutch as it uses the industry’s standard 7071 alloy and 3056 steel alloy axles.

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Ace 66 Trucks review

Let us talk about the ACE 66 truck review, how they are, and whether you buy them or not.

Ace 66 Skateboard Trucks review
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  • You can use these skateboards for tricks, park and vert.
  • It has solid metal hangers made of lasting metals and a stable speed.
  • You can go fast on these skateboards as well without risking falling.
  • These can be used on larger decks easily.
  • You can also use these on larger ramps.


The hanger is 171mm wide, and the axles are 9.33 inches wide. The height to the center of the axle is 53mm wide with attached stocked bushings, and its weight is 425gm per truck. The bushings measure up to 85a on the durometer, which means that the skateboard is safe to use out of the box.


  • Huge trucks made for a large area.
  • Very lightweight as well.


  • It is not fit for smaller setups

Why should you buy that?

The pre-installed kingpins are made with a modern spin, and its base plate is also hollowed out enough to not fit a hex head or popularly known as an inverted kingpin.

What the truck is best for?

Ace 66 series is the perfect deal for decks over 9′ width, and therefore you can use these for the big bowl settings and vert decks. You can also use these on mega ramps if you want.

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Ace 44 Trucks Review

Let us talk about the ACE 44 truck and review how they are whether you buy them or not.


  • It fits a board up to 8.12″ to 8.5″.
  • Made in the USA.
  • It has a top cone bushing of 12mm in height.
  • The truck height is about 52mm tall.
  • It is constructed from pure 7071 series aluminum.


The hanger is slightly rockered to create a natural sort of grinding so that it easily gets locked on the coping. Crush bowls and vert ramps offer the better movement of the seat.


  • Have a good kingpin
  • Extremely turny


  • Some complaint that they received bent axles.
  • Might be heavy.

Why should you buy that?

You should buy this skateboard trucks for its stable hangers, whose width is considered the best amongst all, with the truck height being 2.125 inches. 

What the truck is best for?

It offers you an accurate and smooth curve and allows you to move better in the lowest bushing seat. It is a slim and clean skateboard truck that grinds all day.

No products found.

Size Chart For 00,11, 22, 33, 44, 55, 66

Model Axle Width Hanger Width Deck Width
00 6.50 inch 3.87 inch 6.5inch- under
11 7.25 inch 4.60 inch 7.0-7.3 inch
22/02 7.6 inch 5 inch 7.12-7.75 inch
33/03 8.00 inch 5.37 inch 7.75-8.12 inch
44 8.35 inch 5.75 inch 8.12-8.5 inch
55 9.0inch 6.37 inch 8.5-9.12 inch
66 9.35 inch 6.75 inch 9.12-9.65 inch

What To look For In Ace Trucks

Design & Durability

ACE trucks have a very minimalistic yet eye-catching appearance. The base plate of the skateboard is the same as that of the independent truck, but the pivot of the skateboard has been positioned towards the inside direction.


The kingpin of ACE’s truck sits according to the structure of the board and the size of wheels to prevent any kind of hang-up. These trucks are especially known for their steering performance. 

These are of two types- Hollow and Niret.

A hollow kingpin is a hollow-out bolt that reduces the weight of a truck, while Niret is very small.


Some bushing seats are usually in combination with the stock bushings that are set very low with them. ACE trucks are made up of 86A bottom and 91A Top bushings to confirm that their performance is the most efficient.

Customer support

Distributors, shops, and the whole team supports the Ace Trucks and help in connecting new potential members with the old ones. You can buy the Ace trucks and products from finer skateboard shops which are available all over the world.

Also, you can send the information, and the official website will help you through. You can contact them here.

Hangers & Curbs

Its round hangers give durability and material to the board. The hanger stays straight from wheel to wheel and doesn’t waver. The hanger’s ends are conical towards the axle side so that there is more space and less friction on the bearings.

The hangers are the upper part of the truck that you grind on; the metal bodies.

Frequently Asked Questions (Faq)

Q1. Are Ace Trucks heavy?

Yes, the Ace trucks are heavyweight, and it is not lightweight. It weighs about 388 gms. There is an “independent 11” truck that is narrower in appearance but still of the same weight.
However, ACE 44 is slightly lighter in weight as compared to others.

Q2. Do Bushings fit in Ace Trucks?

The Ace trucks come with a 91A top bushing and 86A bottom that ensures maximum turns and better performance. Therefore, these are necessary for skateboard trucks.

Q3. What is the red nut on Ace trucks?

Ace has a hanger’s nut that further has a rethreading system so that you don’t worry about the nut not being put on or it being loose. You might even miss the risk of the wheels falling off your board due to loose nuts.

Q4. Are Ace skateboards trucks any good?

They have been getting really popular since 2018 and have also been referred to as one of the best and leading truck brands. Others came and failed, but ACE stuck. They have a very loyal following which is why they are so popular.


Skateboards are the most popular kind of trending sport there ever was. There has been a buzz about ACE, and this article talks exactly about that. ACE is one of those brands that lives up to its name when it comes to skateboard truck brands. There have been many truck brands, but it is safe to say that ACE is solidified the top spots for the best skateboard truck brand. 

It isn’t like there aren’t any skateboard brands good enough, but ACE is the only best one. It can collapse down to be carried out everywhere, right in your packets. Not only that, the Ace tool is great and can be owned individually by everybody so that you can keep the munt bolts tight and the trucks lose.

So what do you think about the ACE trucks? Should you buy ACE?

However, if you have bought ACE previously, share your thoughts with us. This eventually helps more readers to know the authenticity of ACE trucks and why they should invest in them.


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