In Depth Overview of Havoc Skateboard Trucks For Better Purchase Decision

With the rise of skateboard popularity, numbers of skateboard parts manufacturers are increasing every year. As a result it’s getting more and more challenging for skateboarders to choose products without being confused. Now, skateboard trucks is one such part that has a huge competitive market.

So, in this article, I’ll introduce you to a brand named Havoc that’s fairly new and doing a great job of offering excellent trucks for their customers.

Without wasting any time, let’s see what havoc skateboard trucks has in store for us.

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havoc trucks review
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When we talk about skating brands, among tons of high quality trucks brands, I am sure Havoc is a brand that usually doesn’t come to conversation. Rather than marketing, this brand have made a name for itself over the years just based on words of mouth.

From the passing and dedication towards, this brand started their journey in 2013 from Ottawa, Canada.

Since the foundation, they have been manufacturing different skateboard parts. Among different parts, the trucks from Havoc got more recognition due to superior quality and performance.

People usually have general misconception that skateboard parts manufactured in China has low qualities. But despite manufacturing their products in China, Havoc still managed to maintain the quality, which is really impressive.

Going forward in this review, I’ll discuss about different aspects of Havoc trucks and see how they perform in each sector.


To withstand the constant abuse of skate, the trucks must have to be made out of durable material. If you look at the trucks available on the market, you’ll see that most of them are made of aluminum with steel trucks.

So, these two are considered as decent material choices for most of the trucks.

Despite having a super friendly price tag, I was surprise to see Havoc offering the same aluminum and steel trucks. So, in terms of durability Havoc has got your back. I agree there are more premium options like titanium, but for the price, Havoc is offering more than anyone can ask for.

Design & Weight

Design and weight is another important factor for skateboard factors. Apart from being a sports, it’s also a way of represent your style. So, the design is crucial to suit the style your carry around.

havoc Skateboard Trucks
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Right of the bat, you’ll notice the beautiful matte black color of the trucks that’ll blend well any color of decks. In case you don’t like the matte black variant, there are nine other color variants you can choose from.

As for the weight, the truck is super lightweight weighing only around 180 grams. This lightweight results into a much faster reaction time. So, if you are planning to use Havoc trucks for technical skating, you can easily do that.

It’ll also be easier to make the turns and do any flip tricks on skateboard.

Truck Profile

Simply put, the truck profile indicates the height of the truck. The distance between the truck hanger and the baseplate is considered the height. The profile mostly determines which the most suitable use of a particular skateboard truck is.

havoc Trucks
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The Havoc truck we are talking about has a lower profile, which is a great since it provides the most stability out of other two profiles. They are more suitable with smaller wheels, and guess what that give you?

A much quicker and responsive popping experience.

Kingpins & Axle’s Length & Width

Let’s move onto so other parts of the havoc truck. Earlier, I mentioned that the axle is made of steel to support the constant abuse. But to my surprise, the kingpin of this truck is also made of stainless steel.

havoc skate trucks size
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However, the kingpin is not hollow, like some other popular models out there. But on the bright side, a regular kingpin means you don’t have to compromise the durability of the kingpin for lightweight.

I cannot praise the durability enough, but do you know about the size versatility you are getting here?

Havoc trucks come in five different sizes between 7.63” to 9.63”. Which means no matter how wide your skateboard deck is, you’ll find a compatible axle size for your skateboard.

Bushing Requirements

The bushing of the truck sort of works like the suspension, so the bushing need to be perfect for a smooth ride. The stock bushing of the Havoc trucks has a hardness of 87A, which falls around the middle of hardness spectrum.

As long as you are a rider weighing under 150 lbs. This bushing should be perfect for you.  

Now the bushing requirement will be different for everyone as everyone have their preferred level of stiffness. Also, the rider’s weight also tend to affect the requirement a lot. If the stock bushing seems too stiff or soft for you, just try other hardness and see what fits your need.

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Are Havoc Trucks Good For Longboarding And Skateboarding?

The answer depend on what type of compatibility you are looking for. As far as regular skateboards and normal longboards go, both are totally different with different truck requirement.

So, for dedicated longboard, Havoc might underperform. But if you looking for a balanced option that can cover both longboarding and skateboard, this is the truck you should invest in.

What Riding Style The Havoc Good For?

There are several features of Havoc trucks that indicates it’s a great option for regular skateboarding as well as technical. For example, the durability is there to withstand constant abuse of technical skating.

Then the truck has a lower profile, so you get the most stability with quick popping, which is must for technical skating.

Can You Turn Swiftly With Havoc?

Of course you can. In fact, quick turn is something most people tend to consider when purchasing trucks. No matter what type of skating you are into, quick turning ability is super important.

As Havoc trucks are pretty light has a lower profile, you can move with these trucks quite easily.

What I Like About Havoc Skateboard Trucks

  • The affordability will definitely be a strong selling point
  • Durable aluminum alloy build
  • The truck is super lightweight
  • There are a total of different color variants
  • Lower profile offers maximum balance
  • Different axle sizes available

What I don’t like about Havoc skateboard trucks

  • Heavier riders scan face bushing issues and as a result, wheelbites
  • No mounting hardware is included with the trucks

So, Should You Buy This Truck?

To sum it up, Havoc skateboard trucks can be a great buy, but it also has its flaws. However, once you look at the price tag and compare what its offering, Havoc trucks are almost unbeatable in its price range. Lack of mounting hardware and bushing issues can be a deal breaker for some people.

But I think most riders will agree with me to trade these off for the other features and performance of Havoc trucks.

Last Words

Here we are at the end of the review. Throughout the article, I have tried my best to provide every bit of detail about this amazing pair of budget trucks. After reading this article, I am confident enough that you’ll also agree with me about the excellent job Havoc has done with this truck. 

Even if you are still confused, I think these trucks are cheap enough for a test run. I am sure you’ll like it if you give this a try.

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