Top 4 Best Lakai Skate Shoes Review (A Comprehensive Guide)

Skateboarding shoes have been an integral part of the skateboarding lifestyle for a long time now. With the popularity of skate shoes rising, we have seen various brands entering the scene with their latest offerings.

Lakai might seem like a skate shoe brand unfamiliar at first. But long time skaters know how great this brand is in terms of quality and good value. Since 1999, this OG brand has been offering some great skating shoes.

So, today I have decided to introduce you to some of the best skate shoes from Lakai. If you’re looking for a quality pair of skateboard shoes on a budget, you’ll love these offerings.

So, without further ado, let’s begin.

best Lakai skate shoes
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Are Lakai Shoes Good Brand?

Almost every Lakai skate shoes offer certain characteristics that make them so great o the market. Simplistic design, deluxe lite insole, paramount rubber outsole, and suede finish are the trademarks of Lakai skate shoes.

With all these features combined, Lakai shoes turn out to be an excellent option for skaters looking for good value.

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Lakai Skate Shoes Detailed Review

Lets dive into lakai skate shoes. Here we have listed and described the best lakai shoes available in the market. You will get information of each models design, cushioning, support and other features in details.

Lets start with

lakai skateboarding shoes
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1. Lakai Men’s Manchester Skate Shoe (Best For Men Skateboarder)

My first pick from Lakai’s wide lineup of skate shoes is their Manchester model. Since the launch, Manchester skate shoes have been super popular, and after being out of production for some time, it’s back again.

Lakai Mens Manchester Skate Shoe review
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The first thing you’ll notice about these skate shoes is the low-profile design with a suede finish. The suede finish makes it a durable skate shoe, while the low profile design helps to keep the price down. At the frost, Lakai used a single patch toe cap, which adds up to the minimal look of the shoes.

However, the advantage of a single patch is that you don’t have to worry about busting out any stitches while you skate. Additionally, there are perforations on top of the patch to ensure good breathability.

Inside the shoes, Lakai has provided a deluxe lite insole, which is petty cushiony and feels nice to feet.

In addition, there is a tongue at the top that helps to keep your feet in place.

Lakai Manchester Skate Shoe outsole
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Another excellent thing here is that even the tongue has a strap to prevent it from moving left and right.

Lakai Skate Shoe Manchester for men
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Lastly, the outsole is the most impressive thing about this shoe and improves its overall performance in many ways.

It’s a vulcanized sole with a hex-shaped design, and because of this design, the shoe has better flexibility, grip and a much shorter break-in period.

As you can see, there is almost nothing to complain about these shoes. Add the reasonable price tag on this list, and you’ll know, this can arguably be one of the best skate shoes as leg protection gear on the market right now.

Good Things

  • Durable suede finish
  • Perforations for good breathability
  • Affordable price
  • Tongue strap for a secured fit
  • Good traction and board feel

Bad Things

  • The logo seems to wear off quickly due to ollie marks

2. Lakai Men’s Cambridge Skate Shoe (Best For Professionals)

If the overly classic look of Lakai’s Manchester doesn’t seem to attract you, you should check out the Cambridge model. It shares many similarities with the Manchester model, yet more modern takes make it different from other Lakai shoes.

Lakai Footwear Mens Cambridge Skate Shoe review
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Right of the bat, you’ll like the design aesthetics of these shoes. Unlike Manchester’s single patch design, Cambridge has a combination of suede, mesh and perforated synthetic leather. All of these materials combine, Cambridge skate shoes have a more stylish look without ruining the classy vibe of Lakai.

Lakai is known for a low to none break-in period, and these hoes are no different.  Right of the bat, you can comfortably skate with these shoes. The tongue this time is moderately padded. The insole is made of a rubbery and soft material, so wearing these shoes is a quite comfortable experience. However, some users also complained that this extra soft insole affects the overall board feel.

This particular model comes in four different colour variants, and let me tell you, each looks better than the other.

Let me finish by discussing the outsole, as I think that’s where things get a little tricky.

Lakai Cambridge Skate Shoe
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Again, Lakai has provided a vulcanized outsole with a hex flex tread pattern for a nice grip. Because of this outsole, you great super responsive flex experience initially.

However, to provide that near-zero break-in period, the shoes sacrifice skating times. The outsole and the sticking on top start to wear off after two to three weeks of skating.

Overall, you’ll love the modern take on skating shoes by Lakai through this Cambridge shoe. Instead of the break-in period, I would personally like to see Lakai offering more in terms of sating times.

However, with a price tag this low, Cambridge skate shoes still remains a great buy on today’s market.


  • Stylish design
  • High-quality materials with durable stitching
  • Vulcanized sole with hex tread bottom
  • Comfortable tongue for a perfect fit
  • Short break-in period


  • The soft insole takes away from the board feel
  • Not great in terms of longevity

 3. Lakai Men’s Griffin Skate Shoe (Best For Durability)

A skate shoe needs to check a lot of boxes to be perfect. To my surprise, Lakai’s Griffin seems to check almost all of them quite effortlessly. Again you’ll notice some common attributes from Lakai and design improvements that make this shoe great.

Lakai Mens Griffin Skate Shoe review
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Let’s start with the design first. With Griffin, we are back to simplicity with low-key design aesthetics. The construction has a suede finish with a touch of leather accent at some points on the shoe. Of course, the design is a completely subjective matter, but the simple design language managed to impress me.

Another great thing here is that Lakai’s Griffin skate shoes come in ten different color variants, so there should be something for everyone, no matter what color profile you prefer.

At the front, you’ll get a single patch toe box with perforations on top for breathing.

Again, regular stuff from Lakai that makes these shoes great.

Lakai Griffin Skate Shoes review
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Whether you have narrow or wide feet, you’ll love the way how these skate shoes feel under your feet. It’s pretty lightweight, and the good fit ensures that the shoe doesn’t move around while you are skating.

The insole and tongue come with thin padding, which some people might not like about these shoes. But as per my experience, it’s pretty decent to actually affect the comfortability. In addition, the moderate insole helps to get a good board feel when you are skating.

lakai men Griffin shoe for skateboarding
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Now, about the outsole, Lakai’s has tried to do something different here.

The rubber gum vulcanized sole is there with its tremendous grip and flexibility as always.

However, this time the outsole has a herringbone pattern at the bottom for upgraded traction and board feel.

Finally, if you consider Griffin as a beginner skating shoe that offers great value for money, it’s really hard to beat at its respective price point. There is some room for improvements on padding in some areas, but considering other features, these shoes are definitely worth a shot.


  • Sueded and leather mixed design
  • Wide range of colour options
  • Great board feel
  • Bang for buck skating shoe


  • Lack in terms of paddings

Lakai Men’s Atlantic Skate Shoe

Lakai’s Atlantic is comparatively a newer model on the market, at least compared to the previous entries in the market. But impressively enough, Lakai has put together a bunch of great features again to make this hoe appealing to skaters.

Lakai Atlantic Skate Shoe review
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Right out of the box, you’ll notice Atlantic’s similarities with other models of Lakai’s. There is only four colour variant of this shoe, and all of them goes pretty well with an overall skating vibe. Next, you’ll see that Lakai again used a single patch suede toe cap with perforations for breathability.

Apart from these perforations, the sides of this shoe are made of mesh to provide the best breathability possible. The mesh can be a durability concern for some, but it holds up pretty well against wear and tear.

In skate shoes, laces are the first thing to wear out.

Lakai seemed to work on that aspect by putting the first three lace holes into a sunken position.

Lakai Atlantic skate Shoe sole
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These holes somewhat protect the shoe’s laces and give them a longer lifespan.

Lakai’s deluxe lite insole makes a comeback again to this shoe. Again, it’s soft, cushiony and has the perfect impact protection for different jump tricks. Despite being a cup sole construction, it doesn’t sacrifice the board feel at all.

Underneath, we again get to see hex tread paramount rubber sole. Again, just like Atlantic’s predecessors, the outsole is quite flexible and provides great traction in every direction.

Lakai Footwear Mens Atlantic Skate Shoe
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Overall, Lakai has done a great job getting all the basics right in one pair of shoes.

The sizing seems to be an issue for some with wider feet, but apart from that,

there is no reason Lakai’s Atlantic skate shoe can’t be an easy recommendation.


  • Sunk-in holes for lace protection
  • Mesh sides for added breathability
  • Deluxe lite insole
  • Comfortable padded tongue
  • Great board fee despite the cupsole construction


  • Sizing issues for skaters with wider feet

How Well Do Lakai’s Hold Up?

There are some durability issues with Lakai shoes over time, but overall, this brand is pretty well known for holding up to rough sating sessions.

For example, the laces and the sides where the logo sits these areas are naturally prone to wear. But in the toe area and outsole, every model holds up pretty well without losing the flick and grip.

Is Lakai Better Than Adidas When It Comes To Skate Shoes?

Adidas vs lakai skate shoes
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No direct comparison can be made as both brands are quite popular among skaters with a broad product lineup. Each brand has its pros and cons depending on the particular model.

However, if we look at the value for money and quality consistency of products, Lakai easily holds the lead ahead of Adidas.

What To Consider (Buying Guide)

From hundreds of options available on the market, it’s not an easy job to pick the right pair for yourself. So, here are some factors you need to consider carefully for a better buying decision.


Skate shoes need to withstand lots of abuse through trick skating sessions. That’s why durability should be one of the key considerations while buying a skate shoe.

Despite the same look, brand tag or material, durability can vary because of how the shoe has been put together. So, consider the durability carefully first instead of going after the brand, price, or look.

Style and Size

Style and size is another key consideration of buying skate shoes. Why? Because not all the models available out there are true to size. Additionally, the size also differs depending on the style you are choosing.

Whether you choose a shoe with lace or a slip-on one is entirely up to you. However, keep in mind that you can’t fasten a slip-on shoe further, so choose the style and size accordingly.

Padding, Tongue and Cushioning

All three of these things ultimately decide the comfortability and impact protection of the skate shoe. So, try to pick a pair with rich padding at the sides and the back. As far as the tongue goes, a well-padded tongue can add more comfort to your shoes with a better fit.

Lastly, ensure the insole has the right amount of cushioning for impact protection. Too much cushioning can take away the board feel, so keep that in mind.

High Top , Low Top and Middle Top

This decision entirely depends on you. So what I’ll do is state the pros and cons of each so that you can make a decision. Starting with high-top shoe style, these shoes are great for ankle stability and protection. However, they also limit mobility and weights more.

Then comes the low-top, which is the most common among the three different types. Lop-top shoes are popular because of their ankle mobility and low-profile design. However, they lack in terms of ankle protection.

Lastly, if you want something in between, then the middle top design is for as it brings the best worlds for you. Overall, a balanced choice for any skater.

Finishing Lines

Here we are at the end of your review. Hopefully, the article was helpful enough to provide you with detailed knowledge about Lakai and its products. As you can see, Lakai skate shoes come packed with all the features that make skate shoes great.

All you have to do now is pick one according to style and get on the board to start skating. Additionally, if you are still confused, the buying guide will provide you with the helping hand to make a purchase decision.

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