Standard Skateboard And Longboard Truck- The Krux Trucks

Do you have a low-quality truck on your skateboardor longboard?

Then you might not be getting the complete experience of skateboarding at all. I mean, like a skateboard enthusiast myself, I had to deal with my fair share of concerns with the trucks of my skateboard collection.

Imagine this; you get a pretty expensive skateboard with excellent quality. But the truck that comes along with it is pretty bad and doesn’t give you that smooth and satisfying experience of turns and grinds.

You wouldn’t like to have that, considering skateboarding is supposed to be fun, right?

Wandering through different trucks, I came across the fantastic Krux trucks. In this Krux trucks review, I will share my thoughts on these trucks.

So, if you are thinking of grabbing a new set of trucks for your skateboard, then you might want to check these out for yourself.

Check Out The Products

Krux Skateboard Trucks, K5 Polished Skateboard Trucks - Silver - 8.00 inch
  • Quicker turning geometry
  • Pivot cup shape
  • Re-designed hanger
  • Sport type: Skateboarding
Krux Skateboard Trucks, K5 Polished Skateboard Trucks - Silver - 8.25 inch
  • Quicker turning geometry
  • Pivot cup shape
  • Re-designed hanger
  • Sport type: Skateboarding
Krux Skateboard Trucks K5 Galaxy 8.5" Pair
  • Krux trucks K5 are totally redesigned. New and improved K5 Krux Truck with the "Purr-fect Turn". Quicker turning geometry, a new pivot cup shape, re-designed hanger and sexy baseplate combined with the strongest axles available make the K5 the best Krux Truck ever made.

Overview Of The Krux Brand  

krux trucks review
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Even though this doesn’t have any impact on the trucks’ performance, I still think knowing about the history of the trucks can be an exciting part of the journey.

The beginning of this brand takes you back to 1989. When Steve Keenan decided to introduce his line of trucks through NHS. The naming of the company was also quite interesting. They took the “K” from the Keenan and combined it with trucks to name the brand Krux; now that’s smart.

krux k5 trucks
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Krux k5 Trucks

Keep things standard and simple” sounds boring, doesn’t it?

Well, that’s what the owner and even the team members of Krux trucks think. Most of their advertisements and products focused on the fun and exciting aspect. They were never about the boring everyday life thing.

Now, you may wonder, then their trucks will be a joke, no?

That’s not the case with Krux trucks at all. They still come up with quality trucks that will deliver on the performance. Your skateboarding experience just gets elevated with quality and fun at the same time. It’s about their unique set of presenting their trucks that grabs the eye of the skaters.

There are very well-known riders like Steve Caballero, Kareem Campbell, Dan Murphy, Winsdor James, Ricky Oyola, and so forth who have been a part of the Krux riding team in the past. This just goes to show how good of a truck this brand produces.

Aside from all the fun little gimmicks, they truly serve the purpose of a perfect branded trucks.

Review Of The Krux Trucks

For starters, I must say that along with many skaters, I also love the Krux trucks. I bet you want to find out why I love these trucks so much.

So, let’s get on with it and see why it’s a popular choice for most skateboard enthusiasts, including professionals.

krux Trucks review
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Well, when you think about features, I have to say that Krux trucks come with some pretty handy ones. I won’t dump all of them together on you; let’s just go through them one at a time.

High-Quality Materials

A great thing you can expect from every Krux truck is a high-quality material for the base. Most of the time, they use Aluminum alloy for making these trucks. So, you can expect good durability from them without worrying about the weight at all.

What’s more interesting about this truck is that all the components they use to make it come with some fantastic quality. You can’t simply go wrong with its build quality whatsoever.

Lightweight & Sharper Turns

Why would you want to get Krux trucks?

Well, this feature is what answers the question best. These trucks are very lightweight, which enables them to have great turns. I love to have trucks that help in turning while skating, which is why this works out perfectly for me.

Stylish In Looks

Let’s get real; we all love to have a good-looking component on our skateboards. In longboard skateboards it looks great also. These trucks have some stylish appearances, which in turn makes your skateboard look cooler.

Sure, it doesn’t impact the performance, but the first impression you leave on others with these can feel good.

Axle Nut, Kingpin, Wheelbase, Hanger

As I said earlier, the best part of Krux trucks is that they come with high-quality components that are high quality wheels, decks, trucks components, good precision bearings etc. . Whether it’s the axle nut, the Wheelbase, or the kingpin or hanger. You get good quality assurance on all of them.

Now, coming to the aspect of size and measurements, you will need to go through them based on the axle size you choose.

Deck Length For Krux Trucks

Well, if you have dived into the world of skateboarding, you are no stranger to the factor of deck size for your preferred trucks. With Krux trucks, there are typically 5 different axle widths. You will need to pick your preferred deck length based on these axle sizes.

For example, with the axle width of 8.5, you can get a deck size some something around 8.25 to 9 inches. You can just use the size guide for the Krux trucks on their website before you buy the trucks for your skateboard.

What Are Customers Saying

Not convincing enough? Well, then I suggest going through the thoughts of some users of the trucks.

Here are some things the users of the Krux trucks had to say –


One Amazon reviewer had to leave just one word for this truck. They just loved the sturdiness of the truck. I mean, it’s already a given that the trucks will be sturdy, considering they are made of aluminum alloy.

“Great value”

Krux trucks tend to have pretty affordable pricing; because of that, you can quickly get a lot of value out of it. These trucks are the perfect choice for someone who wants to have a quality truck within a limited budget.

“Great Choice In A Truck”

This is the review left by a user who moved into these trucks from 159 indys. According to him, the weight difference on this truck compared to the indys is just too good. Even though he had to go through some little modifications here and there, he still had a great experience with the truck.

“They Feel Great.”

Because of lighter weight and smoother turns, a user left a review saying these trucks feel great. With the level of responsiveness these trucks have, they provide very smooth grinding performance to give you a fulfilling experience of skateboarding.

There are plenty of other good reviews regarding this truck. Most of the skaters out there have loved the trucks, including myself. So, if you are thinking of trying them out, surely you should go ahead.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

I don’t know about you, but I have heard two questions about Krux trucks so often that I had to answer them here. Let’s get through them here, real quick.

1. Are Krux K5 trucks good?

The first question a lot of people have is regarding the K5 model from Krux trucks. Straight up, the Krux K5 truck is a perfect choice if you search for sharp turns. These are pretty lightweight, and because of that turning, the trucks just become much simpler than you would imagine.
In my opinion, I would consider this to be one of the best from Krux trucks if you want something lightweight and turns well.

Are Krux trucks made in the USA?

No, Krux trucks come from the same manufacturers as independent trucks. As both the truck brands go under NHS, they are manufactured in China. Even though they are supplied in the USA, the construction and manufacture of the trucks happen in China.
I don’t think these have too much to do with the actual trucks, but somehow these questions tend to come up a lot. So, I thought, let’s just get these questions out of the way.

Last Words

Let’s rewind and look at the Krux truck review in a quick summary. These are trucks that don’t compromise with quality one bit. Whether you are looking for durability or you are thinking about performance, this delivers everywhere.

Having said that, for anyone like me who enjoys trucks that turn smooth and give me the freedom to do all those skateboard tricks on skateboard, this is the perfect pick for sure. The price you pay for this truck is surely not what you will be complaining about at the end of the day. This trucks can easily be customized and can be easily tightening or loosening .

Still, it’s your money and your business. The choice is yours whether you get the trucks or not. Considering the review and experiences of the previous users, all I can tell you is that these are amazing choices. You can rely on these any day of the week without thinking twice.

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