Vans Or Converse for Skateboarding (Which One Is Best)

Skaters often feel confused about choosing vans or converse for skating. No doubt both have a decent look and construction. But they have some unique features to stand out.

In this article, we will walk you through a comparison guideline to choose the best’ skate’ shoe.

Read until we finish to learn in-depth details about each footwear option.

vans or converse for skateboarding
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Vans Skate Shoes

Vans are one of the most popular shoe brand choices for skateboarding. Its rugged construction, interlocking patterns, and distinctive soles & shapes make it a top pick for skating.

Skaters love this footwear because it can easily handle the daily skating abuse. Additionally, it provides increased comfort and excellent protection against impact.

Converse Skate Shoes

Converse shoes are also great for skateboarding because of their completely flat soles. They can easily touch the ground and offer increased grip to grip.

Converse footwear offers unobstructed support and high flexibility. They are available in a vast range, including leather and suede options.

Differences between Vans and Converse Skate Shoes

Before choosing particular skate shoes, you must know the differences between vans and converse footwear. Here are the most noticeable differences between them.

  • Designs and Styles

The first thing we check about shoes is their design and style. Compared toVans, converse shoes are available in a vast number of stunning colors and styles. Vans footwear generally comes in some standard styles and designs. 

  • Narrower Vs. Wider

Converse skate shoes are narrower than many other shoes. In contrast, vans’ footwear is slightly wider. Hence, you will feel more comfortable wearing them all day long.

  • Grip And Traction

Both vans and converse skate shoes can provide immense support to your feet. However, the grip and traction from vans are better than the converse. You will feel more secure while placing your feet on challenging surfaces.

  • Breathability

Your footwear must let air and water vapor move out of the shoe. This will prevent fungal or bacterial infections of the foot. Since the upper and midsole of converse shoes are thinner and lighter than vans, they provide better breathability.

  • Foot Support

Compared to vans, the converse can provide better foot and ankle support. Converse shoes’ elevated design on the ankle area keeps your feet secure and stable. Its high tops look can suit a wide range of foot types.

  • Cleaning

Since the vans are thicker materials than converse, cleaning them requires you to put extra effort. In contrast, converse shoes are easier to clean. But you need to clean them regularly because dust and debris will be more visible on their body.  

  • Durability

Vans shoes are made from durable materials. Whether you are new to skateboarding or a pro, they can support you in every possible way. Contrastly, converse shoes are made from lightweight materials. They will show wearing signs if you heavily use them regularly.

Which Shoes Are The Best For Skateboarding: Vans Or Converse?

Our preference varies from each other. Hence, not all will like the same footwear. More importantly, both shoes are identical in some aspects.

Vans shoes are perfect in the long run. You can use them for skateboarding, biking, free riding, etc. They are perfect for wearing all day long.

You can choose vans shoes for skateboarding if you prefer flat shoes. Plus, this option is better for being more forgiving in the comfort sector.

On the other hand, converse shoes are more available in a vast range of colors and styles. You can choose the converse options if your feet sweat a lot during skateboarding.

The thin material ensures increased breathability. Moreover, the overall weight of the footwear is less than vans. So, you won’t feel heavy wearing converse all day long. 

Which One Should You Buy For Skateboarding?

When choosing a pair of shoes for skateboarding, you want to consider several vital aspects. Comfort, durability, foot support, stability, design, color options, etc., are the few common factors you should not overlook.

If you are a recreational skater who skates only once or twice a week, converse shoes are a better choice. It is more affordable than vans. Plus, this footwear appears more functional if you are living in a hot weather location.

In contrast, vans shoes are ideal for everyday heavy use. Their rugged construction can take a lot of skating abuse. It is a generally better choice for pro skaters who try various types of stunts and techniques of skateboarding.


So, who wins the comparison: vans or converse for skating? Each footwear option is the best in its respective way. After all, they are designed and made for a specific purpose.

Choosing a particular pair of shoes relies on your personal taste and style. Hopefully, the above discussion has helped you learn all the core differences between these sneakers.

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