Top 5 Best Adidas Skate Shoes Of 2021| Best Sports Shoe On The Market Today

Getting the ideal skate shoes that promise durability, comfortability and safety can only be a jackpot. But, needless to say, you shouldn’t settle for a mediocre shoe if you still need your bones intact.

Fortunately, you are in the right place. I will give you a comprehensive review of the top five best Adidas skate shoes from the Adidas brand, which is widely respected for sports stuff.

It will get better when you get to our buyer’s guide, for we have highlighted the critical things to look for in skates to have you get the best for your money. So, are you ready to we get into the business?

Lets dive into it..

Our Top Four Picks Of Best Adidas Skate Shoe

Best For Griping The Surface Firmly
adidas Originals Unisex Adiease Sneaker, core Black/Legacy Green/FTWR...
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Out Sole: Rubber Sole
Material: Leather and Synthetic
Size Available: 4, 5.5, 6.5, 7.5 Inches
Best For Griping The Surface Firmly
adidas Originals Unisex Adiease Sneaker, core Black/Legacy Green/FTWR...
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Out Sole: Rubber Sole
Material: Leather and Synthetic
Size Available: 4, 5.5, 6.5, 7.5 Inches

Detailed Review On Best Adidas Skate Shoes

Review on Best Adidas Skate Shoe
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1. Adidas Originals Adi-Ease Skates Shoe (Best For Griping The Surface Firmly)

One of the most critical parts of skate shoes is the outsole. It must firmly grip the ground to prevent the skater from slipping out of the deck. I don’t have to remind you how deadly such accidents can be.

adidas Originals Adiease Sneaker
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With that said, I would highly recommend the Adidas originals skates for their expert construction and their promising safety design.

Specifically, it has a rubber sole that not only withstands intense friction but also firmly grips the deck surface for safety. The sole has little cushioning so you feel like touching the ground as if you were bare footed. This type of sole is called zero drop shoes which enables some particular skate shoes to be used as a running shoe too.

adidas adi ease black and white
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Even better, its inner padding has a mesh-like structure. Can you guess the catch here?

First, its padding is of maximum density, while the mesh structure increases its breathability for comfort.


  • It has fantastic breathability due to the mesh-like structure design
  • Its rubber sole withstands intense friction for durability
  • A maximum padding inner design for comfort
  • 100% synthetic material; hence it will last for ages


  • You will have to purchase the laces separately
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2. Adidas Daily Skate Black White Skates Shoe (Best For Downhill Skaters)

Adidas Company has a deep-rooted connection with the sports industry. Millions fully trust their work, and rarely do they fail. Adidas daily skate shoes do not pride themselves only as products of this iconic brand, but also their unique construction makes them worthy.  

adidas Men's Daily shoe
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I’m not exaggerating anything; you know that. But, well, let even give a closer look at its construction.

To begin, these idea skate shoes are made of canvas and rubber material which are of high strength. Thus, if you are a regular skater or need skates that will last for ages, they will not disappoint.

Even better, the sole is also of a rubber sole with a perfect design that will prevent you from slipping out of the deck. Therefore, downhill skaters such shoes are perfect for them due to their fast skating speed.

adidas daily 3.0 shoes review
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Apart from that, these skates have excellent ventilation due to their mesh-like. Hence, the heat generated by your feet will be easily transmitted to the external environment to have your feet comfy.

Moreover its high-top shoe feature protects your feet from injury as it covers the upper of the ankle without compromising the comfortability.


  • They promise longevity due to their heavy strength construction
  • The heat generated by the feet is easily transmitted to the environment for comfort
  • The bottom sole construction promises safety
  • Its seam has an elegant design making them quite eye appealing


  • Their padding requires an improvement
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3. Adidas 3ST-003 Skate Black Skates Shoe (Best For Its Lace Closure Facility)

Usually, the tied laces are prone to untying and mind you; untied laces can easily cause you to fall. For that reason, these skates have a lace closure to prevent the laces from untying and keep them intact.

adidas Skateboarding 3ST-003
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More so, breathability is crucial in skates, majorly due to the frequent heat generation by the feet.  The best news is that these skates have a knit quarter panel on the suede upper part to provide maximum breathability.

As if all that is not enough, the skates are not only of durable materials but also of lightweight materials. As a result, they will not only last for years, but also they are pretty handy when you want to skate for many hours.


  • They are super light, thus less tiresome for long hours skaters
  • High-strength construction making them live for ages
  • The lace cover prevents the laces from untying
  • Their breathability is quite enhanced for comfort


  • If the padding of these skates could be improved, they would be better.
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4. Adidas Busenitz Black Metallic Shoe (Best For Price)

To follow is the Adidas busenitz skates which even have a metallic structure. This metallic design helps prevent them from bending unnecessarily, which would cause their design to distort in no time.

adidas Originals Men's Busenitz Skate Shoe
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 What’s more, what makes these skates exceptional?

To begin, I personally love their eyelets. Unfortunately, the eyelets have a recessing, which prevents the laces from abrasions—the abrasion result in friction which causes the laces to tear quite fast. Fortunately, with the recessing, your laces will live longer.

On the inside part, there is soft foam. Before I get any further, the inner part of the skates must have a high-density material for comfort and avoid frictions, which results in blisters on your feet.

Adidas Busenitz shoes review
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The good thing is that the soft foam of these skates is of high density, and even better, it has air holes for breathability.

Similarly, its external heal has more gripping power and provides extra support for enhanced stability.


  • Its outsole has vector traction, which gives a multi-directional grip for safety.
  • Due to the reduced abrasions on the eyelets, their laces last for ages
  • The soft foam promises maximum comfort
  • Air holes that provide better breathability


  • Some people dislike the metallic structure
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5. Adidas FV8085-Bravada Shoes (Best Shoe for penny board riding)

Honestly, even though we significantly consider skates durable and safety promising, it would be best to get skates with an eye-appealing appearance. Thinking of that, it is no wonder that the Adidas bravado skates keep on winning the souls of most skates. Why you’d wonder.

adidas Men's Bravada Skate Shoe
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Its design is more than you could expect. They are of black and white color with white stripes on both sides and exquisite white laces. In short, they have a pretty appealing appearance.

Next, I guess you also would want skates that live up to their promise. Usually, the bottom sole of the skates wastes fast due to the friction with the skateboard. To change that narrative, the soles of these skates are of reinforced rubber material for longevity.

Lastly, you must ensure that your skates are pretty comfortable. Especially if you are a fast-speed skater, then your feet are likely to generate more heat, and if not transmitted to the environment, you might feel quite uncomfortable.

Can you smile a little bit !

These skates not only ensure your safety and life for ages, but their design also promises comfort.

I mean, look at their inner padding, which has air holes for excellent air circulation in and out of the skates.

More so, this high-density padding absorbs impacts and also makes them comfier.

adidas super skate shoe
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  • Its rubber sole promises longevity
  • Their maximum padding gives comfort
  • The air holes allow ventilation
  • Their design is quite an eye-appealing


  • They may require regular cleaning due to their white color
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Buying Guide For Best Adidas Skate Shoes

Buying Guide for Adidas Shoes
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For safety, longevity, and a memorable skating experience, you should wear head gear, elbow and knee pads and perfect skate shoes. Skate shoes protect your feet from any accident and also ensure comfort and perfect traction over board. You need to consider some things while looking for your ideal skate shoes.

Do you want to learn more? Then, get ready, for I am ready!

Shoe Soles

Shoe Soles
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To begin, we have a shoe sole. The sole can be divided into the outsole, insole, midsole, Vulc sole, and cup sole.

  • Outsole

The outsole is the part that is in direct contact with the ground. It is usually made of rubber and leather. However, most people prefer rubber outsoles primarily due to their excellent gripping power and resistance to friction.

  • Insole

The insole, also known as the shoe insert, is the part in contact with your feet that is removable. The insole should be slightly padded for comfort.

  • Midsole

Next, we have the midsole. This sole is located between the outsole and the insole. It is usually of plastic materials and feels like foam. Typically, it should have to cushion to absorb the ground impacts and durable materials such as rubber.

  • Vulc Sole

Also, some shoes have a Vulc sole design. In this case, the sole is attached to the upper part, and then a foxing tape is wrapped around. The good thing with these soles is that they do not have a midsole hence very light.

  • Cup Sole

The cup sole has high side walls that give the heel and the toes extra protection. This sole is usually of PU material with a tall sidewall.

Shoe Materials

Shoe material
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Similarly, we have the shoe material. As you might be aware, the shoe material determines the longevity of your shoes. Consequently, a weak construction material will disappoint you.

On the other hand, the suede and canvas materials are exceedingly recommendable due to their high strength, which resists tear and wear.

Shoe Fit

Lastly, it would help if you looked for fitting shoes. Well, here, it depends on your type of feet. A small shoe size is ideal for small feet, while for wide feet, more extensive and spacious shoe size is ideal. However, it would help if you didn’t risk having too tight or baggy skate shoes.

Many people ask that what makes skate shoes different, which we have answered briefly in separate post. Read that also.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How Good Are Adidas Shoe Soles?

Typically, the adidas brand has rubber or canvas soles for their shoes. The soles have excellent tractions for multi-direction gripping on the surface. Consequently, their soles promise both durability and safety. Hence, they are perfect.

How Much Toe Rooms Are In Skate Shoes?

When it comes to toe room, most people prefer the exact fit for skating. Ideally, for cup sole shoes, the size should be equivalent to the Brannock measurement. While for the cup sole it should be equivalent to the 1/2 the size.

How Tight Should Skate Shoes Be?

Preferably, skate shoes should not be too tight neither should they be baggy. ideally, they should be a perfect fit for your leg.

Do Skate Shoes Run Small?

Yes! Just like any other shoes, you might outgrow the skate shoes as you grow.


In a nutshell, the process of purchasing skate shoes is not to joke with. A little mess such as having skate shoes that are not of the right size or have poor breathability may leave your feet with blisters or, worse, cause accidents. Well, don’t freak out, for you have the right resource with you.

Get reading this piece to learn what to look for in skate shoes and even better review five best skate shoes from the Adidas brand, an iconic brand for sports items.

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