7 Reasons Why Do Skate Shoes Make A Difference

If you love trying different things, you might have wondered whether skate shoes are that important. Do they make a difference when you are skating?

Does It Matter To Wear Skateboard Shoes?

It’s common to hear some people say shoes don’t matter when you are skating. We want to differ with that notion, though. If you skate regularly, then you need a dedicated skate shoes. Why?

Because they make it considerably easier to ride the skateboard.

Thanks to their soles, Skate shoes will enable your feet to have a better grip on the board. That will then give you better balance and will allow you to try doing tricks. Like ballet shoes makes it easier to be a ballet dancer, skate shoes improve your skateboard riding.

Although wearing shoes might not matter that much when you learn how to skate, they are integral to developing your skating skills.

Some basic tricks require a participation of great shoes for example learning to turn, pushing and stopping on board.

What Makes Skateboard Shoes Different From Regular Shoes?

Like we have running shoes, ballet shoes, or dancing shoes, we also have skate shoes. One can use skate shoe casually for running, walking, dancing even in sports.

Such shoes are made to make doing the specific things that you wouldn’t use regular shoes on.

7 Reasons why skate shoes are different
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Now we get it might confuse you seeing a pretty normal shoe being termed a skate shoe. What you can’t see is that the skate shoe has some subtle differences from regular shoes.

Although hard to see, you see that skating shoes aren’t your ordinary shoes if you look close enough.

1. Outsole

This is one of the integral parts of a skate shoe. The outsole is in intimate contact with the skateboard when you are riding it. It, therefore, needs to be of shock-absorbent material to ensure it grips the board or concrete better.

The outsole also needs to be pretty tough. That means it shouldn’t be prone to wear and tear from abrasive surfaces. If it is prone to abrasiveness, then you won’t own those shoes for long.

It might be vulcanized rubber or other tough materials.

2. Midsole & Insole

The midsole lies between the outsole and the insole. This, too, needs to be material with enough cushioning to support your weight and distribute it well over the skateboard. Each skate shoe will come with its specific material in the insole and midsole.

The materials are, however, tough and resistant to abrasion. They aren’t too heavy to ensure you can easily wheel away on your skateboard.

3. Outer Construction

The outer construction needs to be challenging as well. While everything about a skate shoe needs to be as challenging as possible, a skate shoe must have a tough outer construction. Shoes with high top feature is great for skateboarding in that case.

4. Longevity

Longevity will carry depending on how regularly you use your shoes. If you skate regularly, your shoes will unsurprisingly last a shorter time than if you aren’t using them regularly.

A lot goes into determining the longevity of particular skate shoes, though. It isn’t just how you use it that matters, but also the material of the shoes. Also longevity depends on how you take care of your shoes. Whether you keep shoes neat & clean or not.

5. Comfort

Skate shoes should be comfortable. You want shoes that will fit snugly but still have enough space for your toes to wiggle if you want them to. How comfortable skate shoes are will depend on the size and the material.

For example for penny boarding you need a small but comfortable shoe as penny is small board and foot room is little. So, you need a penny shoe for easily skate on.

That’s why you need to choose a size that will fit you well and soft material on the inside.

6. Higher Protection Against Feet Injury

Skate shoes come with a minimal heel to toe drop. That’s meant to reduce the impact of riding the board on your feet and leg muscles. However, it isn’t only that which will increase the risk of injuries.

The material also plays a role. Material that’s resistant to abrasiveness will better protect your feet from injury. For extra protection you may consider elbow & knee pads for toddlers especially.

7. Material

The material is another important part of the skate shoe. It needs to protect your feet from any abrasiveness when you touch the surface or the grip tape. That’s why you will find that the outer construction is mostly suede.

Suede is one of the best outer construction materials since it is relatively tough. That shouldn’t be surprising because suede is typically leather, but that is usually tougher from the underside of animal hide.

Benefits Of Skate Shoes Over Regular Shoes For Skateboarding

Perhaps you are asking yourself, why skate shoes and not regular shoes? Here is why.

Skate shoes have flatter soles, which make them easier to skate in than regular shoes. Manufacturers rarely consider the heel to toe drop when making regular shoes. They are therefore harder to use on skateboards than skate shoes.

Skate shoes are also more comfortable since they will always have extra padding on the side to make them easier to use. Regular shoes might not be that comfortable since they aren’t specifically for skating.

Regular shoes might also lack the grip you’d need from a skate shoe. They will thus make it harder for you to achieve the perfect balance when skating.

What Manufacturer Look At Producing Dedicated Skate Shoe

There are several things that manufacture considers when making the perfect skate shoe.

Board Feel

This refers to the board’s grip tape or the general surface of the deck. The way the board feels will determine the type of skate shoes you need. That’s one thing manufacturers consider when making the shoe.

Impact Protection

The best shoe should give a skater the best impact protection. Skate riding can be a risky affair, and you need to be prepared for any eventualities. That’s why manufacturers focus on making skate shoes that will boost impact protection.


No matter how good a skate shoe is, it is no good if you can’t use it for a long time before needing a replacement. The best skate shoes will therefore have to last you a long time.

The material needs to be resistant to abrasion or normal wear and tear for that to happen.

Last Words

Do skate shoes make a difference? You bet they do. However, you’ll need to take your time and choose the best skate shoes for you. It wouldn’t make sense to skate in regular shoes while you can use skate shoes.

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