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If you want to get a skateboard for just riding or commuting, nothing beats the ease of a penny board. No wonder why it is so preferable for riding or cruising . Its extremely lightweight plastic structure that can easily be carried with no effort says it all.

But that’s not just it. The wheels of such a feathery thin ride like penny board are surprisingly soft and large. And that’s what makes it tolerant to cracks, pebbles, or rough terrain, ensuring a smooth ride.

The generic name of Penny board has actually derived due to the popularity of an Australian company named “Penny skateboards,” founded by Ben Mackay in 2010. This very company changed the game for plastic skateboards forever with a variety of new innovative designs.

What Is Penny Board

Penny board is a plastic model of the skateboard that has no limits when it comes to color. It is available in a wide variety of colors and designs. But the major thing that differentiates a penny board from others is its deck sizes.

Penny board is available in four separate deck sizes. They are 22 inches, 27 inches, 32 inches, and 37 inches. Each size is suitable for different purposes. So, if you feel curious to know that which penny board would be the best to serve your purpose, just read along!

What Makes Penny Board Great?

what makes penny board great
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First thing first, if you ever had a skateboard before, you already know the struggle of carrying or parking it. Generally, skateboards are pretty heavy and stressful to carry. But when it comes to penny board, you can keep such worries far aside.

Penny boards are not only lightweight because of the plastic structure but also very thin. You can easily carry it in your hand or even in a backpack. It won’t cost you any extra effort or stress.

Moreover, it is hard to ignore the ease penny board provides when riding, cruising, or commuting. They are very easy to control and are also very durable. That’s why penny boards are an ideal option for kids, teenagers, or skating beginners.

Besides, adults who want an affordable and easy jolly ride to commute can take it as a great option as well. Something penny board ensures is a smooth ride with its highly adaptable large wheels that comes with smoothly spinning penny board bearings.

Also, the bright colors and attractive designs of penny boards are something that’ll definitely draw your attention.

Best Size for Penny Board

penny board size
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Now, let’s come to the main business. If you’re planning to buy a penny board, the very first thing you would need is to figure out which size among the four available sizes of penny board would be the best for you.

So, take a look below to understand which size of penny board is best for what purpose.

22 inches Penny Board

The 22 inches penny board is for you if you’re planning to buy it for commuting, going to school, or the workplace. It is just a perfect ride to get to a place quickly and easily.

Moreover, the 22 inches penny boards are also skinny, making them very easy to carry in the bag packs.

22 inch penny board
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The 22 inches penny board is concise and thin with a width of 6 inches only. That’s why it is one of the best options for children under 10 or early teenagers to play with.

But grown-ups can also take the 22 inches penny board, for commuting instead of tending for stunts or tricks. Now the question is will your feet fit in this board. The answer would be 10 or less aged children can easily fit on this board.

But if elder one choose to ride it, then it would be difficult to fit. Having flat soled shoes for penny board worn may give benefit to adjust the feet, however you should go for larger one for comfortable riding experience.

27 inches Penny Board

Now, if you think your feet won’t fit the 22 inches, penny board 27 inches should meet your expectations. Additionally, 27 inches penny board comes with a lot of other advantages.

It is just a perfect size of penny board that bridges a penny board to a longboard. It is commonly known as Nickel board.

27 inch penny board
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Unlike 22 inches penny boards, 27 inches penny boards are not limited to only children or beginners. It is also a cool choice for an experienced skater who wants to have some fun, easy ride. Also, it is not a bad choice for trying tricks as well.

The 27 inches penny board, along with a longer deck, is also a bit heavier and wider than the 22 inches penny board with a width of 7.5. But still, it isn’t much heavy that can’t be ported easily.

But you should definitely make sure that you aren’t over 175 pounds in weight.

If so, then this penny board isn’t a good option for you. But don’t be disheartened as there are two more options which might fit you.

So, keep reading!

32 inches Penny Board

The 32 inches penny board is called a cruiser. And the most attractive thing about this cruiser penny board is its exceptional design. The stiff nose and tail to pop up the front easily are really amazing.

Moreover, some decks are even made of fiberglass, which has different stability while riding.

32inch penny board
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The 32 inches penny board isn’t as promising light in weight as the 22, and 27 inches are.

Therefore, their portability isn’t always comfortable for daily commute. That’s why it is the ultimate choice of penny board to experienced skaters.

36 inches Penny Board

The 36 inches penny board is the lightest longboard you will ever get on the market. It is the longest penny board and almost qualifies as a traditional longboard. But like all other longboards, it is not heavy, rather very light compared to them.

36 inch penny board
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This penny board is suitable for trying different longboard tricks with ease. But, it won’t be an ideal choice for children or early teenagers as they might find it too long to control.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

1. Is a 22 or 27 Penny board better for beginners?

Yes, both 22 or 27 penny board sizes are better for beginners as they are easier to control and very small and lightweight.

2. How much weight can a 27 penny Board hold?

A 27 inches penny board can bear up to 175 pounds of weight.

3. Do penny boards break easily?

The penny boards are made of pretty durable plastics so that they don’t break too easily. However, if you put a lot of pressure on it or jump unevenly on it, it might break.

4. Are Penny Boards dangerous?

Penny boards can be dangerous for their thin size as your feet will hardly fit on their deck if you’re an adult.


We hope you have already figured out with the help of this article which penny board will be best for you. Hopefully, we were able to help with the information you needed about different sizes of penny boards.

Thanks for reading till the end!

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