How To Fix Skateboard Trucks (7 Common Problems & Their Solutions)

Are you having trouble with your skateboard trucks?

As they are one of the essential parts of a skateboard, they must be in good shape. So, whenever you have issues with the skateboard trucks, you will need to fix that right away.

Don’t know how to fix skateboard trucks? As a beginner, it’s only natural that you won’t have any idea about that. This is why I am here to help you out with the fixes that you can try out for solving various issues with skateboard trucks.

To be in safe side you should always buy best quality trucks for you skateboard. Normally trucks that come up with the skateboard doesn’t last long. You need to change the trucks after few years of using the skateboard.

So, if you are facing any typical issues with your skateboard trucks, then stick with me till the end to find the solutions.

Let’s start with answering a question;

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Do Skateboard Trucks Go Bad?

The short answer to that question is, yes, skateboard trucks go bad. The truck on a skateboard is the part that goes through the most contact with surfaces if you do tricks and jumps on your skateboard. Some tricks rely on grinding the trucks as well.

Whenever you flip or jump with the skateboard, you will land on the trucks and wheels for the most part. So, when you use the skateboard, trucks seem to be the most used part. The more you use a part, the more likely it will get damaged.

Following up with that, skateboard trucks can have a higher chance of going bad. Sometimes you can repair them and sometimes replacing the trucks is the best form of solution for you.

Now, the best way to make your skateboard trucks last longer is to go through proper maintenance. If you follow up with the proper maintenance procedure, then the skateboard trucks will last for quite a long time.

I will get you through the maintenance tips of skateboard trucks later on in the article. For now, let’s check out the common problems you may face and how you can fix them.

Different Skateboard Trucks Problems And How You Can Fix Them

How To Fix Skateboard Trucks
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There are several problems that you may come across with the skateboard trucks. Some of them can be pretty serious and require immediate fixes. So, make sure to check up on them right away; otherwise, it can be very risky to use the skateboard overall.

Here are the problems you face with skateboard trucks –

1. Axle Nut Problems

Sometimes, you may notice the axle nut of the skateboard trucks comes right off while you are skating. This can be a serious issue as it can get risky to ride your skateboard.

In most cases, the reason for this problem is that the nut has lost threading on it. Because of this, you can’t even tighten it properly, and it keeps coming off.

How To Fix The Issue

The fix of this problem is pretty easy. You can either rethread the axle nuts or simply replace them with new nuts. You can also go to a mechanic to get your nuts rethreaded for using it on your skateboard truck.

2. Skateboard Trucks Squeak

This is a very common issue that a lot of skaters face with their trucks. The sound comes from the rubber on the trucks getting too dry and causing the squeaking sounds.

When the truck hanger starts turning the pivot cup, you will get that squeaky noise coming from your skateboard trucks. 

How To Fix Squeaky Trucks

The best solution you can try out is to rub a bar of soap around the pivot cup and bushing. This will clear out the area’s dryness and get rid of the squeaking noises completely.

3. Skateboard Trucks Uneven

Are you facing the issue of your skateboarding leaning towards a particular side?

If that’s the case, then you might be having some problems with the nuts on your truck. When the nuts get a bit loose, it can make the skateboard trucks uneven.

Another reason for that problem is that the bushings on your skateboard trucks haven’t broken in yet. This is very common with a new skateboard truck.

How To Fix Uneven Trucks

Now, if you are having this problem because of loose nuts, then simply tightening them should get the job done for you. As for the bushings, you just have to give them time to break-in, and the problem will be fixed right away.

4. Crooked Skateboard Trucks

If you see your skateboards automatically turning sideways, you are dealing with crooked skateboard trucks. This problem mostly happens when your bushings aren’t of good quality or get crushed. This can happen when you have tightened the trucks too much. 

How To Fix Crooked Trucks

You can try out two fixes here. You can either loosen the trucks and see if it works or not. If it doesn’t work, then you will need to replace the bushings with newer ones.

5. Skateboard Trucks Stripped

Sometimes when you tighten the nuts on your trucks too much, you may end up stripping it. This can be a huge problem as you can’t properly turn while skating at all. Well, the reason for this problem is simple, you just went overboard with the threading.

How To Fix Stripped Trucks

If you are having this issue, then there are two solutions that you can try. You can either get a saw or cut through the nut. Or you can use heavy-duty vice grip pliers to remove the nut somehow.

6. Kingpin Nut Problem

Having issues with your kingpin can be very troublesome to face. One major issue that you face with the kingpin is the nut problem.

Two reasons can cause.

Either the threading on the kingpin has worn out, or the threading on the nut has got worse.

How To Fix The Problem

If the nut has lost threading, then the best solution is to get newer nuts as they don’t cost that much. As for the kingpin losing threading, you can get that rethreaded. Or you may need to opt for a newer one which can be a bit more expensive than getting just a nut.

7. Skateboard Trucks Rust

Rusting is an issue you have to face with several metal items. Skateboard trucks can also rust based on what they are made of. So, it’s best to choose the material that is resistant to rust. But if you happen to have a material that can rust, you can still fix it.

How To Fix Rusting On Skateboard Trucks

First of all, you have to separate and remove all the parts. Then, wipe all the surface dirt away from the components. After that, you can use metal polish and apply it to the rusted components.

Finish it off with some lubricants and then reassemble the whole thing.

How To Make Skateboard Trucks Last Longer?

While it’s inevitable that your skateboard truck will damage sooner or later, you can still do things to increase the longevity of the trucks. Typically, a skateboard truck should last somewhere between 2 years to 5 years.

However, that depends on several factors like the brand and quality of the truck. Also, how roughly you use the skateboard plays a huge role in longevity. Along with that, the surfaces you skate in impact the longevity of your skateboard truck.

Skateboard Trucks Maintenance Tips

The best course of action is proper maintenance to ensure you are not facing this many problems with your skateboard trucks. Here are some things you can do –

  • Make sure to replace the bushings on your truck whenever they wear out.
  • Maintain the tightness of the hardware of your skateboard trucks
  • Try rethreading the axles every two or three months
  • Replace the kingpins if the time seems fit
  • Whenever your pivot feels rattly, you should replace it right away.
  • Lubricate the moving parts as often as you can.
  • Don’t overtighten any nut on the skateboard trucks.


All in all, these are the typical problems that you can face with your skateboard trucks other than them wearing out altogether. And now that you know how to fix skateboard trucks, you won’t have to worry too much either.

As you can tell, they aren’t that difficult to fix, and you can fix most of them by yourself.

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