All You Need To Know About Zero Drop Shoe (Is It Good For Skateboarding?)

Are you a skating enthusiast? If so, what are the shoes of your choice?

If you are the type to need special shoes for skateboarding, then you will be interested in the Zero drop skate shoes. While many people believe skate hoes influence their technique, some give them a wide berth.

Let’s have a look at the Zero drop shoes to see what makes them unique.

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What Is Zero Drop Shoes?

If you are an athletics enthusiast, you must have heard of the craze behind zero drop shoes. What are these shoes, and what is it all about them? Why are they that famous? Why are that skate shoe different?

Well, zero-drop shoes are a type of shoe that has little to no cushioning on the soles. They make it seem like the person’s foot is in direct contact with the ground. That’s why you might have heard some people refer to running in them as “barefoot running.”

Zero drop shoes have some benefits that have made them all the buzz recently. More and more people are switching from traditional shoes to zero-drop shoes.

Are Skate Shoes Zero Drop

are all skate shoes zero drop
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Skate shoes are special shoes used to ride skateboards. While most people would think them to be zero drops, most of them aren’t. They, however, have a pretty low heel drop. That means they are closer to the ground than traditional shoes.

It is also what makes them ideal for skateboarding but not that good for walking or running. That doesn’t mean that there aren’t people who have used them as their regular shoes, though.

Some people love them because of the reduced heel drop compared to regular shoes. That’s why they still use them even when not skating.

Check out some best Zero Drop Skate Shoes

Best Light weight Shoe
DC Men's Court Graffik Skate Shoe, Black/Black/Black, 10 D D US
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adidas men's Grand Court Sneaker, White/Black/White, 13 US
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DC Men's Court Graffik Skate Shoe, Black/Black/Black, 10 D D US
adidas men's Grand Court Sneaker, White/Black/White, 13 US
Material: Leather
Material: Synthetics & Leather
Shaft: low-top from arch
Sole: Rubber
Best Light weight Shoe
DC Men's Court Graffik Skate Shoe, Black/Black/Black, 10 D D US
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DC Men's Court Graffik Skate Shoe, Black/Black/Black, 10 D D US
Material: Leather
Shaft: low-top from arch
Best Overall
adidas men's Grand Court Sneaker, White/Black/White, 13 US
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adidas men's Grand Court Sneaker, White/Black/White, 13 US
Material: Synthetics & Leather
Sole: Rubber

Characteristics Of Zero Drop Shoes

Zero drop shoes are, by nature, some of the most comfortable shoes. That’s because manufactures make them to reduce any strain on the soles of the feet and the leg muscles. Let’s look at the characteristics of zero drop shoes.

1. The Cushioning Level

The cushioning level in zero drop shoes is as minimal as possible. They don’t have any extra cushioning to ensure your feet are as close to the ground as possible when you step on the ground.

This cushioning is because of the use of as little material as possible to make the shoes. That makes them ideal for long-distance running, which rarely needs the runner to run at high speed.

With such a cushioning level, someone can spread the movement across the whole of their feet. That makes for more comfortable running, especially in endurance racing.

2. Inside Foot Room

The inside foot room of zero drop shoes needs to ensure as much comfort as possible. That’s why you notice that there is enough room for the toes to wiggle or move around as you run.

Zero drop shoes often feel like walking barefoot, so they have as much space as possible inside.

3. The Sole

The sole on zero drop shoes has some modifications that would interest you. The feet are supposed to feel like they are stepping on the ground while bare. So the sole has an equal thickness at the heel and forefoot.

4. Pain

Zero drop shoes can reduce injuries and strain on the feet muscles since they force you to run more naturally with your bare feet. Because the foot strikes the ground evenly, there is a better balance for all the foot muscles.

5. Weight

Zero drop shoes use the lightest possible material, which makes them as light as possible. That makes them one of the best options for long-distance running since it will be easier to maintain a constant pace. It also makes them the best bet for trail running.

Benefits Of Zero Drop Shoes/Minimalist Shoe In Skateboarding

For all the good things you would associate with zero drop shoes, how would they perform if you were to use them for skateboarding? Let’s see the benefits of using them.

1. They Will Improve Your Skating

Skating, while mostly done with shoes nowadays, can also be done barefoot with no issues whatsoever. That, however, doesn’t mean you don’t need skating shoes. Minimalist shoes, when you use them for skating, will improve your skating.

That’s because they hold closer to the board and have a better grip. It means you will have an easier time learning to skate than if you used other types. Also, minimalist shoes are flatter and make your feet cover most of the board in the natural walking position.

2. You can Do More Tricks

Since minimalist shoes enable you to better grip the pavement and grip tape, you will find it easier to perform different tricks. That’s because your feet will be in better contact with the board, allowing you to try out various tricks without worrying about your feet sliding off the board.

3. Less Injury and Pain

Skating with minimalist shoes will often have the same effect as walking or running in them. That’s even after considering that skating isn’t the same as walking or running. Since your foot is evenly on the board, it is less prone to getting leg muscle injuries.

You can thus skate for longer without outing your foot to excess strain. You may use shoes with high top style for adding extra layer of protection. It protects ankle from any unwanted incident.

4. They are Roomier and make for Comfortable Skating

While most people want to go for durability, you should also consider comfort when looking for skating shoes. Minimalist and zero drop shoes prioritize having the foot on the ground in its natural position.

That means they have more room which makes for comfortable skating.

How Do Zero Drop Shoes Differ from Regular Skateboard Shoes?

The significant difference between zero drop shoes and other skating shoes is minimal to zero heel drop. Regular skateboard shoes might have slight heel drops, but they aren’t as minimalist as zero-drop shoes.

That’s the fundamental difference between zero-drop shoes and skating shoes. It is also the reason zero drop shoes have been gathering many fans, from runners to skaters.

Regular skateboard shoes might also have rough soles that can withstand the grip tape or concrete when skating. Zero drop shoes come with none of that.

Are Zero Drop Shoes the Same as Barefoot Shoes?

Zero drop shoes are the same as barefoot shoes. That’s because they have minimal to zero cushioning on the sole giving someone the feeling of walking barefoot. The minimal cushioning aims to make the feet connect better with the ground.

However, zero-drop shoes might have a bit more than barefoot shoes in terms of shoe material. The concept behind them is, however, the same, which classifies them into one shoe class.

Are Converse Zero Drop?

Converse shoes are zero drop shoes as well. They have zero millimeters heel-to-toe drop. That allows the user’s feet to be flat on the ground whenever they walk in them. We have already seen the purported benefits that come from wearing these kinds of shoes.

Last Words

Zero drop shoes have been increasing in popularity recently. But few people understand what they mean or why many people prefer them. We hope what we have outlined here enlightens you on zero drop shoes and why you should try them.

Even if you don’t believe in all the hype, who’s to say you shouldn’t try them before passing your judgment?

Pads and guards are important along with shoes for more safety. Every skateboarder should make sure for safety first. Especially parents should make pads and guards for children compulsory to save them from injury.

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