Can You Put Penny Board Wheels on a Skateboard?

 Are you a first-timer looking for wheels that are easier to cruise and slide? Then, have you considered putting on penny board wheels on a skateboard?

Penny board wheels are way softer than skateboard wheels. That is why they are perfect for beginners!

You don’t have to be an expert to attach penny board wheels to a skateboard. I’ll show you in simple steps how you can get this done. Also, I have included some cleaning tips here.

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Skateboard Wheel Vs. Penny Board Wheel

Skateboard Wheel Vs. Penny Board Wheel
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Bearings are important for experiencing a comfortable ride on both skateboards and penny boards. Skateboards bearings can be steel or ceramic. Meanwhile, most penny board wheels are made of PU.

How to Clean the Penny Board Bearings

Here is an easy guide to clean the penny board bearings.

Step 1

To clean the penny bearings, disassemble the board first. Remove the wheels with a 13 mm socket wrench. Don’t lose the washers and nuts inside the wheels. Keep them in small containers.

Step 2

Use a nut axle to remove the bearings. Get one of the arms of the axle into a side of the wheel. To pull out the bearing, lever the truck and the wheel apart. Do the same to the other side of the wheel.

Step 3

Once you’re done removing the bearings from the board, let them sit in a solution of rubbing alcohol for a few minutes. Once dried, attach them back to the board.


Skinny skateboard wheels have less contact surface and less resistance that makes them slide really fast. They are also excellent for performing tricks.

On the other hand, penny board wheels are larger than skateboard wheels. They are ideal for roads and sidewalks that are not completely smooth. Additionally, because the wheels are softer, they don’t make much noise.


Skateboard wheels are generally 48 to 60 mm in size. Bigger wheels are heavier and faster than smaller ones. They will also raise your deck off the ground much higher.

On the contrary, the smaller wheels have quicker acceleration and are ideal for technical street skating.

The size of the penny board wheels depends on the size of the board. For example, a penny board of 20 to 22 inches will need a pair of wheels that are 54 to 56 mm. On the contrary, a 27 to 28 inches board will require 65 to 70 mm penny wheels.


When it comes to material, both the skateboard and penny wheels are made of a strong , expensive, and durable plastic called polyurethane. But, penny wheels contain a lesser amount of urethane and are softer than usual skateboard wheels making it suitable to stop instantly.

Since less amount of the material is used in penny wheels, their prices are cheaper than the skateboard wheels.

Diameter and Durometer

Skateboard wheels are bigger than penny wheels. The measurement of wheels are around 49 to 54 mm in diameter. On the other hand, penny wheels are either 59 or 69 mm in diameter.

The durometer of skateboard wheels ranges between 78 to 100. Penny wheels have a durometer or hardness of 65A to 100A. The higher the number, the harder it is. And harder wheels are faster.

Can You Put Penny Wheels on Regular Skateboard?

Can You Put Penny Wheels on Regular Skateboard
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Of course! Both wheels are made of urethane and their sizes are quite similar. Although regular skateboard wheels are bigger in size, penny wheels can fit a regular skateboard absolutely fine.

The reason some riders prefer penny wheels on skateboards is that penny wheels are softer and smoother. These wheels help the rider handle pebbles, cracks, and bumps really easily.

Since these wheels are easy to maneuver, the riders require less energy to skate on them. Besides, the prominence of these wheels ensures you can go quite fast on the board, even faster than other wheels.

However, I’m not going to advise you to do any tricks with these wheels. It can be very dangerous.    

How to Put Penny Wheels on Skateboard?

You can put penny wheels on your skateboard with the following steps:

Step 1

Get your skateboard, turn it upside down, and prepare to disassemble wheels. Use the wrench to unscrew the axle nut that you will find at the center of the wheel. Unscrew the nuts one by one for all the wheels, and keep them in a small box.

Step 2

Now, install the spacer into the back of the wheels. Then, through all the threads, attach wheels- one on the axle and the other on the outside of the wheel. Make sure all the wheels are fastened securely.

Step 3

In this step, tighten the axle nuts lightly, but not too tightly. Make sure that your wheels can spin independently.

Step 4

Check if the wheels and the board are at a safe distance from each other. Then, test drive your new set of penny wheels!

Problems and Benefits You Will Face Putting Penny Board Wheels on Skateboard

Problems and Benefits
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Although some skateboards can handle penny board wheels, longboards are too big for penny board wheels. In fact, if you put penny wheels on a longboard, it may be quite dangerous. The small penny wheels won’t be able to support the weight and speediness of the longboards.

Moreover, penny board wheels are not versatile and sturdy, and things may go wrong if your skateboard or longboard is incompatible with the penny wheels. You should know that penny board wheels can’t perform the tricks and speedy slides regular skateboard wheels can.

On the bright side, penny board wheels are softer, lighter, and easier to cruise on the street.

How Do You Clean Penny Board Wheels?

If you want to prolong the longevity of penny board wheels, you must take care of them and clean them from time to time.

Step 1

Gently remove the wheels from the board. You can use a socket wrench.

Step 2

Disassemble spacers, bolts, and nuts and place them in small containers.

You can remove the bearing with a truck axle. Then, separate the trucks and nuts.

Step 3

Now, let’s focus on the penny board. Wipe both sides of the board with a towel soaked in soap water.

Thereafter, wipe the bearings and wheels with the same solution.

Step 4

Either let them dry naturally, or use a dry towel over them. At last, re-assemble the parts back together. Make sure the penny board and wheels are functioning normally.

How Long Does Penny Wheels Last if You Put It on Skateboard?

Penny Wheels Last if You Put It on Skateboard
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Penny wheels are like any other board wheels that wear down the more you use them. These wheels may adopt the shape of a cone as time pass.

Your bearings may deteriorate first, especially if you love to skateboard in the rain. Rocky and tough surfaces will wear down the wheels faster than if you ride them on smoother surfaces.

At most, you can have them around for a year or so. But if you take really good care of them, then a little longer. Therefore, to avoid wheel bites, speed wobbles and other damages on your precious penny wheels, use them with raisers.

Last Words

To end this article, I would like to remind everybody that penny boards are a great choice for entertainment and skill development, but it comes at a cost. Plastic is insanely harmful to the environment, guys!

Saying so, if you want to use penny board wheels on skateboards, there is no negative environmental impact there. Just make sure that your skateboard is compatible with the penny wheels.

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