Do You Have to be Skinny to Skateboard? (10 Tips If You Are Not)

Every sport demands a unique yet healthy physique. Now, this does not mean it cannot be in a particular discipline. Even a weight category for instance falls under the same category. For example, you have to be healthy when it comes to badminton or boxing.

Similarly, when it comes to skateboarding, it is good if you are skinny. Even if you don’t like it, looks play a significant role depending on the sports you choose. While you are at it and if you take interest in skateboarding, then the topic might interest you.

It is okay if a question arises in your mind regarding the connection of skateboarding with being skinny. Well, the simplest answer is it allows flexibility, agility, and mobility. Besides, it is quite efficient since you will spend more time mastering the easiest moves.

Having too much muscle or excessive fat percentage will make it difficult for you to learn the moves. Additionally, skaters are skinny since it involves intense cardio activities.

At times, it even becomes as tiring as the HIIT regimens. If you are eager to learn skateboarding and think that it is compulsory to be skinny, then you are mistaking.

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Skinny People Skating
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Do You Have To Be Skinny To Ride A Skateboard?

Although it is not compulsory to be skinny; however, it can be useful, especially when it comes to mastering the moves. When it comes to sports, having a true fit physique is vital. Moreover, skateboarding is actually an exercise that helps you to stay in shape.

Having too much body fat or even muscle makes it difficult to move freely while in action. This does not mean that you have to be skinny in the first place. If your body is flexible even after having little to moderate body fat, you can still practice skateboarding.

Alternatively, if you are an occasional skateboarder and do it as a hobby, then it is okay not to be skinny. However, the same rule applies, being leaner will make things easy. If you want to make skateboarding your profession, then staying leaner will be helpful.

Why Are Skateboarders Skinny?

As we already mentioned, skateboarding is quite a fun-filled physical activity that helps in losing weight. Skateboarding requires to push the whole board carrying one’s bodyweight through one leg with enough force so that it runs forward.

It’s one kind of exercise where adrenaline goes on and skater gradually increase the force of pushing in accelerating motion. The activity burns the calories enough and make the skater lean. That’s why skaters are skinny in most case.

But it doesn’t mean that fat guy are not allowed to skate. One who is not skinny can also skate on skateboard. Only work to do is to follow the –

Tips To Skateboard If You Are Not Skinny 

If you are not skinny and a beginner as well, then you must follow a few tips since it is necessary. You will come across different best quality wheels, trucks, skateboarding bearings as well as sizes, which might confuse you. From a myriad of choices available in the market, it might make it hard for you to pick the right choice.

Tips To Skateboard If You are Fat
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Above all, if you are not skinny, then you have to wisely pick the skateboard. Compared to the skinnier people, fat people face problems while mastering the moves. Therefore, not only do you have to choose the right board but also good safety gear.

Apart from that, there are some common guides that you must keep in mind. For example, avoid spending too much, especially if you are a beginner. Also, begin with basic trucks, which fit your board, and look for the wheels. For example, do not opt for such boards that have too hard or too soft wheels.

Nevertheless, there are other vital tips as well that you must follow if you not a skinny rider. Here are a few of them:

1.Choosing Board Carefully

It is important to understand that skateboard is all about maintaining balance. If you are a beginner and not a skinny rider, then you have to wisely choose boards. For example, you must choose boards that are 8”-8.5”.

With wider decks, you will get more stability, which is important if you are not skinny. Once you become a pro, you can shift to narrow boards. Besides, the wider boards are tough to flip and pop. Hence, you do not have to worry about accidents.

You can even invest in an 8″ board; however, make sure that you are choosing the right truck. You will notice that many skateboarders learn Ollies, before riding. As a beginner, make sure not to do that.

2.Safety Gear

Safety gear plays a significant role when it comes to choosing skateboard if you are not skinny. When it comes to protection, make sure to buy good quality knee pads and helmets. Skateboarding is although not dangerous, one-third of the skateboarders who get injured are mostly beginners.

Besides, as a beginner, it is obvious that you will get injuries while learning the flips. Above all, if you are not skinny, then your risks of getting injuries increase. Therefore, along with a good quality wide board, invest in protective gear and comfortable but safe shoes.

3.Riding Style

Since skateboarding is a challenging activity, be it for the first time or the hundredth time, riding style matters a lot. On top of that, if you are not skinny, then the riding style will decide whether you will master the moves.

It takes a lot of time to practice and learn various skateboarding moves. Depending on your riding style, you will come to know whether you will become a professional.

4.Don’t Use Tricks If You Are A Newbie

As a newbie, make sure that you are not using any tips or tricks for mastering the skateboarding tricks. Make sure to learn about the basics first, and gradually move towards the tricks.

Moreover, as a newbie, you are susceptible to various accidents and threats. Therefore, avoiding using any tips or tricks when you are learning skateboarding is the best thing you can do. If you want to learn the tricks any way, at least take care of your feet movements and buy tricks suitable skateboards.

5.Don’t ride on the road or downhill

This is probably one of the most crucial tips that you must keep in mind while learning to skateboard if you are not skinny. Since it becomes tough to balance being muscular, it is better to practice in a safe space. Downhill or roads are one of the riskiest spaces when learning skateboarding.


Therefore, it is not compulsory to be skinny if you want to learn skateboarding. However, skinner people always remain on the advantageous side since it becomes easy to balance. Moreover, you can quickly learn new skills.

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